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Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Posts tagged Avengers

Mar 18 '14

First Look at Costume for Avengers: Age of Ultron Scarlett Witch

Elizabeth Olsen has already said she won’t be wearing the familiar comic costume for her role as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlett Witch in the Avengers sequel

"I don’t think Joss ever would have hired me, honestly, if he wanted me to wear those outfits; I am not a professional athlete and nor am I a model. Wearing those costumes wouldn’t be fun for anyone who wasn’t those things. He already had a different idea. It respects and involves the comic-book character but it’s different, more rooted. It’s for someone today.”

But what will she wear?

We got our first look tonight with some concept art via Marvel:

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Jan 21 '14

New Animated Marvel Movie Stars Black Widow (And Features Captain Marvel too)

While some animated superhero comics don’t want you to know that a woman is in the lead, it seems Marvel doesn’t care.Marvel’s Avengers Confidential: Black Widow and Punisher, out March 25, will have the two characters teaming up after Punisher is taken into custody by S.H.I.E.L.D. They’re up against a new terrorist organization called “Leviathan” that has been stealing S.H.I.E.L.D. tech. 

The film also features, as seen above, the Captain Marvel version of Carol Danvers in her Jamie McKelvie costume.

Update: This movie is based on a story by Marjorie Liu who wrote an awesome Black Widow run. Bonus!

Natasha is voiced by Jennifer Carpenter.

May 12 '12

What’s the swagger factor of your favorite Avenger?

These look right although shouldn’t technically Tony have no heart? Also Black Widow should have more swagger than Hawkeye.


May 3 '12

Women: They don’t like Superheros and they have no sense of humor

Work has been incredibly busy, hence, the sporadic posting this week. But there are few things I’ll post now and expand on later.

First if you haven’t read this post over on Moviefone run over before they delete it, bury it or worse.

As a quick recap, the article was a “girl” guide to watching to the Avengers if you boyfriend dragged you along. One would have thought an editor would have seen the TNT sparking off the article on the first paragraph:

As your boyfriend probably told you, "The Avengers" is hitting theaters this Friday. And you, dutiful girlfriend, are attending. But you hate action movies and you’ve never even read a comic book. (Of course, that’s not a slight against the girls who actually do read comic books — i.e. real fans, actual people with varied interests — but for this, let’s just go with the stock view of ladies, ladies!)

The shit hit the fan and the Moviefone, part of the Huffington Post empire (which also employs Laura Hudson, a “girl” as the editor of its comics site Comics Alliance …IRONY!) had to start spinning a like a gyroscope:

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Apr 15 '12

Avengers and Dr. Pepper Assemble together

Let the promotions begin! The Avengers are all now available on Limited Edition Dr. Pepper cans.

There are different flavors for each Avenger. Black Widow is Regular Diet, my favorite. But then again so Hawkeye. I think Loki is my favorite can.

There is also an Avengers Arcade game you can play online. Unfortunately there is not quite the same selection of Avengers:

You can play here.

Apr 9 '12

Avengers Legos now available

Avengers Assemble. Or, more accurately, ready to be bought and assembled

Natasha is flying the plane in this set so I guess it is my favorite

Apr 3 '12

Oh Target, you’ll put a female in the Avengers’ toy ad but only if it’s a mom. 

Mar 30 '12

Marvel finally pulls into the Disney amusement park station

Disney purchased Marvel in 2009 but you wouldn’t know it from their theme parks. Want a Spider-Man ride? You’ll have to head over to Universal Studios. Earlier this month Disney head Robert Iger said the company was “working on some concepts” to bring Marvel characters to the theme parks. And now we see the first example - an Avengers themed monorail debuting in time for the movie’s debut May 4.


Mar 30 '12

The Super Big, Everything but the “We’ve got a Hulk” Avengers Trailer Mash-up

Someone has taken all the footage from the trailers of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and the Avengers and put them into one big trailer. And it’s pretty good.

Aug 25 '11

Black Widow, by Stephanie Hans

This is gorgeous.


Black Widow, by Stephanie Hans

This is gorgeous.

Aug 21 '11

Weekend Avengers video wrap-up

Disney held its D23 conference this weekend and continued the promotion of The Avengers which doesn’t even open for eight months.

In this video they introduce some of the cast following some footage from the movie that, from what I understand, features Loki and Nick Fury.

You’ve probably already seen the on-location video with Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth but if you haven’t here is a peek.

Apr 26 '11

Avengers Diversity

From the set of the new movie. From Left:

White Dude who is a god, Rich White Dude,  Unfrozen White Dude, White Dude who turns green.

Tom Brevoort did an interesting interview over at CBR about the Avengers pitches they passed on. Graeme McMillan pulled out the tasty parts on ‘Rama. Emphasis in bold.

The third one I can remember — and at least two different people pitched this at two different times — was an idea that never got as far as an official title, but it was essentially “Black Avengers.” It was “Let’s put all the African or African-American heroes together on a team for an adventure,” and in those cases too, there was nothing about the idea beyond “It’s a bunch of super heroes together” that said “Avengers” beyond the fact that “Avengers” is a term that’s salable. I think there’s something very specific about what “Avengers” means to the Marvel Universe. They’re the varsity. They’re the A-list. They’re the Man. They’re not about being super heroes because of demographics or ethnicity. They stand for something specific and occupy a certain role. If you don’t have some degree of that, then it doesn’t feel like Avengers.

First, isn’t the very concept of the Avengers “a bunch of superheroes together?”

Second, if being an Avenger is not about ethnicity then how come you don’t have more POC as Avengers? How can it be a contrivance to have one bunch of superheroes to come together and not another? There was some good discussion about this by @sonofbaldwin on Twitter.

Characters aren’t born A-list. And you don’t get A-list characters by limiting them and putting them in only certain books. You find good writers and you let them write them and then let the audience decide who is A-list.

It’s tiring to hear the same things said over and over again about race in comics.

Someone said today that it was a “gradual process. Luke Cage is well on his way to becoming iconic.”  Luke Cage debuted in comics 9 years after Tony Stark. How long does he have to wait? Where’s his chair?

Feb 16 '11

Marvel Avengers Merchandise Logo

There apparently a new office logo for Marvel Avengers merchandise. I haven’t seen it officially confirmed, but speculation is that this is it. And soon it will be appearing on everything from clothing to toys. I would think they might also want to think about co-marketing with Jimmy Lee or Johnsonville.

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Jul 25 '10
The Avengers movie appears to be Black Widow and a bunch of guys. So they couldn’t have found room for Ms. Marvel, Shulkie, Wasp, Mockingbird or any of the other females that are or have been in the Avengers? Just say’n.

The Avengers movie appears to be Black Widow and a bunch of guys. So they couldn’t have found room for Ms. Marvel, Shulkie, Wasp, Mockingbird or any of the other females that are or have been in the Avengers? Just say’n.