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Jul 21 '11

Comic for Journeys sneakers features Waid, Kubert, Bolland, Reis, Stewart and Wein

The sneaker company Journeys has a very cool promotion - a comic book you can dowload featuring origin stories with art and writing by some of the top current and past DC writers and artists.

Catwoman is by Cameron Stewart and Scott Beatty.  Beatty and Howard Porter also did the Flash. Both of those were done for the comic. The rest are from 52 and include Mark Waid and Andy Kubert on the Batman origin.Mark Waid and Ivan Reis do Green Lantern and Waid and Brian Bolland collaborate on the Joker. Gary Frank and Len Wein do the Superman story.

Here’s the cover to the comic.

Some panels from the stories after the cut.

Here are a few panels of the Catwoman and Batman story.

Here’s two panels from Beatty and Porter’s Flash

Here are two panels from Batman (from 52)

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  3. lugayer said: Do you know if they are going to launch ” Catwoman” in Brazil?
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