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May 4 '14

What a Great FCBD!

Did you go and celebrate Free Comic Book Day? I did and had a blast!

I (along with DCWKA, jr.) headed up to Double Midnight Comics in Manchester, NH. These folks help put on the Granite State Con which I’ve attended a few times and it gets better every year. Their shop is great - big, well lit and friendly to all. They run a monthly Ladies Night as well. If you are in the area, stop in.

The place was mobbed when I got there with a line out the door and down the parking lot.


They were there for comics and to meet these two comic ladies:


The line was filled with male and female comics fans with comics for Gail Simone and Marjorie Liu to sign including my pal/guest poster Jon Christianson.

There other comic creators there too. I spoke to the Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb who are the illustrators of the Adventure Time series. Both are pleased with the success of the book. 


There were cosplayers everywhere. I posted a lot of images yesterday  so take a look.

I also picked up a bunch of trades on sale:


And two Eaglemoss figures:


I was so excited to find that Renee figure; she will go on the same shelf as my Batwoman figure.

I also picked up lots of FCBD comics for the kids as well as DC’s sneak peak at Futures End and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. I liked one of those comics.

I ended the day with drinks and dinner with GeekMom’s Corinna Lawson.

How was your FCBD? What comics did you like? Any trades or other things you were excited to nab?

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