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Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Posts tagged Green Arrow

Feb 8 '13

Favorite DC Couple’s Tournament - Canon Quarterfinals Matches 1 and 2

The winner of Wednesday’s matches were Wally and Linda Park West and Stephanie Brown and Tim Drake. That means there are just 8 couples left in the canon tournament! We’ll have two semi’s today and two Monday. I’ll put up a post in a bit about what happens now through Thursday! But first, here are the first two matches!


Lois Lane and Superman


Green Arrow and Black Canary!




Big Barda and Mr. Miracle



Kate Kane/Batwoman and Renee Montoya


Voting is open until 8:30 EST Today.

Jan 30 '13

DC Favorite Couples Tournament, Round 2, Match 2

The winner of yesterday’s match was Barda and Scott Free. I suspect today’s match will be close one.

In one corner

Black Canary/Dinah Lance and Green Arrow/Oliver Queen!


Dick Grayson/Nighwing and Koriand’r/Starfire


Polls close at 8:30 PM EST. One vote per person please.

May 18 '12

More footage from the CW’s Arrow

Here’s the first 30 second commercial including a glimpse of Katie Cassidy/”Laurel” Lance at around 9 seconds. 

May 11 '12

It’s official; Black Canary series picked up for fall

Okay, it’s the Green Arrow show, what ever. You know “Laurel Lance” as played by Katie Cassidy will pull on a pair of fishnets at some point.

The CW announced earlier today the series has been picked up. They do their upfronts on Thursday morning. At that point you’ll see footage and where it sits on the schedule.

Amazing how easily Green Arrow made it from pilot to pick-up giving the crapfest of Wonder Woman last year. Perhaps because they chose a writer who understood the character and didn’t write a crappy pilot

I’m still waiting to hear about Marvel’s AKA Jessica Jones which seems to be nowhere at this point. Or what about that Mockingbird project they announced at SDCC.

(Source: Los Angeles Times)

Jan 13 '12

Who is the next DC superhero to get a TV pilot?

A year after the final episode of Smallville, another hero from DC Comics may be getting a series. The powers that be have selected Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow for the pilot treatment. The character played by Justin Hartley was very popular, but Hartley won’t be involved in the show.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the team will include Greg Berlanti (Brothers & Sisters) and Marc Guggenheim (FlashForward) and Andrew Kreisberg. Wait. Not THIS Andrew Kreisberg:

Yes, that Andrew Kreisberg (or as he was known on Scans_Daily “Kreiisssssssberrrrg”) the writer of one of the worst runs on Green Arrow in the history of runs on Green Arrow. The only thing good I can say about his run is that it was so awful it made DC fold tents on the Arrow/Canary marriage and help send her back to Birds of Prey.

This is the second DC related property in development, the other is Booster Gold.

I wonder why there aren’t any female-led properties in development? Did the stink of Wonder Woman make Warner Bros. run? Wasn’t there supposed to be a Raven pilot? Marvel has three projects starring female characters in development with aka Jessica Jones the highest profile, you’d think one piece of female IP could be in development.

As far as Green Arrow, if any other person than Kreisberg were involved I might be excited to see if Black Canary was part of the cast. My only hope is that maybe he’s learned more about the character and to avoid the trainwreck he produced in comics.

Oct 13 '11

DC names Ann Nocenti new head writer on Green Arrow

DC announced that veteran comic writer Ann Nocenti will replace J.T. Krul on Green Arrow. Krul departed the book after issue three for another unannounced project. Nocenti is one of the few women to write Batman for DC Comics. She was the writer of the four part mini-series Batman and Catwoman: The Trail of the Gun.

At Marvel, Nocenti was head writer on Daredevil for over four years and imbued the book with a strong focus on social issues.

I quite excited by this. Given her run on Daredevil she seems a great pick for Ollie Queen. And it’s good to see DC add another female writer to their roster. This is the kind of smart, surprising match between creator and title I’d like to see more of. I’ll be adding the book onto my pull list with issue 7, her first.

Sep 15 '10

Black Canary and Green Arrow: the wedding that shouldn’t have happened

So it’s official. The fans have spoken. The bright idea to marry Black Canary and Green Arrow (which Gail Simone, a voice of sanity in sea of rice, did not want) and put them in the same book has proven to have been one of the worst ideas that DC has had in the past few years.

Not because the book was awful poorly written. Not because the characters’ relationship was based on fanboy nostalgia. Not because it took Black Canary out of Birds of Prey, and not because of the exploitation of the wedding across multiple issues (two bachelorette party issues, that’s right TWO) including, of course, the infamous, “let’s have Wonder Woman and Vixen try on lingerie” panels. All true, but those would never matter. What does? Here’s the proof:

Number of copies the last issue of Black Canary/Green Arrow (January) sold - 16,482

Number of copies Birds of Prey sold in August - 46,149

Number of copies Green Arrow sold in August - 46,308

That’s right. DC Comics sold an incremental 76,000 copies with the couple divorced and back in their own books. And at $3 a book that is some chunk of change.

In this case a divorce ended up being profitable for all involved. Too bad we all had to suffer through the marriage.

Aug 18 '10
Selina shows Ollie who is in charge. Come on Ollie, you love it.
Submitted by Cattyhunts

Selina shows Ollie who is in charge. Come on Ollie, you love it.

Submitted by Cattyhunts

Aug 18 '10
That’s a fun issue. I’d like to see that team up again, but it would mean Dinah getting together with Green Asshole. So maybe GA and Batman vs. Catwoman and Canary …
It looks even better in the colored version:

(via rainydayrecess)

That’s a fun issue. I’d like to see that team up again, but it would mean Dinah getting together with Green Asshole. So maybe GA and Batman vs. Catwoman and Canary …

It looks even better in the colored version:

(via rainydayrecess)

Jul 10 '10

If the Green Arrow/Black Canary book had a little more of this

and this

a lot less of this

maybe it wouldn’t have sucked so bad. Just sayin’.

May 7 '10
Batgirl kicking Green Arrow’s ass.

Batgirl kicking Green Arrow’s ass.

Apr 28 '10
Black Canary kicking Ollie’s ass. About time.

Black Canary kicking Ollie’s ass. About time.