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Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Posts tagged Bryan Q. Miller

Feb 5 '13

Our 50th Episode of 3 Chicks Review Comics is now up!

This past weekend Kelly and I taped our 50th edition of our podcast on CBR “3 Chicks Review Comics”. I can’t even imagine how many “ya knows” and “ums” that I have uttered over 50 episodes; let’s just say ALOT.

This week Kelly and I (and in spirit Maddy) welcomed the awesome Bryan Q. Miller to talk about his Kickstarter Earthward as well as a little bit about Smallvlle Season 11 and waffles and female superheroes who eat them!

We also review two great new comics that both turn out to be good for the YA audience - Mara #2 by Brian Wood, Ming Doyle and Jordie Bellaire from Image and Emily and the Strangers #1 by Rob Reger, Mariah Huehner, and Emily Ivie.

We also discussed some of the more memorable moments over our 50 episodes. We’d love to hear what your favorites have been. Was it the giant Batfight that Kelly and I had? Or was it just a guest interviews - Greg Rucka? Kelly Sue DeConnick? Becky Cloonan? Cliff Chaing? Or another? Please let us know! You can give the show a listen here.

Jan 18 '13

Bryan Q. Miller Launches Kickstarter for All Ages Graphic Novel, Earthward

Bryan Q. Miller, currently writing Smallville Season 11 and former writer of Batgirl starring Stephanie Brown, today launched a Kickstarter for a new all-ages adventure graphic novel. Joining Miller on art is Marcio Takara the former penciller of Blue Beetle and Boom’s The Incredibles.

The book, Earthwardwill follow the adventures of six kids (the Mercury Six) as they try find their parents. Here’s a look at the team.


Miller who describes the project as “Goonies in Space.” told me “"It’s a love letter to all things space and adventure that I consumed growing up - an all-ages, galactic journey to reunite a family. Six friends, against the Universe." 

If you’ve read Miller’s Batgirl or Smallville you know he does a great job at balancing fun and adventure. So stop by his Kickstarter, check out the preview video. You can pre-order a hard copy of the book for $15 and it comes with extras. You can also pick packages that include your choice of original artwork by Marcio, Marcos To, Cat Staggs, Pere Perez and Dustin Nguyen.

Here’s some more art from Marcio Takara.


Aug 11 '12

Avuncular DC Writer and Donut Lover Bryan Q. Miller Answer Fans’ Questions

Here from SDCC is the writer of a book that some people really liked starring a character that some people miss talking about Smallville. He talks about Chollie and Clois a bit. But NOT donuts.

Apr 12 '12

Bryan Q. Miller on Smallville Season 11, Clois and Waffles

If you spend anytime on this blog you know I am a huge fan of Bryan Q. Miller’s Batgirl v.2. Miller also did double duty while on Batgirl and was a writer on Smallville, the long running television program focusing on the pre-Superman years of Clark Kent. Smallville ended last year and now Miller is writing the show’s 11th season as a comic. And I can’t wait. The first digital issue debuts on Friday. You can buy it at Comixology or the DC Comics app for $.99. New chapters will be released each Friday and then offered in groups of three as printed comics. The first of those hits May 16. Miller is working with artist Pere Perez who he also worked with on Batgirl. Cat Staggs will be doing some of the covers.

I chatted with Miller this week about what we can expect to see in Season 11, the challenges of writing TV vs. comics, the relationship of Clark and Lois (and how it is like Batman and Robin) and … waffles. For those who didn’t read Batgirl (WHY?) waffles played an important role in Stephanie Brown’s first appearance as Batgirl and became a bit of a meme.

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Feb 6 '11

You can win this Dustin Nguyen Batgirl original

Bryan Q. Miller and Dustin Nguyen are having a contest, details to be announced, where the original to this 5 x9  print will be the prize. The Valentine’s issue of Batgirl features Klaarion and Nguyen says it will be “most strange and funny.”

Dec 27 '10

"Batgirl Rising" selected by USA Today as one of the essential graphic novels of 2010

If you read this blog, you know I am a big fan of this book and the creative team, Bryan Q. Miller and Lee Garbett and now Dustin Nguyen. So when I saw USA Today’s article on essential graphic novels, I was very happy.

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Oct 21 '10

Meet my new love — Klarion, the Witch boy

The DCU Halloween Special had some fun stories in it, but the story by Bryan Q. Miller one was one of my favorites. Miss Martian and Jamie Reyes go trick or treating together and have to clean up the shenanigans of Klarion. Who is Klarion?

This is a little more friendly than his old introduction in Young Justice, “I’m Klarion … dum dum dum … the Witchboy.” How can you not love him? He’s going to be in the Valentine’s issue of Batgirl as well. In addition to Young Justice you can read about him in Seven Soldiers and, ugh, Countdown.

Oct 13 '10

Oracle by Lee Garbett

I had a wonderful time meeting Bryan Q. Miller and Lee Garbett on Saturday. I’m a big fan of Batgirl and it was nice to be able to thank the team who has done such a good job on a book I was, honestly, not looking forward to. As I mentioned Bryan showed me the cover to #17 and it is great. And as you may have heard Damian will be appearing again as well as Klarion, the Witch Boy. Lee was nice enough to do a quick sketch of Oracle for my collection. I love his take on Oracle and how he helped drive the change in Oracle’s relationship with Steph from a stern and waffle threatening teacher to cool, “breaking into Dad’s wine cellar” big sister.