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Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Jul 2 '14

Comics to Read, July 2 in Which I Make Everything About Wonder Woman!

This week is a holiday week so a little slower than usual but there are still a few picks to peruse. I hope you all had a chance to download or maybe listen a bit to newest episode of 3 Chicks Review Comics as we dicuss the trade of Velvet which is out this week. 

And on to this week and we have a comic I can’t wait to read.

Hey, did you know Wonder Woman is a feminist? Just checking. This is written by Sholly Fisch who also wrote the Superfriends comic which included one of the best portrayals of Wonder Woman I’ve read in despite it being targeted to children. Go figure.

Speaking of Wonder Woman she’s in this last (sniff!) issue of Superman Unchained. You know who would write a good Wonder Woman? Scott Snyder. Who wants a Wonder Woman mini by Snyder? Raise your hands!

This is closes the book’s second arc and like every issue before it is terrific. Forever finally sees the battle that’s been teased for the last few issues and we find out what happens to the Barret family. Forever Carlyle is one of my favorite female characters in comics right now. Hey, you know who wrote a good Wonder Woman? Greg Rucka.

This is a bit gory but if you are a fan of Hannibal or like tales of spooky towns (i.e. half of the X-Files episodes) you’ll enjoy this tale of a town that spawns a great many serial killers. You know who is NOT a serial killer? Wonder Woman is not a serial killer.

Why wouldn’t you read this? OMG, BUCKTASHA! Natasha and Wonder Woman - friends? Discuss.

The first issue was a suprise for me - I really enjoyed it. The second issue continues the fun but then again this is Mark Waid. Who has also written Wonder Woman, with mixed results.

This is the one comic both my kids have asked for over the past few months. The movie is gonna make about a trillion bucks. Oh and this. 

I am really enjoying this series but there’s something in today’s issue that just made me go:

You’ll see. Also Wonder Woman is not in this.

And that’s it for me. There are a few others I may pick up after flipping through them at the LCS. 

What’s on your list?

Jul 1 '14

New Wonder Woman Creator Seems Iffy on the Whole “Feminist” thing

Yesterday DC Comics announced that David Finch and his wife Meredith would be the new creative team on Wonder Woman. While I’ve already expressed concerns about Mr. Finch’s art and the short writing resume of Ms. Finch, there is now another  much bigger concern. 

In an interview today with CBR Finch stated:

Really, from where I come from, and we’ve talked about this a lot, we want to make sure it’s a book that treats her as a human being first and foremost, but is also respectful of the fact that she represents something more. We want her to be a strong — I don’t want to say feminist, but a strong character. Beautiful, but strong.

I can’t imagine another character about which you wouldn’t want to say she’s a feminist. The character’s creation, her history, her every single quality is derived from feminism. To not want to say “feminist” about her is like saying you don’t want to say “alien” about Superman or “orphan” about Batman. It is part of the character’s DNA.

As you can imagine that quote didn’t go over well. So a few hours later Mr. Finch tried to qualify it.


Say what? 

Feminists ARE human. Feminists ARE Fallible. Feminists ARE Real.

I’m sure this is just a misunderstanding. I would be shocked if the person heading the creative team of Wonder Woman would not understand this.

Because any person who cannot acknowledge and state clearly that Wonder Woman is a feminist and understands what feminism is has no business being near the character.

Jul 1 '14

With DC Comics’ Gotham Academy Are They Finally Targeting Young Women?

You know what the fastest growing demographic of comic reader is? Women aged 17 to 33.  No, I did not make that up. No, that is not a skewed number. Facts, baby, all the way. 

With that fact looming it’s not surprising to see a demographic that has been basically ignored by Marvel and DC Comics suddenly getting love. And by that I mean teenage girls. 

It makes sense. The earlier you can hook a reader, the more likely they’ll be a comic reader for life. DC and Marvel have done that with dudes for years. But younger women? Eh, not so much. 

Oh, they had books with younger characters - Batgirl and Spider-Girl come to mind, but those were a rarity. And DC Comics has certainly talked about going after that audience. I can still remember during the launch of the new 52 the Supergirl team saying they wanted the female audience reading “The Hunger Games”. If anyone has seen what is going on with Supergirl these days you’ll know that goal failed.

Marvel has dived full-in with targeting the younger female audience with Ms. Marvel. That book featuring a teen age girl is accessible to all ages and is one of the best comics of the year.

But yesterday, on a day when DC also announced a eye raising new team for Wonder Woman they also announced a book that has its eye on the female audience - Gotham Academy.

And you know what? I think they’ve got it right.

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Jun 30 '14

DC Comics Names New Creative Team for Wonder Woman

DC Comics announced today the new creative team for Wonder Woman. David Finch will draw the book. His wife, Meredith, who has previously co-written a comic for Zenescope, will follow in the footsteps of Brian Azzarello and join Gail Simone, Jodi Picoult, Mindy Newell in a line of female writers who have penned the character. 

The writers state in an interview with USA Today, “We wanted to make her a little more flawed. She doesn’t always necessarily have the answers.”

The team believe having woman write the book will attract more female readers. Finch states, “I love the idea that it’s a woman writing a woman because we’re trying to appeal to more female readers now.”

Below is Finch’s artwork provided with the announcement. 


As an artist David Finch brings a fan base of readers but also a reputation for drawing women that look like children or a posed Escher style. One of Finch’s previous drawings of Wonder Woman went viral when some showed  male DC characters were posed similarly.


Bringing more female writers into the DCU is always a positive. That said its is rare that the gig of regular writer on one of the big three is given to someone who has so little experience as Meredith Finch. One could point to Jodi Picoult who took on Wonder Woman for several issues a decade ago but that opportunity came after having written several best selling books.

During Azzarello’s run he openly discussed his resistance to resisting interference in his book specifically around having Superman in the book as Wonder Woman’s love interest. 

With an untested writer on-board and an artist who falls far squarely into the “house style” preferred by senior management at the book, it won’t be a surprise to see the Wonder Woman book pulled into the overall DCU again and the “Super romance” incorporated into her book.

Of course, the book could be wonderful. But given the team presented probably not for me.

What do you think of the team?

(Source: USA Today)

Jun 30 '14

Has Been it Really Been Six Months? Three Chicks is Back with a New Episode

Kelly and I have returned as promised from our hiatus and we present to you a brand new spanking episode of the only podcast hosted by people who have Kelly Sue DeConnick’s first two names!

We catch up on all the stuff we missed talking about including Wonder Woman in BvS:DOJ, Winter Soldier and DOFP, the return of Stephanie Brown and much more! We also review Ms. Marvel and the upcoming trade of the awesome Velvet.

So thanks to all you who contributed to get us back and running and please give us a listen!

Jun 29 '14

Happy Pride Sunday: The Annual Look at LGBTQ Characters in DC Comics

Today in several cities it is Pride Sunday, the culmination of National LGBT month. For all of you who walk with pride or have pride in others you walk with, have a great day. To note this day, each year I take a look at the “state-of-the-state” of LGBTQ characters in DC Comics. You can read the previous years posts hereherehere and here.

Last year was a promising year for the company. Batwoman had asked her partner Maggie Sawyer to marry her. And Batgirl’s roomate was revealed as one of the few transgender characters in comics.

This year, however, has not improved things.

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Jun 29 '14

Happy Pride Sunday: The Annual Look at LGBTQ Characters in DC Comics


Today in several cities it is Pride Sunday, the culmination of National LGBT month. For all of you who walk with pride or have pride in others you walk with, have a great day. To note this day, each year I take a look at the “state-of-the-state” of LGBTQ characters in DC Comics. You can read the previous years posts here, here, here and here.

Last year was a promising year for the company. Batwoman had asked her partner Maggie Sawyer to marry her. And Batgirl’s roomate was revealed as one of the few transgender characters in comics.

This year, however, has not improved things.

Despite having Batwoman ask Maggie to marry her again, the writers of Batwoman walked off the book due to the two main characters not being able to wed.


While DC has maintained that the issue wasn’t gay marriage as much as just marriage, it was still a lost opportunity to create something that has yet to be seen in DC Comics. 

Frankly this year was one of the most dismal since I started this yearly post. Batwoman is the only book with a prominent LGBTQ character at DC Comics.

Earth 2 has morphed into a Bat-book, giving Alan Scott little page time. Bunker of Teen Titans remains a second tier member of the team. The amount of page time of Alysia Yeoh, Batgirl’s roomate, and Cullen Row, the brother of Harper Row, who appears in Batman Eternal, is even smaller. The Pied Piper is still one of Flash’s rogues but how often is seen? This year also so the cancellation of two books with main characters who were LGBTQ (and Ace) - The Movement and Stormwatch have been cancelled.

At a time when the walls providing legal equality to LGBTQ people are being knocked down by the government, the world of DC Comics seems to be stagnant.

I hope this will change over the coming year.

(logo via)

Jun 26 '14

Travel in Style with Wonder Woman

Have a little travel to do this summer? What better way to travel than with Wonder Woman backpacks now available at Pottery Barn


Oh you like traditional roller bags?


They’ve got. Mind you it’s kid size.

And if you aren’t traveling anywhere but to work or school they have these as well:


They also have a metal water bottle and hot meal container



They also have Batman stuff. It’s Pottery Barn so it’s not cheap but this is one of the largest Wonder Woman collections I’ve seen in a while.

Go to it!

h/t to reader Michelle!

Jun 25 '14

Comics to Read, June 25 - The Super Summer Edition!

Once again I want to thank the many folks who drop me notes thanks for these updates and telling me they bought something (and liked it!) because of my recommendation. I love hearing from you and I love that you’re finding new comics to read. So keep ‘em coming.

Now on to this week! And we have several first issues for you!


So. Superman. Yeah. Aside from a few bright moments (Superman Unchained by Snyder/Lee, the very first issues of Action Comics by Morrison come to mind. Oh and every issue of Smallville by Bryan Q. Miller) the Superman books have struggled over the past 5 years both quality wise and, more importantly for DC, sales wise.

Today they launch their AA+ team on the book, Geoff Johns (who has been one of the better Superman writers through the years) and John Romita Jr., the venerable JRJR of Marvel and Millarverse fame. Can they save Superman? ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE!

This guy Robert Kirkman, I hear he had some success with a Zombie book. This book is going to sell a bazillion copies and is already being made into a TV show by Showtime. The pitch? Demonic possession as a disease.

Six months of Cartoon Network villain and hero crossovers. Mojo Jo Jo < or > than Lex Luthor? You know someone should ask the writer of this, Louise Simonson. I hear she moved a lot of Superman comics back in the day.

If you have a YA level reader and are looking for summer reading materials give this one a try. Or just read if you like quirky, independent, intelligent female characters.

And on to the rest.

Lots to pick this up for this week - Timmy vs. Harper (also it seems that Tim is now as tall as Alfred. Is this a new thing?) Babs vs. Jason and Julia vs. her Dad. 

That cover, right? Zero Year is coming to a close. I thought it was interesting that they referred to it in Batman Eternal this year. Or MAYBE NOT!

The art on this is the book is gorgeous. I’m still loving the conceit of the book - 60’s union activists as superheroes - the pace and quality of the storytelling, while good, could use some more focus. 

The solicit says “Something terrible happens” - I am very afraid and Image didn’t send out the usual review copies. OMGOMGOMGOMG.

You Kamala, I Kamala, we all Kamala. I smile a lot while reading this book.

I hope you took advantage of the weekend sale on this book!

Oh hey Tumblr (waves) I know there a lot of Simone fans out there and really I’m once again going to recommend this book to you especially this issue which has some nice moments between Lara and her girl friend which have the patented Simone - “wait, are they girl friends or girlfriends?” vibe. Also kickassery.

And finally. It’s summer and here’s another recommendation for those of you who have kids or are looking for something nostalgic for yourself 

Are you a Betty or a Veronica? 

That’s it for me this week! What’s on your list?

Jun 24 '14

New Dick Face: Grayson #1 Gets a New Cover

Earlier I posted the preview for Grayson #1 that was provided to The Daily Beast. The cover shown won’t be the one used - the updated cover imaged, from Comixology, is below:

Here’s the original Andrew Robinson cover from when the series was announced (and which is still on the DC Comics site for the issue solicitation). Note also the ship date is now July 9.


Note also that the “G” in Grayson has gone from red in the original to a blue. Which Dick do you prefer?

Note: this post has been updated to include full dressed cover from Comixology.

Jun 24 '14

A First Look at Grayson

Grayson, the new Dick Grayson solo, debuts next week and we have a sneak preview of the issue, I think. The Daily Beast has an interview with the writers, Tim Seeley and Tom King, and there are some pages that seem to be a teaser for the book. Perhaps these are from tomorrow’s issues? The lovely art is by Mikel Janin.

The co-star in this book is Helena Bertinelli and the writers chat a bit about her as well:

Bertinelli, Grayson’s guide through this world, is a character with a backstory as dramatic as either of the caped crusaders. In most versions of her story, she is the daughter of powerful organized criminals who, like Batman and Dick Grayson, sees her parents murdered before deciding on a life of heroic vigilantism. However, Bertinelli and Batman have frequently clashed over Batman’s “no killing” policy. With Bruce Wayne out of the picture, Dick Grayson is free to cultivate that hitherto underdeveloped aspect of his abilities. Batman will still influence the series, of course.

It sounds like they are keeping Helena’s background but the wording is still a little unspecific.

What do think of the art?

Jun 23 '14

Another Day, Another “Inside Scoop” on Wonder Woman’s Movie Costume

Now that the movie has a title the big question about Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice:


A few weeks ago we had rumors that she would wear the Jim Lee design from the JMS run.

Given the response to that costume which featured pants along with the response to the Disco Queen outfit designed for Adrianne Palicki for the failed NBC pilot (which also featured pants) I was pretty sure they wouldn’t with pants. 

When the new 52 came around DC went back and forth on whether she would wear pants. In fact at one point promotional materials had her with pants again.

But more interesting it our WWWWW discussion is the costume that the creators wanted her to wear. Here is what Cliff Chiang originally designed for her.

And that costume would appear to be a very, very close representation of what was reported by JoBlo today:

The description of the outfit from our source uses the term “badass” on multiple occasions. This Wonder Woman is ripped right from the comics and has a “traditional, yet sleeker” costume that’s “battle ready.” She’ll have a blue leather skirt, silver-armored cuffs that reach to her elbows, golden tiara (with a design of some sort in the center, possibly the red star) and a variation of the traditional-looking red top (no word on additional armor on it). Her overall appearance is described as “Amazon warrior princess” and definitely not an urban reimagining. She’s there to kick ass and that’s readily apparent. Word is that WB is getting a VERY positive response on her appearance to those they’ve shown it to.

Pretty close, huh?But wait there’s more! She’ll 

have no less than FOUR weapons, including shield, sword, spear, and of course, the traditional lasso. It’s also noted that she will wear the shield on her back, Captain America style, when not in use.

The cool thing about Chiang’s design is her lasso is in her hair. I love that.
What do you think? Do you like the idea of Wonder Woman carrying a bunch of weapons? Do you like the idea of a skirt? What do you think Wonder Woman should wear?
*What Will Wonder Woman Wear?


Jun 22 '14
For Those of You Who&#8217;ve Wondered What Harley Quinn Smells Like
Every small child knows that &#8220;Batman Smells&#8221; and I assume that smell is vengeance. But what of others in Gotham? Well now we know that Harley Quinn smells like and if you like it, you can buy it now at Hot Topic.

For Those of You Who’ve Wondered What Harley Quinn Smells Like

Every small child knows that “Batman Smells” and I assume that smell is vengeance. But what of others in Gotham? Well now we know that Harley Quinn smells like and if you like it, you can buy it now at Hot Topic.

Jun 19 '14

The Day We Have All Waited For is Here: Hello Kitty Offically Meets Catwoman

Sanrio the company known for bringing us Hello Kitty has extended its licensing relationship with Warner Bros. Entertainment and DC Comics and will now also license villains.

Last year the company announced a licensing deal for superheroes. I’ve yet to actually see an merchandise in stores althought apparently some is coming including these costumes from Rubies:

source says licensing deal for the villains 

will span apparel, accessories and footwear, stationery, publishing, personal care, branded food products and promotions.

We may see other items announced as Licensing Expo is this week.

Are you excited about the Hello Kitty team-up?


Jun 18 '14

Comics to Read, June 18

It is almost summer here in the states, or in comics world almost time for SDCC. Here’s some books that you might want to give a look to this week. And as always I start with a first issue so you can jump on a series at the start. And I have two flat out terrific first issues for you this week.


Gellen and McKelvie have sadly moved on from Young Avengers but are now putting out their own creator owned comic at Image. If you loved YA and you loved PHONOGRAM you’ll love this comic that imagines Gods as who reincarnate every 90 years at teenage uber-celebrities and in this story they are pop singers. Go pick it up and let me know what you think.


I loved this! Dark Horse is very dependable on bringing classy horror tales to the pages of comics and this continues the trend. This title combines the Victorian detective story (which is a sweet sport for me) with Lovecraftian horror. This is a great first issue. Give a try.


Sex Criminals is back and with a much darker arc but still some of the best writing in comics. Oh, and still lots of sex (and pooping .. and Kegel face).


Ugh, that cover. Moving on, it seems that Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely snuck in and wrote an issue of this book. And I don’t mean that in a bad way.


Kate’s old girlfriend (no not THAT one) shows up.


Ivy’s back. Oh, will you two just get a room?


Love this cover by Jenny Frison but it does make me think whether they had bikini waxes back then. 


The art on this book is beautiful but the pace of the first two issues were a little slow for me. Perhaps this will pick up. By the way, this is a variant cover by Amanda Conner so I can tell you this piece of comic trivia - Conner was a model for Elektra in Elektra: Assassin


As mentioned Summer is almost upon us and when I was a kid summer meant tons of Archie comics. Archie is consistently the most dependable reading for kids (and adults who love the Riverdale gang) but in the past few years they have also become one of the most progressive comic publishers in addressing diversity. This week sees the debut of a new character, Harper (that name is the “Jessica” of the 2010s apparently) who provides comics with a much needed (and missed much) female PWD. 

That’s it for me. What’s on your list?