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DC Women Kicking Ass

Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass.
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... she's pretty amazingly ignorant of comics outside of the Batverse and some recent Wonder Woman, and seems pretty clueless about the way the industry works. That and she doesn't write that well at all." anonymous poster, Dreamwidth
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Posts tagged 3 chicks podcast

Nov 19 '13

New 3 Chicks Review Comics with Kelly Sue DeConnick

Kelly and I interview the only comic creator who has both our names - the always quotable Kelly Sue DeConnick.

DeConnick talks about Pretty Deadly, Captain Marvel, Avengers Assemble and hints that something else is coming soon.

Kelly and I also review two new comics:

We also discuss some of the latest comics news.

Please give us a listen and, as always, leave us your comments.

Oct 21 '13

New 3 Chicks! Velvet #1! Pretty Deadly #1 Colleen Coover!

Kelly and are back in a remarkably short period of time compared to last time with a new 3 Chicks Review Comics.

This week we take an early look at two new Image books - Velvet by Steve Epting and Ed Brubaker and Pretty Deadly by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios.


We also chat with Colleen Coover about her award-winning Bandette and that wonderful issue of Batman 66 she just did featuring Batgirl!

And Kelly and discuss the week in comics including a DRAMATIC READING!

So please stop by and give us a listen and also please leave us comments!

Aug 13 '13

New 3 Chicks Podcast with Guest Dustin Nguyen

It’s the Big 61st edition of the podcast that confuses people because there are now only technically two chicks reviewing comics. This week Kelly and I welcome the fabulous Dustin Nguyen, who I’ve been a huge fan of for years, to discuss Li’l Gotham.

Kelly and I also review Trillium from Jeff Lemire and give a preview review of tomorrow’s Saga!

So please give us a listen and, if you are so inclined, leave us comments!

You can listen to the podcast (and download it!) here.

Jul 29 '13

New 3 Chicks with Entertainment Weekly’s Superhero Expert Geoff Boucher

It’s just few weeks past SDCC and Kelly and I the expert on Hollywood and Superheroes, the creator of the LA Times HeroComplex and now EW writer, Geoff Boucher with us for a rousing discussion of all things Marvel and DC movies. Geoff gives the inside scoop on:

  • Why doesn’t Wonder Woman have a movie?
  • Why is Marvel’s biggest competitor not DC?
  • Why DC’s movie strategy may now change (it’s Geoff on Jeff and Geoff!)
  • And why doesn’t Christopher Nolan show up at SDCC (hint: he badly wants something and find out just how much!)
  • What he thinks will be the next Marvel storyline to get the film treatment.

Plus Kelly and review two comics that are pretty great and now don’t want the new Batgirl and Chavez to face-off? You do, don’t you?

So please stop by an give us a listen and leave a comment - BRIBE FREE! 

Jul 9 '13

New 3 Chicks with Faith Erin Hicks

There is a new episode of 3 Chicks Review Comics available for you listening. In this episode we speak to the delightful Faith Erin Hicks and Prudence Shen of the graphic novel Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong which you can order here.

We also review the book and take a look at the first chapter of Batman 66. What do we think? Listen to find out!

And we have yet another DRAMATIC READING of someone’s thoughts about women and superheroes. 

Thanks so much to all of you who left comments! Please give us a listen and leave comments again!

Jun 25 '13

New 3 Chicks with Greg Rucka!

Kelly and I have one our favorite writers on this week, the always awesome Greg Rucka. We talk about his new series Lazarus (which you MUST pick up tomorrow) and his Kickstarter for Lady Sabre. 

Kelly and I have a early review of Lazarus and we also review Becky Cloonan’s Demeter.


We also discuss the book DC announced last week that you all know we were going to discuss. 

And finally our newest feature which you all seem to like DRAMATIC READING. This week we have a comment that objects to Kelly’s review of Man of Steel but also thinks just a bit too much about the sex life of Superman.

So please give us a listen! And as usual we ask that you leave us a comment and if you really do listen to the podcast you’ll know why you’ll want to for this edition.

Jun 11 '13

New 3 Chicks Podcast Up with Guest The Comics Beat’s Heidi MacDonald

There are really three chicks on this lastest edition of 3 Chicks Review Comics as we have Heidi MacDonald of Comics Beat on for a fun interview.  Heidi talks about what the heck is up with DC Comics and gender, how important Man of Steel is and gives us some great suggestions for comics.

Kelly and I review two comics this week - the first issue of the Wake by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy and the first issue of the third volume of Kick Ass by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr.

What did we think? You’ll have to listen!

And BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT, a dramatic reading of a dudebro rant about how womenz got their comics in his peanut butter or something like that. If you’ve been reading the blog this past week, you might know who the honorary is.

And if that wasn’t enough, Kelly and I talk about FOREVER EVILLLLLLLL, the new DC multi title crossover coming in September.

So please stop and give a listen and please leave a comment - we appreciate your listening but comments make us feel loved (or hated)!

May 29 '13

New 3 Chicks Up with Brian Wood

Kelly and I have an interview with Brian Wood all about X-Men #1 on this week’s show. There are some spoilery things if you haven’t read the issue yet.

We also review the issue and we review Li’l Gotham by Nguyen and Fridolfs and discuss DC’s Digital Strategy. What do we think? You’ll have to listen.

So please give us a listen and leave us your thoughts!

May 14 '13

New 3 Chicks Review Comics with Amy Reeder

Kelly and I are back after an invigorating break with more talk about comics. This week our guest is the awesome Amy Reeder who talks about her Kickstarter comic, Rocket Girl which you really should go support. Why? Because of this:

We talk to Amy about more than just the Kickstarter so go give the interview a listen.

Kelly and I only review one comic this week, Fearless Defenders #4. What do we think? You’ll have to listen! The conversation then turns into a discussion of costumes, ladeez and comics given our interview with Kris Anka, Kelly’s piece on costume redesigns and then Anka’s reaction to the comments on that piece that will make you headdesk and then Robot 6’s article on the whole thing which turned up the sillyness all the way to 11!

Which leads to our newest segment where I will be channeling Michael Shannon’s dramatic reading of the infamous Sorority Letter and will choose the most over the top dudebro rant about ladeez and comics and do my own dramatic reading. Which rant gets these treatment?

Go listen! And leave us comments!

Apr 16 '13

New 3 Chicks Podcast is Up with Jamal Igle and Jeremy Whitley

Now available for your listening pleasure is a new 3 Chicks Review Comics podcast. So soon you ask? Due to travel and cons, Kelly and I are giving you two in a row and then heading on a bit of hiatus.

This week we spoke to two creators from Action Lab Comics who are focusing on the all ages market. Jamal Igle of Molly Danger and Jeremy Whitley of Princeless talk about the importance of all ages content and the challenges and rewards of selling that content in the direct market.We also review two comics and this week its one each from the big two!

And we end with our usual chit chat about the strange world of superhero comics!

So please stop by and give us a listen! And feel free to leave us comments!

Apr 9 '13

It’s all about Superhero costumes on the new 3 Chicks!

Kelly and I had fun chat with artist Kris Anka who recently redesigned both Storm and Psylock’s costumes for Marvel. We talk about what makes a great costume and his process for design.

We also review two books - a last issue and a first issue - Glory # 34 and Polarity #1. You might want to pick both up. 

We also talk about the 75th anniversary of Lois Lane and what DC should do. And we also ask for you suggestions for “Chick of the Week”!

So please head over to CBR and give us listen and as always leave a comment if you can!

Feb 18 '13

3 Chicks Review Comics Talks to Terry Moore about Strangers in Paradise and Rachel Rising

On the newest episode (#51!) of the CBR podcast 3 Chicks Review Comics, Kelly and I welcome writer Terry Moore who talks about his current series Rachel Rising and his legendary series Strangers in Paradise. During the interview Moore reveals

  • How his prose novel of Strangers in Paradise has been pushed back for other projects.
  • How Rachel Rising emanated from a pitch for Birds of Prey
  • How digital distribution of has impacted the sales of Rachel Rising

Kelly and I also review Katana #1 and Powers Bureau #1 - did we like them? You’ll have to listen to find out. We also chat about Batman #17 and the Death of the Family.

And we also chat about some recent developments at DC Comics including the hiring of homophobe Orson Scott Card to write Superman.  Yeah, that part is not pretty.

Anyway please give the show a listen! And please leave us comments!

Feb 5 '13

Our 50th Episode of 3 Chicks Review Comics is now up!

This past weekend Kelly and I taped our 50th edition of our podcast on CBR “3 Chicks Review Comics”. I can’t even imagine how many “ya knows” and “ums” that I have uttered over 50 episodes; let’s just say ALOT.

This week Kelly and I (and in spirit Maddy) welcomed the awesome Bryan Q. Miller to talk about his Kickstarter Earthward as well as a little bit about Smallvlle Season 11 and waffles and female superheroes who eat them!

We also review two great new comics that both turn out to be good for the YA audience - Mara #2 by Brian Wood, Ming Doyle and Jordie Bellaire from Image and Emily and the Strangers #1 by Rob Reger, Mariah Huehner, and Emily Ivie.

We also discussed some of the more memorable moments over our 50 episodes. We’d love to hear what your favorites have been. Was it the giant Batfight that Kelly and I had? Or was it just a guest interviews - Greg Rucka? Kelly Sue DeConnick? Becky Cloonan? Cliff Chaing? Or another? Please let us know! You can give the show a listen here.

Nov 27 '12

New 3 Chicks Review Comics is Up!

Despite being full of turkey and pie, Kelly and I forged ahead with taping a 3 Chicks this past weekend. We welcome Marvel editor Jeanine Schaefer who works on Wolverine and Astonishing X-Men among other books and tells us everything that Marvel has planned for the next year. Okay, not really. But she does discuss with us whats going on with Marvel and all the lady led books and lady creators. She’s a great guest and I hope you give it a listen.

Kelly and I also review Catwoman #14 and Journey into Mystery #646. Did we like them. Well, we liked one of them …

So please give the show a listen! And as always leave us comments! Also there are just two more episodes until we reach our fiftieth! Let us know what you think we should do on the show to celebrate!

Oct 29 '12

New 3 Chicks Review Comics!

And we are really 3 Chicks again with another visit from Maddy for our 45th episode!

This week we discuss the potential Justice League movie and chat about an awesome artist from right here on Tumblr and her comic Nimora!

Kelly and I review two comics appropriate for Halloween - Ghost #1 by the fabulous Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Noto from Dark Horse and a preview review of Bedlam #1 Nick Spencer and Riley Rossmo out this Wednesday from Image.

And we spent a few minutes discussing Superman’s new career choice.

So please give us a listen and leave us comments!