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Jul 23 '11

Women of Comic Con talk about Wonder Woman

The Hollywood Reporter put a roundtable together with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Morrison (ABC’s Once Upon a Time), Britt Robertson (the CW’s The Secret Circle), Yvonne Strahovski (NBC’s Chuck), Maggie Q (the CW’s Nikita) and Anna Torv (Fox’s Fringe).

The nice thing is that most of them seem to connect with Wonder Woman or respect her. Unlike this idiot from the Guardian

There’s some interesting insights and comments so give it a watch. Thanks to Son of Baldwin for the tip.

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    Kitsch still has a negative connotation (though I’d say slightly, and with more affection, in this conversation)… Sigh.
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    This is really interesting! Yes, it’s hard-very hard- to modernize a superhero story. Just look at Buffy-which was a...
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    Just like to say they didn’t consult me on this Wonder Woman pilot, which is why it failed. XP Just kidding! Kinda.
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