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Posts tagged Flashpoint

Jul 15 '11

Preview Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #2

The cover says it all:


In FLASHPOINT: WONDER WOMAN AND THE FURIES, find out the origins of the Atlantean vs. Amazon war that’s ripping through the pages of the FLASHPOINT series. Learn about the sacrifice that destroyed the original Themyscira and led the Amazons to take over the United Kingdom as their own. See Wonder Woman battle Mera, the Atlantean queen, sparking Aquaman’s unquenchable thirst for revenge.

Three pages after the cut.

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Jul 5 '11

DC confirms Flashpoint is “the gateway into what’s coming in September”

Given the timing of the end of Flashpoint and the start of the DCnU, it’s not a surprise that the two might be tied together. And today in USA Today, DC stated that Flashpoint is the gateway to the DCnU.

"They’re starting to figure out where these 52 are coming from, and it’s staring them right in the face with Flashpoint,” explains Eddie Berganza, editor on Flashpoint. “A lot of the concepts, a lot of the ideas, they’re cropping up within the pages. You have a book called Frankenstein in the Flashpoint world, and guess what, we’re doing Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE. You’ll see a couple of other background players start showing up that become more important as we go into September.”

"Stuff that’s appearing here pretty much sets you up for the 52," Berganza says. "You can’t let Flashpoint go as something that does not count. It’s the gateway into what’s coming in September.”

In the notes I saw from the DCnU retailer’s meetings I didn’t see them pushing the two - Flashpoint and the DCnU - as being so connected. In fact in Chicago it was called a “soft” starting point for the event. Perhaps there is a growing concern that people are skipping Flashpoint? The June numbers will be out soon and I suspect that won’t be any better than May’s which were not good. It can’t help that the quality of the minis has been inconsistent.

There’s a preview of Flashpoint #3 here and here’s a panel showing the heroic team-up at the center of this issue.

May 31 '11

New Justice League from Johns and Lee?

Bleeding Cool is posting what it says it has learned about Flashpoint. Earlier today they reported that in September, DC will reset every book to #1 

And with those issue one renumberings, will come a new rejigged status quo. And yes, characters will be changed. Some may no longer exist. There will be new books, new creators, new teams, new characters and new… new. With no current plan for the new status quo to be undone or reversed

So not far off from what I guessed.

One of those number ones will reportedly be a rebooted Justice League:

It will feature Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and several other characters following the current Flashpoint crossover. It’s the return of the World’s Greatest Superheroes to the book for the first time in years.

So again what I guessed. I believe this League will also be the basis of their movie franchise moving forward. So I expect the JL to have the Flash, as there is a Flash movie already in the early stages. This will be align DC Comics for Warner Bros. run at the Marvel Avengers film strategy. This was discussed by Warner Bros. Ben Fritz in March.

Again none of this is confirmed. BC is putting out news all day. I’ll be back with the next news. I wonder what they’ll have to say about Superman …?

May 27 '11

Preview Flashpoint: Batman - Knight of Vengeance

This does look good. Azzarello’s Joker makes my skin crawl so I expect this to be intense.  I do like that despite the claim “everything changes” in Flashpoint  Jim Gordon looks exactly the same as he always does.

May 23 '11

DC Comics to drop “bomb shells” June 11

The speculation about the post-Flashpoint world of DC Comics may start to have some facts on June 11. The LA Times reports this morning that Geoff Johns and Jim Lee will be onstage Hero Complex Film Festival on June 11 with “bomb shells” about “the future of Superman and the DC Universe.”

Oh, boy.

The timing is perfect. Just a few days before the September solicits which are the books following Flashpoint as well as all those August solicits that had that sense of finality.

Will this be the renumbering and relaunches that Bleeding Cool has posted about?

I think it will.

Expect more books to be canceled. The first round prior to Flashpoint? Just the start. At Boston Comic Con I was told by someone very close to DC that one book relevant to the interests of this blog is on the chopping block. Maybe two. And the second would be a stunner. I won’t name them because I have no confirmation other than my source.

So since everyone else is speculating, what do I think will happen? Alignment with the core holdings. What are those? Take a look at DC Retroactive.

Some other guesses, which are pure speculation:

Batman. Streamlined books. Streamlined universe. Fewer Batbooks. Focus on one true Batman. I already called that Dick will return to being Nightwing.

Wonder Woman. They’ve already dropped hints. Expect pre-crisis elements to be integrated. Steve Trevor will be back. Another new head writer.

JLA. Back to basics with the big guns.

And Superman? Note that how they called it out separately. The “future of Superman”. We know a new head writer is coming on board as Roberson is gone after #714. Will they align the book to the upcoming movie? My guess? Yes. And I am going to guess at least one of the bombshells will have to do with the status of the Lane-Kent marriage.

May 20 '11

The world of Flashpoint

The DCU Source just posted this guide to the Flashpoint world. Take a look. I’ll be back with some thoughts.

May 13 '11

Flashpoint: Lois Lane & the Resistance #3

FLASH FACT: The Resistance has found Britain’s last great hope, the enigmatic and immensely powerful Brittania. It’s time to take back England!

On sale AUGUST 24

I can’t even imagine what someone would think if they were curious about Wonder Woman due to the TV show and stopped in at the Source.

Well actually I can.

May 13 '11

Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #3

FLASH FACT: Arthur Curry’s rage has sunk countries, killed millions, and begun a world war. But as the end approaches, he will have to gather the ferocity needed to destroy his enemy utterly.

Written by TONY BEDARD
On sale AUGUST 10

"Hey I’ll beat you up on my cover and you beat me on your cover"


May 13 '11

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #3

FLASH FACT: The secrets behind Queen Hippolyta’s death and the start of the world war are revealed.

Art and cover by SCOTT CLARK and DAVE BEATY
On sale AUGUST 17

Not thrilled with the content, but the art is pretty.

May 13 '11

Flashpoint: the Secret Seven, guess we can figure two other members

Looks like a Raven like character and a Zatanna like character will be joining Peter Milligan’s already named Shade,Enchantress, Amethyst and Mindwarp. Not sure I am going to like this version of Zee. 

May 12 '11

Flashpoint #4 cover

There will be second issue in August as well.

May 11 '11

New Preview for Flashpoint - “Today the world changes”

Really all I care about is Wonder Woman and Lois Lane at this point. And speaking of Wonder Woman and that TV show… waiting for second source. Be back later ….

May 9 '11

New preview from DC reveals “white washing” mistake

On Saturday, I posted a picture of the Flash family that appeared in the Free Comic Book Day Green Lantern within a preview of Flashpoint. I was concerned that the one of the few women of color in the Flash family, XS also known as Barry Allen’s granddaughter Jenni Ognats, had been white washed.

Today, the preview is shown online at USA TODAY and shows a big change.

The original print version with my note:

The image that appeared today on USA TODAY

It’s interesting to note that the not only did the character’s hair and skin color change but her costume changed and now reflects the costume the character is identified with (see below). The face of the character, however, remains unchanged.

How did a comic book get printed with such a glaring mistake? How did a character that is clearly a women of color get approved as a white, blonde character? I hope DC can clear this up and ensure this does not happen again.

Update: I have sent an email to DC’s PR lead asking for comment.

May 5 '11

Andy Kubert splash page from Flashpoint #1

Interesting that Wonder Woman is in the old costume.


Apr 29 '11

Lois Lane in Flashpoint not married to Superman

CBR has an interview with Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning about their upcoming stints on the Flashpoint Wonder Woman and Lois Lane minis and they are giving up some interesting points including this one:

Lanning: Not to create spoilers, but obviously the whole set-up with Superman is totally different in the “Flashpoint” universe. Lois hasn’t met and fallen in love and married Superman, so her whole career and life-path is totally different. But she’s still that determined hardedge reporter. She just hasn’t been given the opportunity she had when she met Superman.

And they have some things to say about Wonder Woman as well:

Dan, you’ve said “Wonder Woman and the Furies” show Diana “as a full on Amazonian warrior, true to her heritage.” What exactly does that mean?

Abnett: It means taking her back to her warrior-code roots of the Amazon people, and also to the sort of classical mythological origins. The Amazons were the most feared warriors in ancient times and were absolutely relentless and ruthless. In many respects they’ve become a lot more serene, wise nation in the DCU, Wonder Woman typifying that. You have flashes of that warrior queen but she’s also even-tempered and just and virtuous. Whereas “Flashpoint” is a world where the Amazons have always been warriors to defend themselves. They haven’t evolved that maturity we see in the DCU. They are extremely dangerous and very aggressive and they can beat almost anything in a fight. It reminds us how scary the Amazons should be. And Diana is the most powerful and most able of them, which makes her a formidable character.

Again with the “scary amazons”. But then there is this:

Abnett: She’s defiantly not a villain. She’s a formidable opponent and quite a lot of people are in opposition to her, so she’s squaring off against good guys and bad guys alike because of the nature of her situation. She’s not out for evil ends, but she is definitely very aggressive and capable of determining her life and the lives of the Amazons—by force of arms if necessary. In a very technical sense, if you are the wrong side of that she may appear to be an enemy. She certainly is an indomitable enemy. The reader will sympathize with her because she’s not intrinsically evil and she’s not doing anything that would make you unsympathetic to her, but she’s going about things in a very aggressive way.

That sounds better. Good piece by Josie Campbell, go give it a read.