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Jul 23 '11

Marvel developing female led TV properties

Today at SDCC Marvel announced that aka Jessica Jones is moving ahead in development at ABC and that it will include Carol Danvers and Luke Cage in the cast.

The big news was the development of Mockingbird that will place Bobbi Morse in college and follows her adventures as a student by day and secret agent by night. 

KSite TV said Jeph Loeb described it as “Alias meets Felicity” and is targeted for ABC Family.

A series starring Cloak and Dagger is also in development for ABC Family.

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    omg screaming and crying in absolute joy. I did not know about this! But please . I’ve been wanting a live-action Marvel...
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    WANNNNNNNNTTTTTTTTT I’ve never been a major Mockingbird fan (when I got into comics in the early ’00s, she wasn’t...
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    Cloak and Dagger, fuck yeaaah
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    Cloak and Dagger fuq yes
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    CLOAK AND DAGGER OH MY GOD! I can’t put into words how happy I am about this.
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    Jessica Jones= YES. Luke/Jessica, double YES. Mockingbird= ALSO YES. Cloak and Dagger= A MILLION TIMES YES.
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    Ooouuu Cloak and Dagger? =D I loved them in Runaways!
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    I think I may just move over to Marvel now…
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    unicornicopia | jesic | alliterate | dcwomenkickingass:...JESSICA JONES MY LOVE, I DON’T...
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    Yep. I’m in the same boat as you about the ship. This should be really interesting to see on the small screen. I love...
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    Puttin’ on my shippy pants now, but I’ve only ever seen Luke and Jessica after they got together, and I’m really curious...
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    If Mocking bird is there - a Hawkeye appearance shouldn’t be outta the question (I would hope! )
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    Marvel is looking better by the minute.
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