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Jul 27 '11

Happy Birthday Nicola Scott!

Happy Birthday to Nicola Scott, who last year in my 30 day meme I named my favorite artist.

That link will tell you a lot of why I like her art (which I own a lot of!) But I also like her because she is incredibly nice person. So happy birthday Nicola and thanks for all the DC Women (and men!) you do such a kick-ass job of drawing:

Oracle (that’s mine!)




Harley Quinn

Wonder Woman

Black Canary

Nicola’s drawn a lot of images but there are two that deserve special mention. The first is her portrait of Nightwing from Secret Six which is probably the most famous male cheesecake image in DC Comics. In fact if you ever bring up Dick Grayson and his ass, someone will bring this panel up. And you can see why:

The other is the pin-up that she did when she was just starting out. It is this image that caught the eye of DC creators and paved the way to her getting a job.

She recreated it last year for Wonder Woman #600

Nicola Scott, one of the best artists working at DC, is not on one of the new 52.

I can’t think of a single top tier DC book that wouldn’t be made better with her on it.

I hope to hear what her next project is.

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    Anyone who can draw such badass ladies and give us Dick Grayson butt will always have my affection.
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    The Catwoman is BEAUTIFUL!!! (everything is, but I really love that one)
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    Awesome art overload… *faints*
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    Scott/Barda comic with Nicola Smith on art. First issue:...and Big Barda fight. Both
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