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Sep 4 '11

Happy Birthday, Sholly Fisch

Yesterday was Sholly Fisch’s birthday and I can’t possibly let the day pass without note. At least once a week or more, someone asks me a variation of this question

"My daughter/son, who is 4 (or 5 or other age under 8) wants to read some Wonder Woman comics - what do you recommend?"

And I always say the same thing,

"Super Friends by Sholly Fisch."

For the two or so years the book was out, it was one of the best team books out of DC. It had a consistently great Wonder Woman who was smart and resourceful. And the Green Lantern was John Stewart*. And it had some art by the pretty terrific J. Bone.

It was funny and had simple messages about good and evil for kids.

And recognized that not everyone has the same abilities.

And, it wasn’t just the Superfriends who were great, it was their pets too.

Fisch also does the current Batman: Brave and the Bold comic and that is also wonderful. How can it not be with covers like this?

He’s also written Scooby Doo, Loony Toons and the original Batman:Brave and the Bold, which was also very good. Fisch worked for years on Sesame Street which explains a lot about why his books hit exactly the right not. (Check out this interview at one of my favorite sites)

So happy, belated, birthday Sholly. The Super Friends have something for you:

That S isn’t for Superman — it’s for “Sholly”!

The Super Friends comics are all in trades. There are also a few trades of the Batman:Brave and the Bold.

*(True story; yesterday while shopping for back to school stuff, I bought my son a Justice League shirt which had Hal as the Green Lantern. The guy who checked us out looked at it and said, “Wow, when I was kid the Green Lantern was black.” )

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