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DC Women Kicking Ass

Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass.
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Posts tagged Batgirl

Jul 15 '13

An Interview with Batman Beyond and Hawkeye Artist Annie Wu

Artist Annie Wu is just three years out of art school but she’s already doing regular work in comics including DC and Marvel. Currently she’s the artist on an arc in Batman Beyond Unlimited introducing a new Batgirl. At Marvel, Wu is picking up alternative art duties on Hawkeye starting with #14 (which includes a focus on Kate Bishop) following her debut in the title’s Valentine’s issue. 
I’m always happy to see exciting new artists in superhero comics. Wu’s art is striking and energetic and she gives her characters, including Batgirl and Kate Bishop below, much attitude.

I recently chatted with Wu a bit about how she got into comics and her most recent work. 


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Jul 13 '13

Batman Beyond’s New Batgirl Debuts and She is Awesome

Go download now the newest chapter in Batman Beyond because the new Batgirl debuts and meets an old Batgirl, Commissioner Barbara Gordon. 

And it’s awesome.

Here’s a tiny taste.

Scott Peterson and Annie Wu (and more about her on Monday) give us in just a few pages a new character I can’t wait to learn more about. Plus you get Babs and NEW!Batgirl fighting, bantering and sniping side by side.

This is $.99 and is available digitally today. If you want a floppy with the entire three issue arc, that’s out Wednesday.

What are you waiting for?

Jul 12 '13

New Look at Batman Beyond Batgirl Debuting Tomorrow

There’s a new Batgirl in DC Comics, and readers will finally learn more about her tomorrow when issue #27 of Batman Beyond debuts. This Batgirl was created by Scott Peterson and Annie Wu. Peterson knows creating Batgirls - he helped create Cassandra Cain (read about that here). Wu is a hot artist who is also picking up art on Hawkeye for a few issues following her debut in the title’s Valentine’s issues.

So far all we know about the new Batgirl is what the solicit for the print version of the 3 issue arc, Batman Beyond #18,  has told us:

when an all-new Batgirl pops up in Neo-Gotham, it’s up to former Commissioner Barbara Gordon to decide if she’s friend or foe! 

Unfortunately there’s been no clear indication the character will appear again soon as the book is being rebooted after this issue and there is no sign of the new Batgirl on any of the upcoming covers for that title.

Of course, for me the best outcome would be a Batgirl Beyond title starring the new Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon. 

Hey, I can dream can’t I? In the meantime here is a new image of the new Batgirl via Annie Wu.



Jul 8 '13

October Cover and Solict for Batgirl

Written by GAIL SIMONE
On sale OCTOBER 9 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
“Batgirl: Wanted” part two! Chased by her father and the police, and ravaged with guilt over the death of her brother, Barbara has given up her Batgirl identity! But tonight she is forced to take to the streets—with deadly consequences!

I like that cover.


Jul 1 '13

All the DC Women Gotta Have that VA VA VOOM

What’s up with the Va Va Voom and the women of DC? Grant Morrison famously wants to give Wonder Woman her Va Va Voom back. (My goodness when did she lose it?)

And when the NY Post EXCLUSIVELY!!!! debuted this new statue Bombshell Batgirl it too used the term “Va Va Voom”. Hmm, have some people been playing their Nicki Minaj albums to much?

But Va Va Voom is really in the eye of the beholder so behold:

Here’s a closer look the DC way:

The jewel in the navel is a nice touch. I wonder if Batman has one?

Jun 25 '13

Batgirl Gets A Zero Year Issue But Not with Simone

DC Comics said at their recent reseller roadshow that the Zero Year issues will extend beyond the current Batman series into other titles as seen on the slide below:


Dan DiDio reportedly stated to attendees that this wasn’t just a crossover to leverage the Batman book but that the writers ”had expressed a genuine interest in writing a story that occurs at the same time as Zero Year.”

One of the writers who did express genuine interest was Gail Simone who stated on her blog that she had what she considered to be “a cool story”. 

But that story won’t be part of the Zero Year issues as Simone was informed that she won’t be writing it.

Interesting give that Simone wrote the new origin for Batgirl in last year’s “0” issue - an origin that was already worked into the promotional materials for Injustice Gods Among Us game.

Simone is, of course, the writer most associated with Barbara Gordon having written her as Oracle in a long running Birds of Prey stint and then rebooting the character for the new 52. Simone has been the writer on the title since then except for two issues when she was fired by DC and then rehired. At that point Ray Fawkes wrote the title.

So who will get the call to write the new first year of Barbara Gordon? You can only wonder. One writer sure not to get the call is the last person to write an origin story for Barbara Gordon - Chuck Dixon. Although apparently you can’t have too many origins as DC just reissued that the hugely popular Batgirl: Year One by Dixon/Beatty/Martin in trade (along with Robin:Year One) last week. 



May 23 '13

If We Put Them on Everything They’ll Have to Do SOMETHING: Zazzle Opens Super Best Friends Forever Store

Over a few months of hearing nothing about the ESBUFFS (aka Super Best Friends Forever) there’s been two signs that the series may not be dead and gone.

The SBFF are, of course, the trinity of Supergirl, Wonder Girl and Batgirl from the fantastic animated short series done by Lauren Faust for DC Nation. Unfortunately Cartoon Network only made a few shorts and Faust then told me she wasn’t available to do more. But she also told me, “Who knows what the future holds?”

Earlier this week, DC Comics unveiled their SDCC exclusives and the SBFF were included. And then yesterday DC unveiled the SBFF Zazzle store where you can buy just about anything with the SBFF on it including mouse pads, mugs, phone cases, and, of course, t-shirts. You can get all the SBFF together. (And in different poses).


Or separately




You can get 20% off everything by using SUPERHEROBFF.

So what does this mean for the SBFF. Earlier this week when the SDCC pieces appeared I put out a cry for a digital comic from DC trying to drive the demand for it. Faust told me that "there’s always a chance it could happen, BTW…

So here’s what we do. Tell DC you want a digital comic with the SBFF’s! Buy the stuff from Zazzle! And eat Burritos. No wait, do the other two things. 

If they are offering merchandise there is a chance. Let’s make it into a reality!

May 20 '13

DC Unveils SDCC Exclusives; I Know What I’m Getting

DC has unveiled its exclusives for SDCC. You can see them all at USA Today but I’ll show the one that I’ll be getting. Oh yes, I will.

Behold the ESSBUFFS!

It’s pricey - $49.99 but I simply must have it. Of course, I’d rather have an ongoing series with these three by Lauren Faust, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. How about a digital comic? Anyone?

May 9 '13

Injustice Game Plays Up The Killing Joke in Batgirl Reveal

As if the game shouldn’t already come with a mini-refrigerator due to its brutal murdering of Lois Lane, we now have this intro video of Batgirl that shows her being shot in the pages of The Killing Joke.

No, I’m serious. Really.

Because no one ever, ever has ever thought to have Barbara Gordon and the Joker face off again. 

Because Barbara Gordon is all about getting shot by the Joker. Let’s forget whatever other skills she may have.

Because you couldn’t just have her beat the shit out of the Joker ‘cause, oh I don’t know, he’s a bad guy.

Nope, let’s keep showing that flying coffee cup from a story which is dangerously close to torture porn. 

Let’s keep showing that blood stain on her skirt.

Because you really need this motivation for a game which involves superheroes beating the shit out of each other. Superman can’t be just crazy. He has to kill his wife and baby. Batgirl can’t just be an ass kicker. We have to relive the decision to “cripple the bitch”.


Apr 10 '13

Batgirl #19 Reveals an Important Addition to the DCU

Today’s Batgirl #19 by Gail Simone reveals that one of the books long running characters some much needed representative to the DCU. 

If you haven’t read the issue, spoilers follow.

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Apr 4 '13

Camine Infantino Has Died

Carmine Infantino the artist and editor who gave so much to comics including launching the Silver Age has passed away at the age of 87. His long and prolific career had so many important moments but two stand out for me.

In 1947 he co-created Dinah Lance, the Black Canary. 

And in 1966, he co-created Barbara Gordon, Batgirl.

That’s two of the most important female characters in DC Comics and in comics. 

Last year at NYCC, I was lucky enough to meet Infantino. I brought my copy of the comic above and asked him to sign it for me. (I also showed him my Batgirl sneakers). More importantly I got a chance to thank him for his creation of these two characters and his contributions to comics.

I’m so glad I had the chance. Rest in Peace, Sir.

My condolences to his famiy.

Mar 29 '13

Batman Beyond Series to Introduce Batgirl Beyond

There’s a new creative team on the Batman Beyond book, Kyle Higgins and Thony Silas take over from Adam Beechen. But more importantly there is a Batgirl being introduced into the book. And the team for that and this picture make me very optimistic.

According to IGN Scott Peterson will be writing the arc introducing what looks to be a woman of color as Batgirl. For those of you who know your Bat writer history, Scott Peterson helped create the last women of color to become Batgirl, Cassandra Cain. You can read a post he wrote about creating that Batgirl here. 

The character will debut in July and, as can be seen from the image above, by artist Annie Wu who will be collaborating with Peterson, will be involved with Commisioner Barbara Gordon.

Glad to see that finally there will be another Batgirl who is not a red head in the animated world. The team of Peterson and Wu makes me very excited for this arc.

And if that wasn’t enough to get me excited, James Tucker who is taking over the DCAU from Bruce Timm gave an interview where he discussed integrating other characters in to the DCAU. 

“I can’t go into specifics, he says, “but I have a feeling when we announce our next slate of movies, people are going to be very excited because we will be using Batman, Superman and Justice League as a gateway to exposing other characters.”

He adds:

Our challenge,” he continues, “is that people want us to do these other characters, but if they don’t sell that threatens the whole line. So the way to do it is to be smart. If we know we’re going to use Superman, Batman and the Justice League, how do we use them as gateways to these other characters? If Batman, Superman and Justice League bring in the average person who’s not a comic book fan, once you have them you insert a Huntress or a secondary character like Oracle as a means of introducing them to more of the world.

Anyone who mentions Oracle connected with DC or WB gets a big thumbs up from me. 

Mar 18 '13

Preview of Birds of Prey #18

New writer Christy Marx jumps on this issue just in time for a visit from Mr. Freeze. Glad to see Starling’s still around … although she doesn’t look very happy.

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Mar 16 '13

Target Offers New DC Women Swag

A few weeks ago I told you how Fruit of the Loom was making superhero underwear for little girls. At that time it was only available on-line where it was selling out. 

But today I saw the underwear on the shelf at Target

But that wasn’t the only licensed merchandise I saw. In the lingerie department there was a whole lot more.

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Mar 15 '13

DC Women Cover Up!

What better way to cover yourself up then with the female Trinity?

This afghan is 45 x 60” and, as you would guess, kicks ass.

Available here!