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Jul 19 '10

The History of Huntress’ costume

There was some good news from Gail Simone today. She said they are getting ready to change Huntress’ costume. Despite the fact that it will force me to find a new thing to RAGE constantly about in comics (kidding),  I am delighted. If you’ve read this blog you may be aware that I hate the current version. I was actually putting together this post when I saw the mention about the change in Gail’s Tumblr which then she confirmed  on Twitter. Like her fellow Bird, Black Canary, Helena Bertinelli has had quite a few versions of her costume. Let’s take a look at the key variants.

This is the outfit that the Huntress wore when she first appeared in Gotham in 1989, four years after the Earth-2 Huntress, Helena Wayne died in Crisis in Infinite Earths.

Here it is in action from 1993. This was the height of Liefeld so she’s picked up another leg pouch. And the neckline has gone from straight to plunging. The cape is now attached to her neck and not the corners of her costume.

This version of her costume is from from a flash back to when she joined the JLA. The neckline is straight again and the cape, looking very flimsy, is no longer attached to her neck.

By 1996 Huntress was wearing was is lovingly known as “the rubber nun.” She wore it when teaming up with Nightwing and here, when she first appeared in BoP — a one-shot with Catwoman and Canary.

In 1999 we found out how Helena came to wear “the rubber nun”  in the mini Cry for Blood by Greg Rucka. Helena’s quite handy, she made her own Bat outfit in No Man’s Land.

Here’s a look at  the costume from No Man’s Land in 1999. Note that she is missing her cross. Helena also sometimes wears cross earrings with her costume, let’s pretend she has them on here.

Helena would wear this version of her costume until 2002. I don’t particularly like “the nun” but that outfit would look good next to what would show up next - the costume forever known as the “Hush” costume. Designed by Jim Lee (who also just did the redesign of Wonder Woman’s costume - I’m not going to say it but I think we know what we are thinking). Now, the important thing to know here is that when Helena was wearing the rubber nun costume in No Man’s Land she got shot. And she got shot just about where there is not any costume in the “Hush” version. The “belly window” is always my main objection to the “Hush” costume. The cheesecake aspect is there but the dumbness of her wearing an exposed belly following being shot is what makes me RAGE.

So the Hush costume stayed with Helena when she joined Birds of Prey in 2003. Canary asked Huntress about it in issue 59.

But then when Helena quit the Birds to bring down the Mafia families of  Gotham she went back to a variation of her old costume.

I think it was Paulo Siguera who designed the next version which I like a lot. She wore this one through the end of Birds of Prey. I admit, the white cross does make quite a target. I pretend that it is invisible at night. Hey, if Jim Lee can have her fighting in boy shorts, I can pretend that something on the costume disappears.

After BoP ended, the next time we would see Helena was in the solicit for the one-shot Battle for the Cowl: The Network. First look at the solicit. Belly and legs covered, right?

And now look at the cover of the actual issue. That’s right they changed it to the Hush outfit and the belly window came back.

And not only did it they change it back, it got dissed by Cass Cain.

But while Helena was running around doing pick-up work in-between the two volumes of Birds of Prey,  Greg Rucka wrote her into his Question back-up for Detective. And Cully Hamner gave us this version. I’m not crazy about the shoulder pads but it is very protective.

But now Helena is back in the Hush outfit in Birds of Prey, and as of today, I can say for the time being. I can’t wait to see the new outfit. Honestly, if they just covered got rid of the belly window, I could live with it but I would prefer the boyshorts turn into pants as well

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