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Mar 8 '14

Response from the Capital Comic Con. Oh Boy.

Earlier today I posted about the promo card left developed to promote the Austin based Capital Comic Con. Here’s another look at the card.

I reached out to the contact on their web site, Aaron Luevano who told me by email that he was aware of the card and approved it telling me”I asked before it was designed, many approved.”

A reader also posted about the promo card on the Facebook page for the convention and she sent me the response she got:

"I have to wonder if you’ve even been to a comic con."

So that’s it. They did it. They admit it. They think it’s funny. And when a woman calls them out on it they snidely dismiss it.

Once again that’s the Capital Comic Con of Austin, Texas. 

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    Female comics creator here, former Eisner Award nominee, and I wouldn’t touch this convention with a hundred foot pole....
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    O RLY, DUDE?
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    Austin, you can do so much better.
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