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Jul 21 '11

Superman #1 Lois’ new boyfriend - readable pages

Here are readable pages via Newsarama.

I have a lot to say about these pages! But I have to organize my thoughts. And go throw a few piles of newspapers.

Note: Apparently these were posted in reverse order so read the second one first XD.

click to embiggen.

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    They may as well just rename the comic: Super NiceGuyTM.
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    Well, he’s not still living with his Aunt so I guess he’s still one step above Spider-man. I miss the Lane-Kent marriage...
  5. neuroticinfinity said: Can’t really judge based on 9 panels, but he sort of comes across as being her sex puppet
  6. girlwithathorn said: I hate it.
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    *sigh* Ok, here’s what I think right now. I am somewhat relieved and somewhat upset. It’s a strange emotion… I’m...
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    There’s obviously something there, at least on Clark’s end? No, fuck it, I hate everything. I’m still trying to figure...
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  10. rachelmloose said: DislikedislikedislikeDISLIIIIKE. What even made them think this was a good idea? UGH. Stupid.
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    Couldn’t do any better than that, Lois?
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