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Jul 29 '11

Wonder Woman cover, logo and more artwork

DC has given retailers a look at the covers of some of the new 52. Here is the cover of Wonder Woman and two more pages of art. That logo is not great. It looks like a throw back to the 80s. But the artwork is wonderful.

Let’s hope somebody puts on pants soon, though.

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    Ugh, I’ve just realised that the logo is essentially the Star Wars font. But from the looks of it and other art, I’d...
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    I wonder if someone is trying to make a point, by depicting the other woman trouserless as well?
  5. ealperin reblogged this from robblerobble and added:
    Very true, Robblerobble. it does look a bit “top heavy”. Maybe they should simplify the bodice? I liked the “Kingdom...
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    IDK if she needs pants. Her costume is so iconic that pants seem weird on her. Plus we all know how the last attempt to...
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    I’m probably being way too optimistic here, but I’m seeing Diana naked in bed with a girl in her underwear that looks...
  14. valiantskipper said: Yeah, the logo is pretty bad. It might look better in gold and, personally, I think Wonder Woman’s accessories and costume trim should be gold too. I’m not too bothered with the pants/no-pants debate, I think her heels are more of an issue.
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    CAN WE ALL JUST TALK ABOUT HOW DIANA SLEEPS NAKEY …seriously my mind is going places rn. wonderful, delicious places.
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    I’m pumped for this. And I love that she doesn’t have pants. Yeah you read that correctly, I LOVE that she isn’t wearing...
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