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DC Women Kicking Ass

Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass.
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Posts tagged DC comics

Apr 14 '14

Dick Grayson Not Dying; Gets New Comic in July

For months readers have worried that Dick Grayson might be the latest Robin to die in comics. The signs were certainly there. He was tortured and had his identity revealed in Forever Evil. And then they cancelled his comic, Nightwing. 

But rest assure Dick lovers, Mr. Grayson is staying in comics

According to USA Today, he is getting a new job - spy with the CIA like organization Spyral  and a new costume:

At the very least, he is getting a wardrobe makeover, courtesy of Grayson artist Mikel Janin: Gone is Grayson’s mask, and his new outfit reflects the blue-and-black color scheme of his Nightwing togs and features a “G” on his chest, reminiscent of the old “R” from his Robin days.

Tim Seeley and Tom King are joining Janin on the book.

Are you excited?

(Source: USA Today)

Apr 11 '14

Lois Lane Comes to Superman/Wonder Woman and You KNOW What That Means!

Tony Daniel has nicely posted his pencils to the cover to Superman/Wonder Woman #9 on his Twitter and Facebook. And here it is:


Let’s see, on the lower right is Wonder Woman  and on the upper left, Lois Lane. Seemingly fighting And in the middle? Why Superman! 

Is this a … CATFIGHT?

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Apr 11 '14

Stephanie Brown Returns in Batman Eternal #3- Here’s a Look

If you picked up Batman Eternal this week, you didn’t see Stephanie Brown. But you will see her in issue 3 and here she is:


And because you might get spoiled see the rest under the cut:

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Apr 9 '14

Comics to Read, April 9

This is a big week for first issues so grab you wallet and let’s go!

This kicks off the year long Batman weekly Eternal. It’s a solid first issue that is basically table setting and explaining a key teaser of the series - why is James Gordon in handcuffs. But given we’ve already seen what is being served up, I’m not opposed to table setting.

Joe Keatinge won me over with his Glory reboot and I hope he can win me over with this book. The first issue tells me he and collaborator Leila Del Duca just may. There’s a good amount of exposition in this issue as you would expect in the first issue. We meet legacy explorer Kate Kristopher who, like her father and his father before him, travels the world or rather universe exploring. She’s famous and a bit of an icon but she’s also just turning 27 and has some concerns about her life. The world building here is good - Del Duca gives us snippets of a world that is hybird of the familiar and the fantastic. The book opens with a big scene and ends on a high note that makes me want to come back. Give it a try and see if you feel the same.

Noelle Stevensen blew me away with her web comic Nimona and here she is joined by writer Grace Ellis and artist Brooke Allen. If you like Adventure Time, Gravity Falls and the Power Puff Girls or a fan of Stevenson’s Nimona, you’re going to like this. In other words, meet my daughter’s new favorite comic.

I’ll miss Young Avengers perhaps this can fill the void.

And now on to the rest of the week’s comics. 

Did you pick up the first issue of the new first issue of Captain Marvel? I was a fan of the first series but I have to say the art is working much better for me. I’m happy to see Carol heading into space perhaps she’ll hit the big screen in the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel. 

If you didn’t read the first arc of Coffin Hill, now is an excellent time to jump into this book. 

The only book on the market that simultaneously feeds both my fascination with the royal family and alternative takes on WW II history. 

Archie isn’t dead in THIS comic, but mostly everyone else is and it is beautifully horrific.

Well if you’re going to get the Lumberjanes why not go all in?

That’s it for me this week, what’s on your list?

Apr 8 '14

Teen Titans is Back and Bigger than Ever!

DC Comics announced today that the recently cancelled Teen Titans will relaunch again in July with a new #1. The team is actually smaller than before but some things are bigger than before. Let’s take a look!


That’s Red Robin, Beast Boy, Bunker, Cassie and Raven So a much smaller team. But the bigger? 

Here’s Cassie on the cover of Teen Titans #1 from September 2011


And here are is Cassie on the cover of Teen Titans #1 Vol. 5


The book will be written by Wil Pfeiffer currently writing Red Hood and the Outlaws and earlier the pre-52 Catwoman. Ken Rocafort will be on art. DC Comics says the team offer will offer bold, exciting and sometimes dangerous ideas.”

And a bit more, it seems.

Apr 8 '14

New Book on Cliff Chiang and The Wonder Woman You Almost Had From Him and Azzarello

You may know that Cliff Chiang is one of my favorite comic artists. I love his bold graphic style and his ability to capture the personality of a character in a look, a wink or the way they hold their body. He also manages to draw women that are sexy but never objectified. He is also one of the few artists that draws clothing for characters that I’d actually like to wear. 

Chiang is the focus of a new book from the TwoMorrows publishing and if you are also a fan of Chiang or the artist’s process I highly recommend it. You can buy a copy here.

In an a long form interview with Chris Arrant, the book provides an overview of Chiang’s career from student/intern at Marvel to editorial assistant at Vertigo to his emergence as an artist at DC Comics. For those who want to work in comics, it provides a valuable overview of the difficulties of breaking into the comic business.


The book also covers Chiang’s reboot of Wonder Woman with Brian Azzarello including the approach the two had originally planned for the character.

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Apr 7 '14

James Tynion IV on Stephanie Brown’s Return, Harper Row, the Return of a Female “nobody will see coming” and … Monkeys

This week brings the first issue of DC Comics new Bat-centric weekly series, Batman Eternal. First announced last year, the series will be written by four writers with Scott Snyder acting as showrunner. DC has been dropping clues about the plot lines hints for months. In February Batman #28 gave a look at the Gotham that will ultimately be the focus of the book. I chatted with one of the writers on project, James Tynion IV (Talon, Red Hood and the Outlaws) about the book, about that surprise appearance in #28, who else might show up and … monkeys?


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Apr 3 '14


I undertook a big dc villains doll project, all work is undertaken by myself, clothes, faces and wigs etc plus an arkham diorama





They Had Me at Two-Face

Monster High Dolls Go Gotham Villains. This is why the internet exists.

Apr 2 '14

New Childrens’ Books Coming Showcasing DC Women on the Way

There are a few new books featuring the women of DC Comics and they are targeted at the youngest of readers.

In September Downtown Bookworks will publish, DC Comics: My First Book of Girl Power by Julie Merberg.

Here’s a few images:

Jose Luis Garcia Lopez artwork is preferable to some of the more modern takes on DC Women. 

And that’s not all!

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Apr 2 '14

Comics to Read, 4/2

April is here and there look to be a lot of comics to look forward to over the next few months. Let’s take a look at some of them out this week - or as I like to call it “the return of the rip snorting red headed writers”!

As you know I like to start with first issues and this week I have a very good one for you from Boom.


This is close to a perfect first issue - the set-up by writer Christopher Sebela keeps you reading as you have no idea, much like the main character, where you are going or what you will find. And then it gives you sweet gift in its last two pages that will make you say, “What. Of course. Give me that next issue.” The art by Chris Visions matches the car off the wheels feel of the first issue. I also want to call out the color by Ruth Redmond which is vibrant and evocative. Pick this up and let me know what you think. 

The next comic doesn’t have a #1 on the cover but it is a first issue - for the creative team. A few years ago I had the chance to see Francis Manapul discuss his work on the Flash book in front of a group of fans. I was impressed with the care and thought he gave every question and the clear and obvious love he has for comics and the characters of DC Comics. Manapul has left the Flash book (sadly just as the seem to be bringing back his beloved Wally West) and he’s moved on to Detective Comics. This is his first issue with his Flash collaborator Brian Buccellato and the preview look great. 


Did you pick up Veil last month? The second issue is out today and, yes, you’re going to want to read it.


Gail Simone’s Red Sonja is back after a few months and filled with stink and innuendo!


And you know what else is back? Pretty Deadly by Kelly DeConnick and Emma Rios.


And speaking of rip snorting red heads


I hope that this book gets a lift from Captain America. Hey you know what, when you go see Captain America: The Winter Solider let’s all tell one person who is sitting near us, “Hey did you know Natasha has her own comic?” Maybe they’ll buy it!

Another cinematic ready character is out this week in a book that is very, very fun.


I also may pick up Earth 2 today as the preview has Green Lantern in it.

That’s my list - what’s on yours?

Apr 1 '14

Holy Nudity! DC Going with Adult Line of Digital Comics?

While DC Comics’ new 52 has had some interior art and covers that have raised some eyebrows, all out nudity has been a line that has not been crossed in the mainline books. Recently, for example, Guillem March showed and discussed on his blog some rejected interior artwork for Catwoman that left little to the imagination.


March also included a chart showing how the page views of his blog dramatically increased with the revelation of the nude images.

This current banning of nudity, however, may be changing with a new line of “adult” books which are being described as “soft core” porn and featuring both sex and nudity. 

(Obviously NSFW for some works.)

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Mar 31 '14

Clearing up Some Misconceptions About Wonder Woman

One of my favorite guest posters, Tim Hanley, has taken his love of comics to a new level. This week his book about Wonder Woman becomes available. I’ve read a copy and if you like Wonder Woman or woman in comics, you need to read this book. Buy it here. To celebrate the release, Tim is guest posting again and this time he takes on some misconceptions about Wonder Woman and her world.


Tim’s thoughts follow.

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Mar 29 '14

Wonder Woman gets Bloodied Up on Cover of SM/WW #7

During the new 52 panel at Emerald City Comic Con, writer Charles Soule discussed how the next arc of the story will be about “change” as well as tie into a cross-over starring Doomsday that will take place across all the Superman books. 

They also showed the dress cover for Superman/Wonder Woman #7 and it looks a bit different than what got solicited. Actually you could say bloody different:

First here is the original solicited cover

And here is the dress cover

Is Wonder Woman less invulnerable these days? 

Mar 29 '14

Simone Says Her Next Batgirl Arc is Something She’s Been Asking for For 3 Years

At the DC New 52 Panel at the Emerald City Comic Con, Gail Simone said her upcoming arc in Batgirl - issues 32-34 will include something or someone she’s been asking for since the start of the new 52. Simone said she’s “asked and asked”. When the moderator asked if she could say a name, she answered “probably shouldn’t.”

So what could it be? A returning pre-52 character? Weil they finally mention Oracle? What do you think?

Also here’s a look at the panel, which you’ll note is a rarity for DC at shows in having two female writers on the dais.

Mar 28 '14

Here’s a Look at Renee Montoya in “Gotham”

As previously reported actress Victoria Cartagena has been cast as Renee Montoya in Fox’s Gotham. And here is a look at the actress in character filming with Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon.

What do think?