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Apr 28 '14

McDonald’s Happy Meals Finally Get that Girls Love Superheroes, Too!

As part of the promotion for Spider-Man 2 out this week, Sony is doing a deal with McDonalds on Happy Meal toys. I’ve had issues with McDonalds around their Happy Meal Toys when it involves superheroes - the lack of female characters and the fact they superhero toys are defaulted for the “boy” toy. This is in comparison to the Burger King which has offered toys for movies such as Thor designed for all kids.

That’s why I’m excited that for the Spider-Man 2 promotion there is a wide variety of toys offered for all kids. Sure some of in primary colors and some are in pink but they are all Spider-Man.

The idea that all children could like Spider-Man is refreshing one and I’m happy to see this.

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    Huge steps!!!
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    This is great but still also problematic. All the girl toys… Aren’t really toys. They’re fashion accessories. I was...
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    Now if they would just learn that it doesn’t have to be pink to be “for girls”
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