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Aug 5 '11

Looking at the Hathaway Catwoman costume in detail

This morning Warner Bros. posted the picture below of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises. The response to the photo has been mixed.

I’ve looked at a high res version of the photo and the detail gives a little more information about the costume as well as how it differs from others including Darwyn Cooke’s version, which had been rumored to be the inspiration for Nolan’s, and the Arkham City version.

Nerdiness, Ahoy!

Before I dissect the costume, let’s start with the motorcycle. It certainly looks like one of Batman’s (see below). Does Selina fashion her own in the style of the Dark Knight? Is she aligned with Batman and has been given the use of his Batcycle? Or, she has just stolen it?

Based on the what we’ve seen of on the set (spoiler) would Selina being an ally be that unlikely? But given she’s a thief, stealing it seems just as likely. Only 11 months to find out!

Next the mask; is it a harlequin mask as worn in the TV show and seen being carried by her stand-in yesterday? Or is it goggles as the Darwyn Cook costume gave her and she wears in Arkham City?

It seems like a bit of both.

On closer examination this looks like goggles over a mask. Note the nose piece seems separate. And the top of the goggles seem to be in the same style.

Now the costume. We can see it is a zip-up and textured. The texture is more Arkham City than Cooke’s version which was very smooth.

The zipper is not round version of the Cooke costume (left) but a plain zipper as in the

Arkham City costume (right)

Update: The costume has a belt which looks more utility belt than the whip as belt look from the Cooke design and the no-belt look of Arkham City.

And onto the gloves. These appear to be plain leather gloves avoiding the pointy fingers of other costumes including the Burton version (see below). Update: new detail shows they are opera length:

And now the footwear. Cooke’s costume went for the study thick boots.

Arkham City has high-heeled boots.

But Hathaway’s costume has what appears to be flat leather boots. I like that. Heels would just be ridiculous.

Update: here’s a better look at the boot from pictures show on the set this morning showing a thigh high wedge heel. I’d prefer flat but at least it’s not stillettos.

and the heels

And finally the hair. Clearly it’s long but Catwoman has long been shown with long hair. More interestingly is that her head is uncovered.

This is in direct contrast to most Catwoman costumes except for those inspired by the 1960s TV show.

My take on the costume is that it fits Nolan’s naturalistic style of costuming. And we don’t know if this is the only costume either.

That said, while I’m looking forward to Anne’s take on Selina, his first look is leaving me underwhelmed.

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    Love high tech goggles and I’m sure she’ll do a wonderful job acting, but I hate having so much skin and hair exposed....
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    I have long appreciated Nolan’s realistic take on the costumes, but….Cat Woman with no cat-like “ears” on her costume?...
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