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Posts tagged Arrow

Feb 6 '14

More on the Birds of Prey in Arrow! Also Gail Simone and Last Night’s Canary Story!

So yesterday I posted about the Birds of Prey coming to Arrow including Oracle!  And as if he could read my mind Mark Guggenheim posted this Birds of Prey story board teaser on Twitter.


Caity Lotz spoke to the Los Angles Times about it

There’s an upcoming episode called “Birds of Prey,” like the DC Comic featuring Black Canary and Huntress. So we’re going to see Black Canary and Huntress team up?

Um … you’re definitely going to see the two. You’ll see them together, that’s for sure. And they’ll have some interaction. But you’ll have to see what that is. We actually haven’t shot it yet. But we will, very soon. I haven’t met Jessica [De Gouw, who plays Huntress], but everyone says she’s an awesome girl.

She also says DC has sent her comics to help her with her role. 

Last night ‘s episode revealed a relationship between Canary and Talia’s sister Nyssa. And so I thought you might be interested to know what Gail Simone once had planned for Black Canary. Here’s Simone from a few years back:

Okay, I’ve told this story many times, but here goes. To me, it was no big revelation that Black Canary might be bisexual. I didn’t even think it was much in question.  So I had a story where she faces Talia, I think (sorry, memory a little foggy here), and she was supposed to say, in a Dinah caption, something about how Talia’s wiles weren’t going to work on her like they were working on all the men around them, because she (Black Canary) was, “70% hetero.”

Read the rest here.

Feb 5 '14

Oh Arrow, I’m Sorry I’ve Been So Cool To You; We Really Must Get Together Soon

It would seem that I should be more engaged with Arrow than I am. I am, deep down, a fan of Ollie. The show seems to be enjoyable in a cable kind of way and the producers do seem to pull equally from both the “girl” (albeit with a pass the “let’s hot them up” filter first) and “boy” IP toy boxes sitting around DC including most recently Nyssa Al Ghul which is a Greg Rucka creation that I never thought I see again anywhere. 

But now I may have to just commit harder to the show. Why? Here’s a news bit from THR about upcoming additions to the cast. 

Birds of Prey arc will “get there”: The 17th episode, airing March 26, won’t be a direct adaptation of the Birds of Prey comics; instead, it’ll have an Arrow spin. “We gave ourselves room to grow and evolve,” Guggenheim said. “Birds of Prey is very much the same thing. You’re not going to end up with the Holy Trinity of Oracle, Black Canary and Huntress right out of the gate. We’ll get there.”

Did you catch the bit in bold? First of all they declare the Oracle, Black Canary and Huntress as “the Holy Trinity” - that pretty much won me over right there. But they also mentioned Oracle and not Batgirl. First of all I’m not surprised - I suspect all the Bat stuff will be saved for Fox’s Gotham.

But the fact they mentioned Oracle specifically? And that there is a promise she’ll appear (AND THAT’S WHAT THAT IS MARK GUGGENHEIM - DO NOT BREAK MY HEART) has put Arrow at the top of my must get caught up list.

Of course if this is just Felicity Smoak with a code name we’ve got a problem.

Because that is not Oracle. Just say’n. 

Also let’s hope they can do a better job with Helena. Yikes!

Sep 5 '13

Meet the New Amanda Waller

As previously posted, Amanda Waller is joining Arrow and it appears they are going with new 52 version of the character. According to TV Guide has cast actress Cynthia Addai-Robinson in the role.

The actress has appeared in Spartacus and The Vampire Diaires.

I’d rather an older Waller but at least they didn’t white wash the character. Oh wait, you didn’t see who was cast as Sin? On the left, Sin, the adopted daughter of Black Canary. On the right the actress playing “Sin” on Arrow.

Wow, they’re like twins.


Jul 19 '13

With Latest News, TV’s Arrow Manages to Confuse Black Canary History as Much as Comics

Black Canary is one of DC’s longest running female characters but also has a very confusing history. The TV version of the character now seems to share some of that confusion given news out last night.


Read More

Feb 28 '13


Alex Kingston’s appearance on Arrow. (February 27, 2013)

So I was wrong; Alex Kingston did show up last night as Laurel’s mother. Given the reference in show to a canary and Geoff Johns’ interview I’d say that someone on this video will be/was the Black Canary. 

I hope it’s both women. Black Canary is one of the very few female legacy superheroes in DC Comics. (The others being Liberty Belle/Jesse Quick and Watchmen’s Silk Spectre, which is based on Black Canary.) Unfortunately the “legacy” part of Black Canary’s heritage was wiped out in the new 52. (Although there’s potential for Earth-2 to have two - both Catwoman and Wonder Woman have daughters but right now they are either not channeling their mother or not a hero.)

The drama of mother/daughter heroes is high concept enough that this is the second time we’ve seen a mother/daughter Black Canary moment on TV - Lori Laughlin played Canary Mères on Birds of Prey a decade ago.

What did you think of Laurel’s mom showing up? And how do you want the Canary story to unfold?

Feb 27 '13

Geoff Johns Interview on Arrow: “Everyone Talks About Black Canary A Lot”

Geoff Johns wrote tonight’s episode of Arrow and he’s been making the rounds to media outlets to talk about it. In his interview with TV Guide he discussed a few things of interest for the readers of this blog.

Here he is talking about Laurel’s mom, to be played by actress Alex Kingston, who certainly sounds like the Black Canary:

TV Guide Magazine: And this episode you wrote kind of feels like your Smallville episode “Absolute Justice,” in that you have a ton of DC characters together. 
Johns: Yeah, that’s kind of what I do. I love using as many DC characters as possible, again not just to use them, but for good reason. If you’re using an assassin, you gotta use Deadshot. And having the arrival of Laurel’s mom? As a big fan of Black Canary, I am excited about that.

TV Guide Magazine: Hence the shout-out to the late Sarah Lance’s pet canary in the early part of the episode…
Johns: Yeah, you gotta get it out there. [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: Is this a sign of you guys paving the way for a Laurel twist?
Johns: Um…I can only say that everyone talks about Black Canary a lot.

And for those of you who long for an Amazon visit:

TV Guide Magazine: The one I’m hoping to see on Arrow is Donna Troy. I know they can’t use Wonder Woman, but surely Donna Troy could be used on the show. 
Johns: You know what, never say never, man! There’s a lot of characters to be used.

Kingston doesn’t show up for a few episodes shows up tonight!. You can read the full interview here.

Nov 28 '12

Huntress is on Arrow Tonight; New Interview with De Gouw

For those readers who mourned the unceremonious passing of Helena Bertinelli in the new 52, there is some joy. Tonight on the CW, Jessica De Gouw joins Arrow for two episodes as Huntress. While like everything in the DC TVverse vs. comicverse there have been some changes, a new interview with the actress shows she is aware of and researched the comic character (as well I suspect the version of Huntress from CW’s Birds of Prey)

I went back to the comics,” she said. “I think the comics are the best place to start. That’s where it originated. That’s what the fans want to see. That’s what I wanted to go for. I don’t think it helps to impersonate someone else who’s already done it perhaps. Because this isn’t like anything else. It looks different and it feels different. And it’s a different tone.”

She adds that the character enters with a punch and is “a force”: 

She’s a force. She’s a force of nature. And not only the Huntress but Helena is pretty sassy in her own right.”

The episode “Muse of Fire” debuts tonight.

Nov 16 '12

Another Look at Huntress in Arrow

Helena Bertinelli will be appearing on the next episode of Arrow (11.28)  and here is a full look at the belly window free costume actress Jessica DeGouw will sport.


Nov 2 '12

First look at Arrow’s Huntress

Despite being retconned out of DC Comics, Helena Bertinelli is still around in the world of the TV show Arrow. She’s make her debut in the sixth episode of the series (November 28) and will be played by Australian actress Jessica DeGouw. According to the verbiage with the picture she’s on for two episodes.

Although I won’t be sure until we see the full costume it does appear that belly window did not make a transition to the small screen and they went with generic leather and mask look. I’m okay with that.


Sep 29 '12

Arrow’s Deadshot and Huntress Using Classic Elements of Comics Costumes?

The CW’s Arrow is going the Smallville “no tights” route for his costume for Arrow and sporting a version the hooded costume from Mike Grell’s run as seen in this picture released yesterday where he squares off against Kelly Hu’s China White

And other characters seem to be using some of the classic elements of the comic characters’ costumes. The first trailer for Arrow showed the classic Deathstroke bi-color mask rather than the military costume used in Smallville.

And this week interviews with the show’s cast gave some hints on the costumes that Deadshot and Huntress may be wearing on the show.

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