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Aug 29 '11

Young Justice #7 - pick it up!

I was very hard on the Young Justice TV show when it first premiered because of the gender diversity and portrayals in the first few shows. I’m still not comfortable with the ratio of boys to girls or how the two female characters fall into girly girl and tough girl archetypes. This, I hope, will change when the newest female character joins next season.

The show has also spawned a monthly comic which fills in the back story to some of the episodes. The October issue focuses on Artemis, and I recommend picking it up. First, it was terrific to see a young kid’s superhero comic (that’s who is supposed to be reading these …) focus the entire issue on female character (I gave it to a 12 year old girl who is now OBSESSED with Artemis). Secondly, because it drops some hints around some of the shows mysteries specifically who is Cheshire.

Don’t look too close at the page that follows if you don’t want a hint.

The poster. In her room. That she shares with her sister. Interesting, huh?

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    ……my headcanon is amazing…… Definitely am flipping my shit right now! XD
  3. positivityandpaperstars said: stupid question… isnt the young flash just impulse? or are there both? i really liked impulse back when i was in high school, when i started branching out from xmen and gen13. he was pretty funny. but is there a young flash of some sort as well?
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    sister?? Oh, asdfjasklfdhaslfi, GOD! Why, Artemis? Why are
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    Nooooooo. It can’t be. Although...good plot twist.
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  8. retro-nouveau said: I’m pretty angry about the near-absolute absence of all things Wonder (Diana was in the background once). Other than that and a couple other failings (you were hard with very good reasons), it’s been pretty awesome so far.
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    At least I have Young Justice to look forward to as the DCnU arrives. Still, Artemis deserves all the attention she...
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    !!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m obsessed with Cheshire from
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    they sometimes give Artemis blue eyes,...she now obviously
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