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Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Posts tagged Batgirl

Dec 9 '13

Batgirl Appears in New Lego Set

Earlier this year I posted about rumors that Batgirl would finally show up in a Lego set.  Batgirl was prominent in the first Batman Lego game and fans have been waiting for an official minifig. 

The rumors were right and Batgirl and Nightwing and Damian will all fight, who else, the Joker in a set that should be just heading into stores later this week (with wide availability in January).




Based on other DC themed sets my guess is that this will retail for around $46-49.99.

Sadly my son has moved on from Legos. I’ll wait and order the Batgirl figure off eBay.


Dec 1 '13

New Original Killing Joke Artwork Revealed; Even More Torture Porny than We Thought

I don’t think its any surprised that I’m not a fan of The Killing Joke. I consider it to be at best a mediocre Batman story and one of the lowest moments in DC history in their treatment of female characters.

We all know what happens to Barbara Gordon in the book. We all have heard the tales of Alan Moore calling Len Wein for permission to shoot Barbara Gordon in the book and the response he received:

"I asked DC if they had any problem with me crippling Barbara Gordon - who was Batgirl at the time - and if I remember, I spoke to Len Wein, who was our editor on the project…[He] said, ‘Yeah, okay, cripple the bitch.’

For years there have been discussions about how Barbara Gordon was treated in the book - shot, stripped and photographed naked. I, like many others, have bluntly called it torture porn.

But of course others differ. I’ve been told that there is no rape so there is no mysogyny. That “Jim Gordon is also naked, so it there is no sexism.” That it isn’t about Barbara being a woman but about her being collateral damage.

Sure. Sure it is.

Today some original art from The Killing Joke showed up. And it shows that page. You know page with the photos that Jim Gordon is shown of his daughter.

And the page is a bit different. Brian Bolland has already saidI drew what was in the script. That’s my job. I was asked to tone it down a bit.”

So he drew what Moore had in his original script. 


And the art work? (NSFW and graphic for nudity and violence)

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Nov 18 '13
The Best Thing You’ll See (or Potentially Eat) All Day
Don’t you love these Female Superhero Cookies of the Marvel and DC variety? These are made by a bakery called Audrey’s which I believe is in Taiwan. I wonder if they ship international?

The Best Thing You’ll See (or Potentially Eat) All Day

Don’t you love these Female Superhero Cookies of the Marvel and DC variety? These are made by a bakery called Audrey’s which I believe is in Taiwan. I wonder if they ship international?


Nov 8 '13

Jock is Drawing Wonder Woman and Batgirl but Not for Batman vs. Superman

The artist Jock has posted on his Instagram account some concept drawings featuring some familiar DC Women.

But what are they for? Could this be design work for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman?

Jock has said on Twitter it isn’t but it IS for some “WB thing”

So what could this be? A new game would be a good guess I suppose.

Oct 21 '13

Under Armour Introduces Superhero Apparel for Girls

Earlier this year sports clothing manufacturer Under Armour introduced their “Alter Ego” gear for men featuring logos of DC and Marvel superheroes. Now they have introduced a DC line for girl.

At the center of the collection is Wonder Woman:

But there are also Batgirl shirts to choose from:

And, of course, there is super-themed shirts as well:

It’s nice to see a Supergirl shirt that doesn’t come in pink. Although if you want something with pink you can always get this boys sweatshirt.

I’m excited to see this line expanded to girls as it reinforces the idea that in the eyes of some major brands superheroes appeal to girls as well as boys.

Oct 13 '13

Stephanie Brown is Back - The real story of what happened at NYCC and Has She Already Appeared?

Stephanie Brown is returning to comics. Again.


It seems you just can’t the character down. When Stephanie Brown was murdered in 2005, fans took to the internet and conferences to

request that she, as a former Robin, have her costume put in a trophy case like the other dead Robin. 

The back and forth between DC Editors and Creators went on for four years even showing up in the comics themselves as in this editors not from 2007.


Whether it was fan pressure or DC simply waiting for the “right time,” Stephanie Brown returned to comics in July of 2008.


DC made Stephanie Brown the Batgirl replacing Cass Cain a year later when the plan to return Barbara Gordon to the tights were shelved. 


The Batgirl book starring Stephanie Brown was one of the best reviewed books of the next two years. But her run would be only 24 issues as DC once again moved forward to return Barbara Gordon to the role as part of the new 52 in September of 2011. Stephanie Brown made one last appearance in December of that year in Batman, Inc.


She then joined Cassandra Cain, the adopted daughter of Bruce Wayne, in going on to the “bench” - characters that would not be showing up in the new 52 for awhile.

The benching of the character was not for lack of trying for a number o creators. During the last two years, several writers attempted to include the character in the books or in pitches including Gail Simone and Grant Morrison. But the character was considered “pitch poison” within DC and any appearance was nixed. When fans celebrated the return of the character in the out of continuity Smallville written by Bryan Q. Miller, the writer of her standalone series. However, in July of 2012, their excitement quickly dissolved when the character was removed from already in production book and turned in Barbara Gordon.

At every comic convention a fan (both male and female) would ask about the return of Stephanie Brown and Cass Cain. The answers would range from polite to downright dismissive. At one point DC joked that there would not be taking questions about the two.

But not this week at NYCC. This week DC planted a question about Stephanie. And the woman who asked it? Kyrax, the Batgirl of SDCC who challenged the publisher on its treatment of female characters. Here’s what really went down.

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Oct 8 '13

Batman 66 Introduces Batgirl and Look Who She is Battling

As some of you may know, my entrance into comics was through the Batman TV show and led to my life long love of one character - Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl.

Tomorrow Batman 66,the comic set in the television world, debuts their Batgirl and, bonus, the artwork is by Colleen Coover.

Here’s a look.

Remember, Yvonne Craig was a brunette as Barbara Gordon.

Batgirla and Eartha Kitt Catwoman? This could definitely be one of my favorite comics of this year. 


Sep 23 '13

Today is Barbara Gordon’s Birthday!

Today, according to 1976 DC Calendar, is the official birthday of Barbara Gordon. That could be different now in the wonderful world of the new 52, but let’s go with this date, shall we?


Barbara loves birthdays!


I’ve made the same joke two years in row - you make your own this year.

I’d say let’s have a party but these two little girls seem to have already had the most awesome party so let’s just enjoy theirs:


But I know what you’re thinking … what about presents?

There is always a lot of Babsgirl merchandise to choose from but this year this one caught my eye. 


I love Tiny Titans Barbara. What I wouldn’t give for Batgirl party t-shirt!

Sep 7 '13

Classic Album Covers Redone DC Women Style

Creating album covers for superheroes isn’t a new idea - Cliff Chiang has been doing it for years - see Cliff Chiang’s mash up of Purple Rain and Batgirl.


But recently Artist Robert Jimenez created one of a kind art pieces by taking old album covers from the 50s and 60s and 70s and tweaking them to include some of the women of DC Comics. All the covers are sold now but here’s a look. If you’re arty you can probably hit a garage sale this weekend and try it yourself.

The Original Cast Album for “Red Head” (which just missed the 60s) starring Gwen Verdon (who today is known to many as the woman from whom Beyonce borrowed her “Single Lady” dance moves) has been changed into something starring Selina Kyle.



Click to see more!

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(Source: Boing Boing)

Jul 15 '13

An Interview with Batman Beyond and Hawkeye Artist Annie Wu

Artist Annie Wu is just three years out of art school but she’s already doing regular work in comics including DC and Marvel. Currently she’s the artist on an arc in Batman Beyond Unlimited introducing a new Batgirl. At Marvel, Wu is picking up alternative art duties on Hawkeye starting with #14 (which includes a focus on Kate Bishop) following her debut in the title’s Valentine’s issue. 
I’m always happy to see exciting new artists in superhero comics. Wu’s art is striking and energetic and she gives her characters, including Batgirl and Kate Bishop below, much attitude.

I recently chatted with Wu a bit about how she got into comics and her most recent work. 


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Jul 13 '13

Batman Beyond’s New Batgirl Debuts and She is Awesome

Go download now the newest chapter in Batman Beyond because the new Batgirl debuts and meets an old Batgirl, Commissioner Barbara Gordon. 

And it’s awesome.

Here’s a tiny taste.

Scott Peterson and Annie Wu (and more about her on Monday) give us in just a few pages a new character I can’t wait to learn more about. Plus you get Babs and NEW!Batgirl fighting, bantering and sniping side by side.

This is $.99 and is available digitally today. If you want a floppy with the entire three issue arc, that’s out Wednesday.

What are you waiting for?

Jul 12 '13

New Look at Batman Beyond Batgirl Debuting Tomorrow

There’s a new Batgirl in DC Comics, and readers will finally learn more about her tomorrow when issue #27 of Batman Beyond debuts. This Batgirl was created by Scott Peterson and Annie Wu. Peterson knows creating Batgirls - he helped create Cassandra Cain (read about that here). Wu is a hot artist who is also picking up art on Hawkeye for a few issues following her debut in the title’s Valentine’s issues.

So far all we know about the new Batgirl is what the solicit for the print version of the 3 issue arc, Batman Beyond #18,  has told us:

when an all-new Batgirl pops up in Neo-Gotham, it’s up to former Commissioner Barbara Gordon to decide if she’s friend or foe! 

Unfortunately there’s been no clear indication the character will appear again soon as the book is being rebooted after this issue and there is no sign of the new Batgirl on any of the upcoming covers for that title.

Of course, for me the best outcome would be a Batgirl Beyond title starring the new Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon. 

Hey, I can dream can’t I? In the meantime here is a new image of the new Batgirl via Annie Wu.



Jul 8 '13

October Cover and Solict for Batgirl

Written by GAIL SIMONE
On sale OCTOBER 9 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
“Batgirl: Wanted” part two! Chased by her father and the police, and ravaged with guilt over the death of her brother, Barbara has given up her Batgirl identity! But tonight she is forced to take to the streets—with deadly consequences!

I like that cover.


Jul 1 '13

All the DC Women Gotta Have that VA VA VOOM

What’s up with the Va Va Voom and the women of DC? Grant Morrison famously wants to give Wonder Woman her Va Va Voom back. (My goodness when did she lose it?)

And when the NY Post EXCLUSIVELY!!!! debuted this new statue Bombshell Batgirl it too used the term “Va Va Voom”. Hmm, have some people been playing their Nicki Minaj albums to much?

But Va Va Voom is really in the eye of the beholder so behold:

Here’s a closer look the DC way:

The jewel in the navel is a nice touch. I wonder if Batman has one?

Jun 25 '13

Batgirl Gets A Zero Year Issue But Not with Simone

DC Comics said at their recent reseller roadshow that the Zero Year issues will extend beyond the current Batman series into other titles as seen on the slide below:


Dan DiDio reportedly stated to attendees that this wasn’t just a crossover to leverage the Batman book but that the writers ”had expressed a genuine interest in writing a story that occurs at the same time as Zero Year.”

One of the writers who did express genuine interest was Gail Simone who stated on her blog that she had what she considered to be “a cool story”. 

But that story won’t be part of the Zero Year issues as Simone was informed that she won’t be writing it.

Interesting give that Simone wrote the new origin for Batgirl in last year’s “0” issue - an origin that was already worked into the promotional materials for Injustice Gods Among Us game.

Simone is, of course, the writer most associated with Barbara Gordon having written her as Oracle in a long running Birds of Prey stint and then rebooting the character for the new 52. Simone has been the writer on the title since then except for two issues when she was fired by DC and then rehired. At that point Ray Fawkes wrote the title.

So who will get the call to write the new first year of Barbara Gordon? You can only wonder. One writer sure not to get the call is the last person to write an origin story for Barbara Gordon - Chuck Dixon. Although apparently you can’t have too many origins as DC just reissued that the hugely popular Batgirl: Year One by Dixon/Beatty/Martin in trade (along with Robin:Year One) last week.