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Aug 25 '11

New DC Comics’ themed backpacks target girls

Spencer Gifts is featuring Batman and Superman back packs that are targeted at girls. Here’s the Batman pack:

Here’s the Superman:

What’s interesting is that traditionally these items would feature Batgirl and Supergirl. While I’d like to see packs featuring those characters, it nice to see some recognition that Batman and Superman also have female fans.

But no worries that there aren’t any back packs with female DC characters, they also offer a Wonder Woman model:

The backpacks are on sale right now for $29.99

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    LOVE IT!!
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    buy me the wonderwoman one,...would be awesome :]
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    I went and bought the Batman one!!! The cape is sooooo long!
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    i LIKE the pink and batman. its a traditionally “girl” color paired with a traditionally “boy’s” hero. its perfect for...
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    …for batman i’d rather get the “guy’s” version and i sort of want a captain america backpack
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    WHAT??!!?!?! At the store it said 80….It’s cuz I’m Canadian….isn’t it…..?
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    SNOOK. You, me, and Nastya need to get these :)
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    OMG! Is that a CAPE!!!1! 8O NEED!!!
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    Wonder Woman backpack…no pink…super-colorful. I do not need backpacks for anything but I waaaaaaant.
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  20. positivityandpaperstars said: are those capes??? i need all of them especially batman and wonder woman!
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    It may be time for me to get a new backpack…
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    WHERE WAS THIS WHEN I WAS 8?!?!?! Fuck you merchandisers.
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