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Jul 24 '11

A comment about the post about DC’s SDCC panels

I have been made aware that someone is saying I misrepresented the information in the post I did on the DC panels. Specifically they are saying the following about the paragraph below:

On female characters in the Justice League line: A female fan in a Batgirl costume, with daughter dressed as Spoiler, was very upset by what she said was a lack of female characters being featured centrally on the covers in the Justice League line of books. The panelists said they are trying very hard to take diversity seriously in terms of both gender and race. The fan said no such characters were featured prominently on the covers, leading to a somewhat heated and awkward back-and-forth ending with her promising to go count them. The mood of the room was definitely against her, with Lee joking and asking if she wanted the female characters to be “dead center or off-center” on covers.

 Regarding this paragraph they made this assertion:

Technically this is a bit of a misstatement of what she asked. What she actually said was that after seeing cover after cover coming out, where are the women? Sues, been quite clever here & reworded it rather insidiously, to make it about just the JLA lines.

That paragraph they are asserting I am “insidiously” reworded? It is copied and pasted directly from Comics Alliance.

I’d like to point out that everything in the post is sourced from a 3rd party. From people who were there. And again, everything that is in quotes is taken from reports from people on site.

If people want to disagree with me, disagree. But calling me an insidious rewriter is bullshit.

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    Someone trying to discredit someone who’s talking against DC? Tell me it aint so!
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    I saw some of the comments this guy was making. His arguments didn’t make any sense.
  5. jatomreilly said: Wow, you just cannot catch a break this week.
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    ^THIS.^ Now onto the original post: Wow. Just…wow. People don’t have respect for anyone saying their opinions online,...
  7. spandexandsportsbras said: The most telling thing in his comment is this: “to make it just about the JLA lines”, which implies to me what he MEANT to say, is “hey, we’re not just ignoring women on the covers of the JLA line, we ignore women ALL ACROSS DC now!!”
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