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DC Women Kicking Ass

Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Posts tagged Harley Quinn

Jul 11 '14

Jimmy Palmiotti on Harley Quinn: Publishers Are Learning That People Want Comics to Be Fun Again”

The June sales numbers were published today and to no one’s surprise the new JRJR/Geoff Johns Superman reboot was in the top 5 comics. But what may be a surprise to some is the comic that was in the slot above it - Harley Quinn. Despite a controversial start last year, the book has climbed the charts each month and has become a huge sales hit for DC Comics. I chatted with Jimmy Palmiotti about the book as well as Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con International: San Diego which is out Wednesday.

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Jun 22 '14
For Those of You Who’ve Wondered What Harley Quinn Smells Like
Every small child knows that “Batman Smells” and I assume that smell is vengeance. But what of others in Gotham? Well now we know that Harley Quinn smells like and if you like it, you can buy it now at Hot Topic.

For Those of You Who’ve Wondered What Harley Quinn Smells Like

Every small child knows that “Batman Smells” and I assume that smell is vengeance. But what of others in Gotham? Well now we know that Harley Quinn smells like and if you like it, you can buy it now at Hot Topic.

Feb 19 '14

You Want All These Posters, Don’t You?

Check out these awesome posters of DC Women from vendor "Geek My Wall" which uses Typography to create new ways to look at some of our favorite characters.

'Of all people, you know who I am… …who the world needs me to be. I'm Wonder Woman.”

”I don’t know about you, Miss Kitty, but I feel so much yummier.”

"Oh, come on, Puddin’! Don’t you wanna rev up your Harley? Vroom vroom!”

”You know you can’t resist me. No man can.”

Along with posters they are selling t-shirts as well and they have much more than comic characters.

Feb 18 '14

Harley Quinn May Cover and Solicit

DC Comics’ best selling female led book.

1:25 BATMAN ‘66 variant cover by MICHAEL ALLRED
On sale MAY 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

Harley makes a new friend – and he happens to be a murderous cyborg who’s on a rampage in search of retribution! Fun!

Jan 22 '14

Harley Quinn and Ivy Go Canon in the new 52?

Harley Quinn certainly has been considered part of queer pairing with Poison Ivy by most fans based on the animated version of the character and some moments like this from Gotham City Sirens.


In the semi-annual couple’s tournaments I’ve held Harley/Ivy is much more popular couple than Joker/Harley.

But in the new 52 Ivy was off in Birds of Prey while Harley joined the Suicide Squad. But now with her own book, the two have been reunited and the innuendo moves into canon category.

So if you haven’t read this realize there is material from Harley Quinn #2, below.

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Jul 16 '13

Harley Quinn Gets Her Own Series with Conner and Palmiotti

DC Comics announced today that fan favorite Harley Quinn is getting her own series co-written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. While the first artwork is be Conner, the artist for the title was not revealed. Nor was the date of the first issue.

Palmiotti and Conner have teamed on a number of books through the years including their run on Power Girl with Justin Gray. In those cases, however, Conner was on art and Palmiotti writing. Conner has been building her portfolio of writing gigs and most recently drew and co-wrote the Before Watchmen Silk Spectre series with Darwyn Cooke.

But while Conner is not drawing the book she is doing the first cover of the comic. You can read an interview with them about the book here. 

May 20 '13


Four Redesigns I did for She Has No Head’s new article by Kelly Thompson

The theme were characters that need a redesign.

My pal Kelly Thompson has an awesome post up this week with some redesigns of female costumes by Kris Anka and Meredith McLaren. Above are Anka’s design for Raven, Harley Quinn, Starfire and Emma Frost. Go take a look. Sadly the comments more than meet internet commenting standards.

Feb 14 '13

Favorite DC Couple: The Case for Harley and Ivy

I asked for guest posts making the case for the finalists for the Favorite DC Couples matches and reader Natalie Reed sent me this on Harley and Ivy. Her thoughts follow:

Before I begin, I suppose I should admit a slight bias: I’m not entirely of the opinion that Harley and Ivy’s clandestine tryst was precisely “non-canon”. More like “quasi-canon”. Or “deutero-canon”. Or “scholarly confirmed apocrypha”. And if you go by the whole Word Of Authorial God theory, it was straight-up, well, canon (at least for a given value of Paul Dini’s godhood; and regarding Harley’s infamous statement that her immunity to Ivy’s toxicity was granted so they could “play” together).

Basically, unlike the vast majority of non-canon ships, whereby fans go out seeking sexy (or not-so-sexy) subtext between two characters who seem to pair well together, what was going on between Harley and Ivy was, as often as not, just plain old text. The writers planting those seeds (no pun intended) weren’t simply toying (no pun intended) with us, they were quite deliberately implying a relationship there, and moreover implying a relationship that had a pretty meaningful impact on the story. And on at least one occasion I can think of (Ivy’s confrontation with Harley in Arkham during the finale of Gotham City Sirens), those seeds bore fruit, and became a meaningful, climactic element to the narrative.



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Feb 14 '13

Favorite DC Couples Tournament: Final - Non-Canon Couples

It’s down to just two couples! Lots of you had questions about what made a couple canon or non-canon in the tournament and I’ve answered them a few times but what better time to clarify than the finals? The rule was if a couple appeared in both the DCAU and DCU their status in the DCU took precedence. Hope that helps!

Anyway on to the two finalist couples where the subtext and text are barely distinguishable. 


Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy



Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Oracle and Dinah Lance/Black Canary


Voting is open until 8:30 EST. One vote per person, please.

Feb 12 '13

One more cool thing from Toy Fair

Earlier this week I showed you a wrap-up of all the new toys featuring DC Women at Toy Fair. Here’s one more:

That’s a set of 2” Mez-Itz figure featuring the “Gotham Gals”. Save your money!


Feb 12 '13

It’s Down to Four Couples: Favorite DC Couple Non-Canon Semis

Renee Montoya and Helena Bertinelli won yesterday’s match. That leaves just four couples in the semi-finals and today they will battle to decide who goes to Thursday’s final.

And here are the two matches:

Ted Kord/Blue Beetle and Michael Carter/Booster Gold



and Match 2

Barbara Gordon and Dinah Lance


Renee Montoya/The Question and Helena Bertinelli/Huntress


Voting is open until 8:30 PM EST.

One vote per person please.

Oct 7 '12

Guest Post: Harley Quinn — Will She Be the Death of the Family?

While I’ve been traveling this week, I’ve had a number of great guest posts. Today I have one by Alexander Añé of Talking Comics about the upcoming first meeting of the Joker and Harley Quinn since the start of the new 52. He examines what her role might be in the Death of the Family arc as well as what effect the changes to the character in the reboot may have on the relationship. His thoughts follow.

With Joker’s return in Death of the Family, and subsequent tie-ins with Suicide Squad, a big question for Harley Quinn is how does this relate to the events of Suicide Squad? Technically, this will be the first, “face to face,” encounter between the two characters in the New 52. What can we expect to see from the classic case of mad love?

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Oct 7 '11

New pre-order ad for Arkham City from Game Stop features Harley Quinn voice over

Aug 15 '11

Last Supper of Gotham by Phillip Sevy
Adding this to my DC last supper collection.


Last Supper of Gotham by Phillip Sevy


Adding this to my DC last supper collection.

Nov 30 '10

Harley Quinn by Shoot-o

A redesign of the costume.