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Aug 5 '11

Upcoming Batman Brave and the Bold includes “teaser” for Batgirl TV show

An upcoming episode of Batman Brave and the Bold  includes an “teaser” ad for a TV show called Batgirl. The episode, titled “Mitefall”, the sixty-fifth and final episode of the series, aired in the UK this week.

The teaser ad for the series is an in-joke by Bat-Mite in the show but it is a fairly elaborate presentation in CGI. Is this possibly a hint that there will be a Batgirl series?

Given the refusal of DCUA to do a Batgirl: Year One feature despite a petition and the desire of DCAU director Lauren Montgomery to make one, probably not. But … some things to consider:

  •  In case you hadn’t heard, DC Comics is returning Barbara Gordon to the role of Batgirl in the comic book.

Here’s the video and a screen grab:

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    I undertand this, I’m a little annoyed with babs Batgirl.They screw up so many cool things about Barbara as Oracle....
  4. summerinohio reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    Looks like crap, I really can’t stand CGI.
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    Does anyone else think that a Gotham Knights series would be kick-ass. Robins everywhere. Oracle and Batgirls. Alfred....
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    Ya know it’s strange, I just realized something. I think I have outgrown Batgirl. I know that as a little girl I...
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    The good news: Rumors of a Batgirl show! The bad news: Fucking CGI
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    Yes please!!
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    i can has???
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    Oh man, I hope this is real! On the downside… too bad I don’t get Cartoon Network… :(
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    WANT WANT WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Not going to get my hopes up since DC seems to hate shows and comics with female leads, no matter how much we want them...
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    I know what this is…… Lauren Montgomery was involved in making this. She’s awesome!
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    I hate CGI.
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