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Jul 30 '11

A female centric DC project that will pay off for a long time

There has been lots of talk about women and comics this week. But as I read the many posts and comments in the discussions of DC Comics and women, I was dismayed to see comments implying women don’t like superheroes.

They do. Why wouldn’t they? And this post by a Supergirl cosplayer’s story reminds us that young girls can be just as enthusiastic and fervent about superheroes as boys. The whole blog this is from is filled with images that support that.

I believe the key to getting more women who like and read superhero comics is getting them exposed at a early age. Get ‘em young and you’ll have them as a reader for life. You’ll also see even more terrific and passionate female creators available to write and draw the comics.

That’s why I loved seeing these toys from Fisher-Price this week as they target very young fans.

Earlier this summer I wrote about the sequel to Landry Q. Walker’s “Supergirl: Cosmic Adventure in the 8th Grade” and how it has “slipped through the cracks.” If DC want to start in on what they said last night about female characters, here is a project they could green light right now and see the benefits for years.

Every week I get asked by from Dads and Moms with young daughters and sons about what DC Comics titles they can give them to read. I would love to recommend this when they ask. For many kids this title might be their first exposure to a female DC superhero. And my guess is it wouldn’t be their last.

For those who interested there is a page on Facebook asking DC to do it that folks might want to check it out.

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    Eeee my three year old cousin told me she watches superherosquad the other day and I was like AH HA! Not that I know...
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    This is one of the first comic series my little girl ever read. This, a Marvel digest of an Ororo mini-series and a...
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    Totally agree with you there, Sue! Joined the group and I have a twitition to get the ball rolling. I also sent DC a...
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    I hate those people who say girls don’t like superheroes. It makes my blood boil…
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