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DC Women Kicking Ass

Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Posts tagged Ann Nocenti

Feb 5 '13

Ann Nocenti Talks Katana, Kurasowa and the Changes She’s Seen in Comics

imageAnn Nocenti made her mark in comics with her legendary run on Daredevil during the 80s. At that time she was one of the female writers in the superhero genre. After a break of a few years she is back in the genre at DC where she is about to launch Katana, a solo title for the former Outsider and Bird of Prey and soon to be Justice Leaguer.

I spoke with Nocenti about her upcoming run on the book as well as how the comics industry has changed when she first started in the business.

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Sep 17 '12

Ann Nocenti on Catwoman, “An Accidental Feminist” Plus Preview of Catwoman 0

Ann Nocenti is interviewed by USA Today about her upcoming Catwoman run and it has some interesting soundbites. Like this:

"I almost feel like she’s an accidental feminist," says Nocenti, who thinks of Irma Vep, a character from the 1915 silent French film Les vampires, as “the original Catwoman.”The next “real” Catwoman moment for her, though, is Michelle Pfeiffer’s take in 1992’s Batman Returns movie, which Nocenti nods to in her zero issue.

"When she turns into Catwoman, she takes her frumpy little apartment and she destroys it," the writer explains. "She realizes she was locked into a non-feminist life as a downtrodden secretary. And she just rips that to shreds. To me, that’s a feminist moment.

"From then on, she takes care of her stuff. She doesn’t fit in at a work-a-week, wage-slave job. And never again."

Oh and this:

"She never steals from the poor — she steals from the rich — but she sort of has a natural conscience. She doesn’t make that leap to, oh, I should do good things in the world."

What else does Nocenti want for the character? A memorable villain to add to the supporting cast created by Winick.

You should go give it a read. And note, the word “sexy” is used just one time in the article.

I think that says a lot right there.

Here’s the preview:

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