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DC Women Kicking Ass

Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Posts tagged Blue Beetle

Feb 5 '13

Favorite DC Couples’ Contest - Non-Canon Match 4

Again sorry for the delay here - bad stomach bug! The winner of the last match was Helena Bertinelli/Huntress.

Today’s match is:


Wonder Woman and Batman



Boostle! Blue Beetle and Booster Gold


Voting ends at 8:30 pm EST!

Sep 17 '11

Preview of Blue Beetle #1

He’s back because YOU demanded it! (That seems far more applicable to Jaime than Batwoman who DC used this for).

Here are the first four pages of issue #1. There’s also a good interview with Tony Bedard here.

Jun 30 '11

Damn you DC! Bedard’s Blue Beetle sounds terrific

Newsarama has an interview with Tony Bedard about the new Blue Beetle title and it is probably the best interview I’ve read to date from a creator in the DCnU. Of course, since it is about Blue Beetle, it probably helps.

Here’s a few sound bites:

Nrama: The character Blue Beetle is often associated with a more humorous take, with Jaime Reyes in particular having a sarcastic bent. What kind of tone are you looking to establish in this book?

Bedard: I want to keep Jaime’s snarky sense of humor and the fun banter between him, Paco and Brenda. Jaime’s sense of humor is his most endearing attribute. It’s also his main defense mechanism (at least, until he gets the armor). But we’ll also raise the conflict level, the sense of real danger, and the obstacles Jaime faces. Gaining the armor means that everyone around him is in danger and that if he isn’t careful, Jaime might wind up effectively ending the human race. With great power comes one crazy, dangerous situation after another. This book will be fun with serious consequences.

Paco! Brenda!

Nrama: What can you say about the threats posed in this book? Jaime’s connection to the Reach implies big, global-level action (and perhaps beyond), but I’m guessing Jaime will also be facing things on a more intimate level as well.

Bedard: We’ll add others to Jaime’s “rogues gallery” as the series progresses, but the Reach will be a major cosmic adversary while El Paso’s crime boss La Dama will pose an entirely different threat at home. Others will come trying to sieze the power of the scarab, Green Lanterns will instantly register the Blue Beetle as a threat, and Jaime will always be trying to rein in the scarab, whose standard reaction to any foe is deadly force. And in the midst of all this, Jaime wouldn’t mind landing his first kiss, a date to the school dance, etc.

La Dama!

Nrama: And surely there will be lots of action going on, but can readers also expect to see a healthy amount of checking in with Jaime’s school and family life — both important parts of the character?

Bedard: Yeah, school and family pretty much define your teen years, so they’ll be a huge part of Jaime’s story.


and, my favorite,


Go give it a read. Okay DC, I’m on to your game. You’re trying to wear me down with this so I don’t dropkick you this September.

May 6 '10

5 Kick Ass Moms in DC Comics

In celebration of Mother’s Day, here’s a look at some of the kick ass moms in the DCU.

Kate Spencer/Manhunter - whether ass kicking killers or prosecuting them in court, Kate still finds time to be a Mom to Ramsey.


Dinah Drake Lance. Kick ass as Black Canary I and then a kick ass mom to Dinah Laurel Lance, the Black Canary II.

black canary I

Lois Lane. Kick ass reporter turns into kick ass mom when Chris Kent shows up.


Wonder Woman’s mom, Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira. Royal ass kicking Mom and, at times, a royal PITA.

Bianca Reyes, the Blue Beetle II’s mom. Mess with her or her family and it doesn’t matter who you are, she will kick your ass.bianca