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Mar 27 '14

Whitewashing Again? Dear Colorists and Editors, Please Stop This

A few years ago I was very happy that DC Comics added a young East Indian woman to the Teen Titans. 


Solstice/Kiran seemed like an interesting character although we barely got to know her before the rebooted the DCU. But a character with the same name showed up in the new 52. Of course, when she showed up she looked a lot different.


The Teen Titans has been cancelled and will have its last issue in May, not surprising as it has generally been considered one of the worst runs using the title Teen Titans, ever. But before we go we saw Solstice in her human form. 



Let’s recap.

Solstice in the pre-52


Solstice in Teen Titans #29 out this week.


Yes, it seems moving from one continuity to the other that Solstice got whitewashed. Didn’t we just go through this? Yes, we did. 

Is is so hard to keep characters of color, characters of color? I plugged “Solstice” “DC Comics” into Google and had a reference picture in a seconds.

It’s not that hard.

Update: Write Scott Lobdel has responded to this post on Twitter last night with the following:

So there you have it, Kiran first appearance which is obviously quite different than her appeance I pointed out above where she has light skin and blue eyes.

Again, why is it so hard to make sure that people of color are not colored correctly so we don’t have to hear “sorry” anymore?

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