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Jul 28 '11

Women in the DCnU - more or less? Why it matters and who cares?

Tim Hanley is a blogger who does a tally on female creators at the big two comics monthly. Yesterday he did an interesting post on the number of women in the current DCU vs. the DCnU. It’s interesting reading and you should go check it out.

And for those of you who want to know right now, the answer is less.

I also just read a good essay at Comics Alliance by Laura Hudson about female creators and why they matter to comics. Glad to see Laura commenting on this issue.

This week due to the incidents at the SDCC panels, I have heard from many, many people - both men and women - who are tired of the status quo in comics when it comes to gender parity. That’s good news. And not just for the reasons you think. It’s good news because It means that there are many passionate fans out there who care and want their comics to be better. To reflect the world better. To see not the same old stuff over and over again but to see new talent and preferably talent that brings a new point of view because of their gender.

DC says it wants new readers. And it needs them. The market for superhero comics has been getting smaller year after year. DC says they want to be bold. They say they want to shake things up.

But you can’t be bold and shake things up if you choose to do things the same old way. And you can’t be successful if you alienate fans.

There was a message I heard loud and clear this week - there is a desire for kick ass female characters. And that the industry should try and have greater diversity in the artists writing and drawing them.

I love superhero comics and, in particular, I love the characters of DC Comics. I say this all the time and I still get told at least once a week that I don’t. Or that I should quit them because I am “so negative.”

But is it wrong to want something you love to do and be better?

Is it wrong to want female characters and creators to be recognized as important and as good as their male counterparts?

Is it wrong to want female fans to have a seat at the superhero comic table?

I grew up in Boston, which if you don’t know, is a bit of a sports town.

In Boston sports radio is king. If you listen to these shows you’ll hear some hard, critical observations about the Sox and Pats and Celts and Bs. I grew up listening to those shows and I never thought the criticism was negative. I thought it was passion.

Why do I do this blog? Passion. Why do I buy the comics? Passion. Why do I criticize? Passion.

I don’t hate DC Comics; I passionately care.

Honestly, some days I wish I didn’t care so much.

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