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DC Women Kicking Ass

Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass.
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Posts tagged Gail Simone

Feb 16 '14

Now is a Dynamite Time to Start Reading Some Fun Comics!

You have until midnight tonight to take advantage of the 50% off sale Dynamite Comics is running for their 10th Anniversary.

Among the titles on sale are Uncanny, All the pulp titles including The Shadow, Green Hornet and Project Superpowers and Garth Ennis’ The Boys. There are both single issues, trades and Omnibuses included in the sale so there are some very good deals here.

For those of you who haven’t given Gail Simone’s Red Sonja a try it is a very good deal - you can pick up the first six issues for around a buck each. It’s a fun series and Simone does a great job meshing her sense of humor to Sonja’s world.

Again this runs until midnight EST Sunday (today) and is only available on the web version of Comixology. Use the promo code DYNAMITE.

Jul 29 '13

Happy Birthday Gail Simone!

Today is Gail Simone’s birthday. Instead of the traditional Batgirl cake to celebrate, here’s a change up. (Interesting fact … there doesn’t seem to be any Red Sonja cakes).


Jul 12 '13

Gail Simone Talks About Her Red Sonja: Hitting the Ground “Running and Slaying”

In March Dynamite announced that Gail Simone would be taking on Red Sonja.  Simone’s run starts next Wednesday, July 17. The first issue has already sold out of its initial 35K run at Diamond and has gone into a second printing. 

I just read the first issue and you are going to want to pick this one up. It’s fierce and fun and you don’t need to know anything about Red Sonja to enjoy it.


I chatted with Gail Simone with about her views on Red Sonja, her hopes for the run and how she came up with those awesome covers by female artists and that interview follows.

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Jun 25 '13

Batgirl Gets A Zero Year Issue But Not with Simone

DC Comics said at their recent reseller roadshow that the Zero Year issues will extend beyond the current Batman series into other titles as seen on the slide below:


Dan DiDio reportedly stated to attendees that this wasn’t just a crossover to leverage the Batman book but that the writers ”had expressed a genuine interest in writing a story that occurs at the same time as Zero Year.”

One of the writers who did express genuine interest was Gail Simone who stated on her blog that she had what she considered to be “a cool story”. 

But that story won’t be part of the Zero Year issues as Simone was informed that she won’t be writing it.

Interesting give that Simone wrote the new origin for Batgirl in last year’s “0” issue - an origin that was already worked into the promotional materials for Injustice Gods Among Us game.

Simone is, of course, the writer most associated with Barbara Gordon having written her as Oracle in a long running Birds of Prey stint and then rebooting the character for the new 52. Simone has been the writer on the title since then except for two issues when she was fired by DC and then rehired. At that point Ray Fawkes wrote the title.

So who will get the call to write the new first year of Barbara Gordon? You can only wonder. One writer sure not to get the call is the last person to write an origin story for Barbara Gordon - Chuck Dixon. Although apparently you can’t have too many origins as DC just reissued that the hugely popular Batgirl: Year One by Dixon/Beatty/Martin in trade (along with Robin:Year One) last week. 



Apr 29 '13

Preview of The Movement #1

Gail Simone’s newest DC title hits the stands and digital devices on Wednesday and here, via the fine folks at DC Comics, is a preview. Getting a little bit of a Secret Six vibe here. 

Apr 8 '13

Simone’s Red Sonja Gets More Variants

It’s a Gail Simone day in comics. If you pop up to USA Today you can see a preview of Batgirl #19 including the WTF cover as well as a tease regarding the secret of Barbara Gordon’s roommate, Alysia

And Dynamite has released more variant covers for her upcoming Red Sonja ongoing by Jenny Frison, Amanda Conner and Stephanie Buscema.

Mar 3 '13

Gail Simone on Red Sonja: “It’s Going to be Bad Ass”

During ECCC Dynamite announced that Gail Simone will be the new writer on Red Sonja. Last night during the Dynamite panel Simone said she’s “having so, so much fun writing it. It’s going to be bad ass” She said the book would have a “strong female character with lust, humor, blood and maybe some severed heads. Also alcohol and plagues.”

Red Sonja most famously appeared as part of Marvel’s Conan the Barbarian and then her own series. The character was later was relaunched by Dynamite where she has appeared for the last decade. Red Sonja, a sword wielding barbarian, is known for both her red hair and her costume which consists of a chain mail bikini.

That chainmail bikini was addressed during the panel last night. Dynamite publisher Nick Barrucci asked Simone, “don’t you think it’s unrealistic to have a woman wear a chainmail bikini, how can you write that? Oh, I must be reading too many posts.” Simone said, “I’m not the one wearing the chain bikini, Red Sonja thinks its fine. She’d be more uncomfortable in a formal dress.”

The publisher and Simone smartly lined up a number of female artists for the book’s covers perhaps giving that bikini a bit of teflon. The interiors of the book, however, will be by Walter Geovani. Among the artist doing covers are Nicola Scott, Fiona Staples, Colleen Doran, Jenny Frisson, Stephanie Buscema and Amanda Conner. Simone said that when contacting the artists many of them turned out to be “closet Red Sonja fans.”

Here’s a look at the Fiona Staples cover. The book is out in July.


Feb 22 '13

Gail Simone’s The Movement to Feature “Benched” DC Character

During a panel at the Wizard World Portland, Gail Simone reported that Gail Simone would be including a “benched” character in the upcoming series "The Movement"

The announcement was made via a tweet, actually Simone’s husband said:

She says a benched female character is coming back in the Movement…

The characters most widely viewed as “benched” are Cass Cain and Stephanie Brown although Simone ruled them out earlier.

The series will be out in May.


Dec 10 '12

A Concerning Time for DC Comics

Following the publication of a list of the “Comics Power 100” a few weeks ago the lack of women led to a post of 10 women who could/should have been on the list. Among them:

Gail Simone, creator DC Comics - Beyond being a strong creator, Simone has a passionate fan base that will follow her from book to book. As the creator of Women in Refrigerators she’s considered a thought leader on gender in comics. Do you really think that DC would have gotten rid of Oracle as easily if Simone hadn’t been attached to Batgirl? Most recently Simone showed her clout by raising over $117K on Kickstarter for a creator owned comic, Leaving Megalapolis

That’s just my opinion, of course. And we all know how much a woman’s opinion on comics is valued. At least three feminazi’s, two crazies and one or two “hysterical fangirls”! 

But that statement about getting rid of Oracle for Batgirl is not opinion and is absolutely true. DC has made many controversial decisions over the years but that one? Breaking their promise to readers? Getting rid of their most prominent physically challenged character? That was a hugely controversial one. But putting Simone on the book mitigated a lot of the issues. And DC absolutely knew that. 

So in the bizarro world that is DC Comics:

  • Despite Batgirl selling the best of any of their female led books in the new 52 in according to the lastest sales charts.
  • Despite the book receiving many accolades including from the New York Times (although the book had its detractors as well - welcome to comics).
  • And despite the fact it sold as well as, or in the latest sales chart, books starring Nightwing, Red Robin and Red Hood, the Holy Trinity of former boy Robins 

DC canned Gail Simone from said Batgirl book (by email to boot) (but probably with a :( in it too.)

Writers get bounced off books all the time in comics. But usually there’s a reason - and that reason is usually because of sales or because the writer doesn’t agree with where the editors and management want to take the book. 

(And for the speculation that being outspoken on social media and having vocal detractors is a gig killer at DC … if that were true how do you explain one of the newest lead writers on the Trinity?)

Given the sales on Batgirl  it would seem that wasn’t the issue. So is it the other? 

Probably? From what I’ve read and been told, DC’s editors and publishers have their fingers deep into every book. The litany editorial mandates about the most minute things that have been passed down to writers over the past two years is boggling - everything from what weapons a character can use, to last minute name changes (and unnamed changes) and, of course, the outright refusal to allow creators to use certain characters. George Perez has publicly discussed his experience. So did others like Liefeld and Rozum. There are others who haven’t gone public but their stories are just as disheartening. 

It’s almost as if some of these books are successes in spite of DC. That’s a scary idea. 

The saddest part of this incident with Simone is that DC treated one of their biggest cheerleaders like this. She’s a vocal supporter of the DC line and promoted the hell out of new 52. She’s constantly promoting comics and the shop owners who drive the business.

But she is also quick to criticize DC around their treatment of women, people of color and LGBQT. You know, the folks that DC and comics has historically ignored or had issues with.

Let’s hope Simone’s treatment, especially a week after Karen Berger announced she is leaving, is not a signal that dudebro train is getting ready to leave the DC station once again (especially after the glacier melting a bit around targeting female readers sited last week).

However, if you’re not on that train, I’m hard pressed to think why you wouldn’t feel a bit concerned about DC Comics. 

Today there’s one less female creator on a book at DC despite DC saying they “heard” the concerns from readers after the train wreck around gender at SDCC. And it’s the one who had the biggest seat at the DC writer’s table and the biggest voice about the treatment of female and other under represented characters. 

Definitely very concerning.

Aug 7 '12

Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore Announce Kickstarter For “Leaving Megapolis”

Earlier this week I wrote about how much I love Kickstarter as it empowers me to help get comics that I want to read made. And now here’s another great example. I thought that Secret Six was month in and month out the best team book DC produced. But unfortunately the book got cancelled as part of the new 52.

Now the two creators of that book are publishing their own title via Kickstarter. This evening Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore announced Leaving Megapolis, an 80 page original Graphic Novel.Simone promises that this book will feature the same “balls to the wall” style of Secret Six.

What more do you need to know? They are looking for $34K, here’s the link with more on the project and to contribute or buy a package.

Mar 7 '12

Goodbye to Helena Bertinelli - Gail Simone

Gail Simone wrote Helena Bertinelli in two volumes of Birds of Prey.

I know a lot of people have hardcore love for the Helena Wayne version of the Huntress, but I’d never really read any of her stories, so for me, Huntress was always Helena Bertinelli. To my dying day, whether she appears in current continuity or not, she will remain one of my favorite characters, not just in comics, but in all fiction.

To be blunt, Helena is the shit. I adore her.

The charge was often leveled us, when I took over Birds of Prey, that we had added the Huntress to the book to tie in with the television series that had spun off from the book’s previous incarnation. The truth is, it was my idea to bring her in. The show had already flopped, and DC was in no hurry to be more closely affiliated with the series. So they were not thrilled with the idea of bringing Helena aboard.  I made a stern case, aided by a great editor, the fierce Lysa Hawkins, for what Helena would bring to the book; her unpredictability, her untamed nature, her unmatchable will.  All of that stuff was true, but had nothing to do with why I wanted her in the book. The truth is a lot simpler.

She was badass.

Completely, unendingly badass.

My first run on Birds of Prey, there’s no question I spent more time on Black Canary’s character. It wasn’t that I loved Dinah more, it’s that I felt Helena hadn’t needed so much rehabilitation. Dinah had been a hostage many times, a wet blanket…it seemed a lot of great writers had no idea what to do with her. Helena was different, writers seemed to know that her value was her uncompromising nature. Nearly every story she appeared in, she kicked someone’s physical or metaphorical ass, even Batman seemed to take a cautious step back in her presence. I loved that, that was a woman I wanted to read about.

In my second run, we planned to focus much more on Huntress, starting with her taking over leadership of the Birds…she earned it, and it felt a natural progression. I was also lucky enough to write the character for some animated shows, and her natural shine made that leap look easy. It wasn’t me, it was all her.

If my career ended tomorrow, I wouldn’t have a lot of regrets, because I know this one little miracle, this little thing I still am somewhat amazed at—I got to write Wonder Woman. I got to write Black Canary. I got to write Homer Simpson. I got to write the Spirit. I got to write Superman.

And I got to write Helena Bertinelli.

You can’t do better than that in superhero comics. I seriously felt writing Birds of Prey was simply the best gig in comics. I had no envy for the Spider- and X- writers, because I got to write the Huntress every month. Huntress, who made Batman smile and Shiva pause. You can’t do better.

I have my favorite Huntress writers, people like Cavalieri, Rucka, and Grayson, but almost all writers seemed to step up to the plate a bit more when Helena was on panel. She had that kind of star power charisma.

It makes me very sad to be writing about her in the past tense. I have no idea what DC’s plans are for her, hopefully her time on the bench will be short.

Love you, Helena, come back soon!

I asked Gail for a few of her favorite panels with Helena. Some like the last page of issue #68, I already posted but here are two more:
Aug 29 '11

Preview of Batgirl #1

From the NY Post this morning.  Give the story a read, it’s a fair take on the issues. Those who have still questioned whether the Killing Joke happened, see below. It did, and apparently three years before the book begins. I assume that she was a teenager then? Ack, my head.

The writing is snappy, as you’d expect from Simone. She even gets a Batwoman joke in.

Jul 29 '11

Happy Birthday, Gail Simone!

I am a big fan of Gail both because of her writing and because of her willingness to try and make comics a better medium for everyone.

This past week she was our “Chick of the Week” on “3 Chicks Review Comics.” Give it a listen to hear why we think Gail is important to comics.

And let’s celebrate the Secret Six way:

Apr 27 '11

Gail Simone talks BoP — “a group of women who genuinely love each other, that’s rare in ALL media”

Since its launch in 1999, DC Comic’s Birds of Prey has carved out an important role in comics. Beyond the strong writing, beyond showcasing two pioneering and iconic female characters - Dinah Lance, the Black Canary and Barbara Gordon, now Oracle and formerly the Silver/Bronze Age Batgirl, it is generally recognized as being an on-ramp for many women into the world of superhero comics.

In 2009 after 127 issues, DC canceled the book along with several others in the wake of the Battle for the Cowl. Fans however, continued to ask DC for the book’s return. And in January of 2010, DC announced that Birds of Prey would be brought back with Gail Simone at the helm. Simone, who took over the book at issue #56 and was lead writer through #108, is the book’s most popular writer.

Birds of Prey will celebrate the first anniversary of its return next month. Last week Gail Simone was kind enough to chat with me about it.

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Dec 28 '10

The most memorable moments in DC history for women: Nominee #17

One measure of a memorable moment is the response that it receives. I can vividly remember the passionate response to this one across the ‘net. And I am happy and lucky to have the woman who wrote this moment to write about it here, Gail Simone.

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