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Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass.
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Posts tagged Batwoman

Mar 18 '14

Preview for Batwoman #29

Batwoman #29 is out this week and we have a fill-in artist with Jason Masters giving Jeremy Haun a break. We also have a Robot Chicken cover which is pretty funny.


Feb 18 '14

Batwoman May Cover and Solicit

I like this cover by Albuqerque but really want to see the variant.

1:25 BATMAN ‘66 variant cover by MICHAEL ALLRED
On sale MAY 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+

The final battle between Batwoman and the Wolf Spider rages across Gotham City! What was hidden in the paintings, and why? A mystery that dates back almost a century is solved, but the danger has never been greater!

Feb 17 '14

Preview of Batwoman #28

Out this week is Batwoman #28 and here is a preview via the fine folks at DC Comics. As a reminder this month’s variants are “steam punk” and the Batwoman cover by Dave Johnson, seen below, is one of my favorites.

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Jan 21 '14

Preview of Batwoman #27

This Wednesday Batwoman gets her third issue by new writer Marc Andreyko. Joining Jeremy Haun on art, according to the cover solicit, is the always wonderful Francis Manapul. Maggie’s daughter makes an appearance in this issue - it will be interesting to see how old she is in this continuity. Below also is the Scribblenauts variant.


Nov 29 '13

Happy Birthday Greg Rucka!

Happy Birthday, sir!

From an interview:

Q: How do you write such strong/well-realized/positively portrayed women?

A: I don’t. I write characters. Some of those characters are women.








Nov 19 '13

An Interview with Batwoman’s New Writer Marc Andreyko

In September, the Batwoman team of J.H. Williams III and Haden Blackman announced they were leaving the book with issue 26. The firestorm around the reasons they were leaving led DC to move up their departure by two issues and hire a new writer. While replacing a long running team is always a challenge for any writer coming on board during such a volatile transition makes it even more challenging. The writer chosen to replace Williams helped mitigate some of the controversy - Marc Andreyko who had written the DC fan favorite Manhunter.  

Andreyko’s run starts this week with issue #25 (preview here, new replacement cover below ) which is now part of DC Comic’s mini-event centered around Batman Zero. He’ll be joined next month by his Manhunter collaborator Jeremy Haun, who I spoke to last month.  


When Andreyko was announced there was some speculation DC chose him for the job because he is an out gay man. But as the email interview I did with Andreyko earlier this week shows the idea of his joining Batwoman wasn’t DC’s idea.

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Nov 18 '13

Preview of Batwoman #25 Shows a Tighter Family Connection Between Bruce and Kate

Marc Andreyko’s first issue of Batwoman is out this week and here’s a preview of the issue. As you can see the relationship between Kate and the Wayne family is much closer. Stop back tomorrow for my interview with Marc Andreyko.

(Source: USA Today)

Oct 18 '13

JH Williams III Found Out He Was Off Batwoman Early From the Internet; DC Replaces Williams’ Remaining Covers

This past week saw the release of Batwoman #24 the last issue with any kind of involvement of JH Williams III.

This week Williams’ spoke on his blog about his leaving the title including how he found out the news he and Haden Blackman were leaving early. And to punctuate that Williams is gone, gone, gone from any more Batwoman as the DC solicits page now have the previously solicited covers for #25 and 26 by Williams removed.

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Sep 29 '13

Your First Look at Artist at Batwoman by her new artist Jeremy Haun

I spent the afternoon at the Granite State Con in New Hampshire today and a visit to artist Jeremy Haun was at the top of my list. I’ve been a fan of Jeremy’s work in Red Hood: The Lost Days, Gotham City Sirens and on the Manhunter back-up that appeared in Streets of Gotham. One thing I like about Haun is he draws attractive male and female characters while avoiding some of the posing that plagues other artists when it comes to female characters. Haun, of course, has a new gig one that has gotten a little more interesting than when he first picked it up - working on Batwoman with new writer Marc Andreyko.

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Sep 28 '13

If You’re Into Spandex and Tights Heroes, You’re Going to Love This Shop

A new shop has just launched online and it has an amazing set of superhero inspired women’s clothing. You can check them out here to see the full range but here’s a few pieces that caught my eye which are perfect for a variety of activities.

Looking to commune with fish?


Going off to protest stupid marriage laws?


Fighting bad van bros? Okay, this looks good.


Going to a superhero movie that doesn’t star a woman?


There’s lot of sizes offered XS to XXL which is nice. 

What do you think?

Sep 8 '13

Five Reasons that Marc Andreyko is a Good Choice for Batwoman

The circumstances under which JH Williams and Haden Blackman are leaving Batwoman are frustrating. I believe Kate Kane (not Kathy as some people refer to her) is a fantasticly complex character that has benefited from both Greg Rucka and Williams and Blackman writing her. How sad all these writers felt the need to walk away from DC and the character.

DC was all about their dedication to the character yesterday at Baltimore Comic Con. I don’t doubt the dedication but clearly they needed to do something to counteract the rash of PR that swept through not just the comics press but the EVERYWHERE. As part of that they announced Marc Andreyko will be taking on the book with issue #25. I have been told that will now be part of the Zero Year promotion meaning that Batwoman will now have THREE “zero” issues in three years.

On Friday night, I started thinking about who DC would give the call to - I had another writer at the top of my list but Andreyko makes excellent sense and here’s why:

1. He’s written a female-led book with a large supporting case. Like Batwoman, Manhunter had a lot of supporting players. Some writers can handle large casts. Andreyko is one.

2. One of those Manhunter cast members is in Batwoman - Cameron Chase who was the friend and ex-college roomate of the lead.

3. Manhunter was a book which tends to operate in it’s own universe like Batwoman. Manhunter was set outside Gotham City in its original run and only had sporadic interaction with the rest of the DCU. While Batwoman we are told will now “be fully integrated” with the rest of the Batfamily to me that’s just code for “you’re going to do the cross overs.” 

4. Didio was a huge promoter of Manhunter despite poor sales and Andreyko and he seem to have a good relationship. That’s bodes well for the book moving forward.

5. And finally and I know this last one is the one you’ve been waiting for … both characters are named Kate!

Okay, there is also that Andreyko is gay and so is the lead character and certainly given the circumstances that does have some nice PR spin to it. 

DC has given me a lot to think about this week but I’m certainly glad that Kate Kane will still have a book for those who want to read about the character. 

Sep 7 '13

Williams and Blackman off Batwoman Early; Have We Seen Their Last Issue?

Earlier today Dan Didio announced the new Batwoman writer, Marc Andrekyo, would start with issue #25 which seemed to suggest that Williams and Blackman would be off the book sooner than #26 which they had announced as their last issue earlier this week. While waiting for confirmation from DC, Williams confirmed on Twitter they are off the book with issue #24 in October and even that seems tentative. 


If indeed they do not write #24 that would mean we’ve seen the last issue from the team with #22 as there is no Batwoman in September due to the Villains month. Williams and Blackman had wanted to writer the Killer Croc issue for the event but were turned down by editorial. This was one of the issues they referred when announcing they were leaving the book earlier this week.


This last arc was designed to have a showdown between Batman and Batwoman and Williams had already been out promoting the meeting which was scheduled for December. We now know that we’ll never see that confrontation as written by Williams and Blackman.

Sep 7 '13

Dan Didio Discusses DC’s Commitment to “Kathy Kane” At Baltimore Comic Con

During Baltimore Comic Con Dan Didio discussed his company’s commitment to Batwoman.

He talked about how they “stand behind the character 100%” the “great Kathy Kane.”

He referred to the character as Kathy Kane repeatedly.

You can hear the whole panel here where he also talks about how the Batfamily as unhappy as an editorial mandate.

The thing is is that the character is not named Kathy Kane. Kathy Kane was the Silver Age Batwoman.

Kate Kane is the Batwoman currently in the new 52.



Just say’n.

Also he said that Marc Andreyko is starting with issue #25 which was solicited as: 

1:25 B&W Variant cover by J.H. WILLIAMS III
On sale NOVEMBER 20 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US RATED T+

Williams and Blackman said their last issue is #26.

Are they truncating the run or was Didio mistaken?

I have an inquiry into DC and will let you know.

Sep 7 '13

Will this be the worst PR week for DC Comics, Ever? Batwoman, Harley and Why DC Needs A Girlfriend

Well, this week happened didn’t it? In a week where DC probably thought it would riding the kick-off of Forever Evil and their first motion covers into Buzz central, things turned out a bit different. JH Williams and Haden Blackman quit Batwoman after DC’s refusal to let Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer marry became the final editorial interference that broker the proverbial camel’s back.

That story went worldwide and the stories are still appearing. DC’s stance is that it has nothing to do with gay marriage which I mostly agree. DC seems to be just plain old anti-marriage in the new 52 which I wrote about two years ago. 

DC of course has been spinning and spinning both on Twitter and behind the scenes.

Today they announced Marc Andreyko will be taking over the book. Andrekyo, who is openly gay, was the writer of the terrific Manhunter series which Dan DiDio helped keep in print. So that’s good news.

Dan Didio spent one night responding on Twitter to readers inquiries and that didn’t help too much as some of his responses were, well, eyebrow raising.


Wait wasn’t of the reasons they wanted to reboot everything Or maybe not? Who can remember why they rebooted as there were just so many reasons.

But progress isn’t just marriage, it’s relationships, it’s birth, it’s death too. So will those be seen as hampering stories? Are we to be left with a Groundhogs day where characters just go through the same old stories over and over again?

Perhaps that’s what they want? A world where the characters never age beyond 25 and never grow up? 


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Sep 5 '13

Williams and Blackman Quit Batwoman Due to Ban on Kate and Maggie Marriage

One of the most consistent creative teams since the start of the new 52, writers Haden Blackman and J.H. Williams III have quit the Batwoman series. And there is no dancing around why based on a post on both Williams’ and Blackman’s web site where they note they are “heartbroken” about leaving citing editorial interference, including being “prohibited from ever showing Kate and Maggie actually getting married”, as the cause.


Not going to happen. Read on.

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