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DC Women Kicking Ass

Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Posts tagged Amethyst

Mar 1 '13

Amethyst Levels Up On Tomorrow’s DC Nation

Here’s a glimpse at another episode of the wonderful animated Amethyst shot on DC Nation. She takes on Dark Opal; do you think she’ll win?

Feb 7 '13

Amethyst Returns to DC Nation This Saturday

Here’s a look at Level 4 of her quest.

Jan 10 '13

DC Nation Offers More Amethyst This Weekend

If you remember this Amethyst is caught in a video game. In this clip from the second short, she meets a challenge.

Oct 16 '12

Some Amethyst Bits From NYCC and Preview of Sword of Sorcery #1

I didn’t attend a lot of DC panels at NYCC (and I’ll talk about that in another post) but I did stop by their new 52 panel mainly because I wanted to meet Christy Marx who I had interviewed prior to issue 0 of SoS. Marx clearly has a lot of enthusiasm for this book and for portraying, and she put it, “kick ass female characters” (well, I’m in). I spoke to her briefly after the panel and she displayed even more enthusiasm and excitement for the story she is telling. She is particularly focused on issue #5 which she also discussed with USA Today.

The overall long-term arc of Marx’s story deals with the consequences of Graciel returning to Nilaa with a new heir for House Amethyst and the various power struggles it creates, the writer says, “all while Amy comes to grip with a new life in a new world that is strange to her.

"And the fifth issue will be an emotional one, as Amy learns the full story of what happened to her father. I found myself crying as I wrote it," Marx says.

Marx emphasized to me the importance of issue as well and I hope to speak to her about the book again after that issue.

I also stopped by to talk to Aaron Lopresti, the book’s artist in Artists’ Alley. If you’ve seen the first issue you know the level of world building he’s doing in this book. He talked a bit about the challenges of the doing art on book particularly in character design as “every character is being seen for the first time.”  He did tell me that in future issues Amy and her mother will look less like each other. I think that’s a good move as it was a bit confusing in the 0 issue

The official first issue of the book is out Wednesday and here’s the preview along with a gorgeous cover by Ryan Sook.

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Sep 25 '12

Amethyst, Amethyst and Amethyst!

And suddenly everything is Amethyst. Last week the new 52 comic Sword of Sorcery debuted. It’s expected that this week the new DC Nation short will debut and earlier this week an alternative pitch by the woman behind Womanthology Renae De Liz was posted.

Not bad for a character created almost 30 years ago and gone from comics for 25 years. I’ve got a review of the comic, images and character descriptions from DC Nation and artwork from De Liz’s pitch.  So where shall I start? (warning: mention of sexual violence).

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Sep 18 '12

First Look at Amethyst in Preview of Sword of Sorcery 0

Last week I interviewed writer Christy Marx about her taking on fan favorite character Amethyst. The 0 issues goes on sale tomorrow and DC has release a preview of the issue. Definitely a different take on the character, but I like what I see here.

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Sep 17 '12

Cover and Solicit for Sword and Sorcery #3

If you missed it I interviewed writer Christy Marx late last week.



Backup story written by TONY BEDARD

Art and cover by AARON LOPRESTI

Backup story art by JESUS SAIZ

1:25 Variant cover by CHRIS BURNHAM

On sale DECEMBER 19 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

• Amethyst finally meets her murderous Aunt Mordiel in person! But it turns out that Queen Graciel has secrets of her own. Will House Amethyst be further driven apart?

• Plus: In the backup, story Beowulf leans the disturbing secret behind the war that ravaged the DC Universe!