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Jul 21 '11

Meet Lois Lane’s new boyfriend in Superman #1

Boy they didn’t waste anytime. Lois has a new boyfriend in Superman #1. And the lukcy guy, shirtless Joel Carroll, meets Clark first issue.

That’s about as clear as these pages, seen in the Daily News get.

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    You have to be kidding me! DC you CANT even try to destroy whats been over 20 years! A relationship this iconic is not...
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    Urgh, I have so many (unpleasant) feelings about this.
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    ahhh…my first foray into the DC/Superhero comic book world was watching Lois and Clark as a kid and I know it’s cheesy...
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    Oh man
  12. spandexandsportsbras said: So sad.
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    At least Clark doesn’t look happy. I know that sounds awful. But I don’t care. I’m holding onto whatever bit of hope I...
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    Can’t tell much about the story just yet but that is some nice Jesus Merino art; dig Clark’s expression, etc.
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    Um…okay I guess. I really don’t like how it just looks like a source of angst for Clark; that does a great disservice to...
  20. drunkenmonkstyle said: Call me back when they reboot Flashpoint. Done with DC til then.
  21. retro-nouveau said: Reminds me of Smallville.
  22. scottfogg said: Blech.
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