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Aug 2 '11

Ivan Reis NYCC poster offers more evidence to the pants/no pants mystery!

Pants or no pants? That is the question many Wonder Woman reader have been wondering about since there have been conflicting images of Wonder Woman. But today the post for New York Comic Con has been unveiled and for the first time we see Wonder Woman without pants in the Justice League.

The previous Justice League artwork has shown her with her pants. But it has been explained that the Justice League starts in the past which may account for the difference between why she has no pants her in series. Well, at least for the first issue.

And this morning Jim Lee tweeted out art that points even more to no pants. His original sketch of the Justice League poster which shows Wonder Woman with bare legs (and another costume).

Here’s the final here - with pants.

Of course, it could be just that someone can’t make up his mind as this video suggests.

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