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Jul 24 '11

New details on Simone’s Batgirl

Gail Simone revealed new details about the new Batgirl title she is writing at a SDCC panel this afternoon. Via  Newsarama:

- Jim Gordon will be in the cast

- Dick Grayson will have a big role in her life

- Another cast member is an unnamed family member

- “She has her own struggles during the day, a young woman just out of college, extremely brilliant”

- “The Killing Joke did happen, and we’re going to go through how she got from where she was to where she is now”

- “There are also things in the story of her dealing with the fact that she WAS disabled and how life is for her now”

- "She has gotten an advanced degree several years ahead of what an average person would’ve done"

- “She has a cool personal life, cool supporting cast, cool night life”

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    Reblogging for so much truth in it.
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    True, but when you’re selling 24k you can’t afford to lose any more readers. Batgirl had a great artist and a good...
  6. aquaintanatomicalimpossibility reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    WAS disabled. WAS. Oh no it’s all cool now. Oh wait no it FUCKING ISN’T.
  7. ruhigknight reblogged this from peppers-pray and added:
    ^THIS Seriously DC, just STOP. You want a red-headed Batgirl sooo badly? Have Steph dye her hair/retcon it to being red...
  8. peppers-pray reblogged this from modestroad and added:
    Yeah, but then EVERY BOOK is losing readers, not just StephBatgirl. If any of the current books are gaining new readers...
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    the bolded parts are what really interest me.
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    ^^^ All of my feelings exactly.
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    Can’t have Babs without daddy now can we? Why do you think she’s the way she is? Those Gordons never took crap with...
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    This. So this.
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    Holding my breath for this. I really do want this to be good despite the fact that they’re reversing her handicap-ness.
  15. bravebold reblogged this from gabzilla-z and added:
    nobody have a feeling that is the almost the same story of Stephanie but just with a young genius Barbara ?
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    son of a bitch…if you’re going to put Dick in any other issue but him with the outlaws…sdjfldskjfs
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    yeah i mean not like it could be much worse if it were babs/dick but please no
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    Okay, starting to get more excited about this
  20. gabzilla-z reblogged this from shobogan and added:
    I have no interest in de-aged Babs unless it’s a flashback. I don’t care how smartsmartsmartgenius she is.
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  22. sry2say said: HAHAHA just out of college and the killing joke happened? oh. okay. and lol forever @ “cool personal life, cool supporting cast”, sounds like the ad copy for a Disney Channel show. i do like dick/babs though :S
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    Intersting. I hadn’t planned on getting this, but I might.
  25. trypr said: This all leaves such a bad taste in my mouth.
  26. macabrefascination reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    You know what? I’m going to go out on the unpopular opinion limb and actually say I am excited and cautiously optimistic...
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