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DC Women Kicking Ass

Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Posts tagged Carol Danvers

Jul 14 '14

New 3 Chicks Review Comics with G. Willow Wilson is Up

Kelly and I are back again with a podcast filled with comics, swears and this week repeated used of the word “Dick!” And we have super excited to to have wonderful G. Willow Wilson with us to talk about the wonderful Ms. Marvel.

We also review Grayson #1 and Captain Marvel #5 and BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT! more dramatic readings. We also discuss some of the recent announcements from DC Comics including the new Wonder Woman team, Gotham Academy and the redesign of Batgirl.

You can download from here or you can find us on iTunes! Please give us a listen and leave us comments!

May 8 '13

Marvel DOES Have A Script for Ms. Marvel Movie

Almost a year ago, I posted news that a Ms. Marvel movie script was ready (although let’s hope it’s now Captain Marvel). The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the script exists.

Even as Phase 2 gets under way with Iron Man 3 and sequels to Thor and Captain America, Marvel is working on Phase 3. Ant-Man, a project to be directed Edgar Wright, has a release date of Nov. 6, 2015. Beyond that, the company is tight-lipped about its plans. Marvel has a writing program it uses as a concept generator and has scripts for Blade and Ms. Marvel features, for example. 

Will Marvel get a female led superhero to the screen before DC makes Wonder Woman? I’d say that’s a very real possibility. Marvel makes their standalone hero movies fairly quick and fairly cheap. (Yes, cheap. Go read the article linked above to see  the way Marvel squeezes the pennies.) Carol Danvers can easily be worked into an planned movie as well (you’d think Whedon would be going with her rather than Wanda/Scarlet Witch for Avengers but that scripts till has a few spins before it’s done).

DC and Warner Bros. have had so many starts and stops on their superhero franchise let alone trying to get Wonder Woman to the screen that it will be a few years, if ever, before she’ll get a movie (even David Goyer agrees). 

So now the most important question, who do you want to see play Carol Danvers? 


Jul 10 '12

Remember, first look at DeConnick’s Captain Marvel tomorrow

The first issue of Captain Marvel doesn’t drop until next week but tomorrow Avenging Spider-Man #9 features Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel and is written by Kelly Sue DeConnick. Here’s a look:

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