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Jul 25 '11

New Wonder Woman action figures for the youngest of fans

This past week saw the unveiling of new action Wonder Woman action figures and now I bring news of figures especially for the youngest of fans.

I’ve been a vocal proponent of bringing Wonder Woman and other female heroes into the Superfriends line of toys to give kids 5 and under exposure to both male and female superheroes. And now I am very pleased to say that Fisher-Price has done it. This month they have released a set of Little People Superfriends and Wonder Woman is included:

And not only a wheelie but an actual little people (and look who she is hanging with in this two-pack)

The two pack is available at Target. The wheelie is available at the Fisher-Price store (which also has some of the Little People but not the girl pack, come on Fisher-Price!).

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. This is a great way to let both boys and girls know that superheroing is unisexual. As I’ve written about before this bifurcation of superhero marketing and licensing is a modern conceit. Good for Fisher-Price for bringing out these toys.

Lego too, as seen at SDCC, has seen the wisdom in including female superhero figures as well.

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