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Jul 4 '14

Happy 4th of July America with Wonder Woman, a Feminist

Equality is a core, fundamental belief at the heart of the Declaration of Independence which was signed 228 years ago today. Yet equality seems to be a court ruling away for anyone who does not resemble those that signed out - white men.

This week saw the United States Supreme Court open the flood gates to vague religious “objections” trumping the rights of women who need perscribed drugs. 

Ruth Bader Ginsberg wrote that ”The court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield” due to the Hobby Lobby ruling.

She’s right. And that minefield will be filled with bloodied dead rights of women. And now we have seen this ruling quickly being used to enable employers to deny gays employment.

Which is why I love this portrait of Wonder Woman flying over the United States Capital. I can imagine that she’s flying to have a word with the non-female court justices who voted for the small-minded hypocrites of the Hobby Lobby. 

Of course, this won’t really happen.

Wonder Woman is, we know, a fictional creation. She and her likeness is owned by a large multinational corporation who can choose to do with her what they wish.

But you can’t have things both ways.

Wonder Woman is not just a “superhero” in the same way that Batman and Superman are. She is more than that and they know it. Her likeness is sold to hundreds of companies around the world to be emblazoned onto merchandise targeted and sold to women and girls bringing in invisible planes full of cash.

The reason they can do this and do do this is because Wonder Woman is viewed as a sign of female empowerment and equality. 

She is a symbol that says women are equal to men. 

She says that women can do what men can do.

She doesn’t Lean In, she breaks the door down and cracks the ceiling.

She is a feminist.

Denying this denies the DNA of the character.

Side-stepping this or attempting to not say “Feminist” communicates a lack of understanding of the character and suggest some concerning issues around a view of women.

This is not about one writer not saying one thing.

This is a larger issue of seeing the connection of feminism with Wonder Woman as a problem.

By not using and avoiding the word it supports the demonization of the word. It helps give life to the concept of things like “Femi-Nazi”

And people who own the character and reap the rewards of marketing that character as an embodiment of female power and equality of should realize the hypocrisy of this.

I don’t want to hear about a Wonder Woman is strong and beautiful and wise and loving and fierce without hearing the word feminist too.

I’ve heard and read some horrible things about women and the concept of feminism over the last few days both on my blog and on other sites. Not only about Wonder Woman issue but the Supreme Court’s ruling as well. 

What better way to communicate the positive aspects of feminism than to reinforce that the pop culture symbol of female empowerment is a feminist by having the executives of the company who own her simply state it.

I’ll be here waiting.


Portrait of Wonder Woman by Steve Rude

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