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Aug 3 '11

The many faces of Superman’s Perry White

Last night, news leaked out that the role of Perry White had been cast. Here’s a look at Perry in the past and the newest face to play the role.

I think Laurence Fishburne will be a great Perry. That the Superman movie has some race blind casting is good news because, given some spoilery pictures this week,The Dark Knight Rises, may be white casting another character.

I’ll also note that Fishburne’s casting came the same day Marvel unveiled the newest Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales a biracial male teenager.

The reaction I saw to Marvel’s move was generally positive, but a quick perusal of the comments on USA Today showed there are still dumb ass, racist people ready to spew their bullshit.

And not just in big mainstream papers but in the comics press such as the Beat who actually had to close comments.

And sadly the comments [warning some nasty stuff] on Entertainment Weekly show the Laurence Fishburne news has attracted the same kind of folks.

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    Marvel, thank you for picking up...diversify. Racists, go fuck yourselves.
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    Laurence Fishburne is great for the role! They chose well.
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    Thank you. That’s a pretty good explanation. I just know that for some at least there isn’t anything offensive meant by...
  12. sakanarochan said: why must people be such assholes and ruin all the good things?
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    Honestly, I’m probably not the person to ask when to comes to the race thing (and hell, if you’re not asking me, just...
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    oh my fuck, this is both great and terrible. it’s great to see racial diversity, no matter if it’s Asian, Indian, native...
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    she said it better than i could have… if i wasn’t being hypnotized into a lecture-induced coma, i’d add on to it…
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    have made Spiderman black. I...don’t understand how it happened.
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    I had to reblog this. Je. Sus. Christ.
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    You did not just put a historical REAL-LIFE figure on the same platform as a fictional fucking character. You did not....
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    He did a great job in Mystic River, where his character in the book was also originally a white guy (and in fact, his...
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    He can’t be Perry White! He’s too busy trying to catch Dr. Jekyll! (Maybe I watch cop shows too much yeah. This is cool...
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    The more I think about this, yeah, I think he’ll make a great Perry White.
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    I think this is wonderful news actually. For one, Laurence Fishburne is a fantastic actor (The Matrix and Mystic River...
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