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Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Posts tagged Hawkeye

Oct 29 '13

Annie Wu’s Art on Hawkeye # 14 Looks Amazing

Annie Wu is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists of superheroes of the female variety. We saw her draw the awesome Batgirl Beyond arc and now we see the first colored pages from her Hawkeye gig. Issue 14 drops November 27. 


Jul 15 '13

An Interview with Batman Beyond and Hawkeye Artist Annie Wu

Artist Annie Wu is just three years out of art school but she’s already doing regular work in comics including DC and Marvel. Currently she’s the artist on an arc in Batman Beyond Unlimited introducing a new Batgirl. At Marvel, Wu is picking up alternative art duties on Hawkeye starting with #14 (which includes a focus on Kate Bishop) following her debut in the title’s Valentine’s issue. 
I’m always happy to see exciting new artists in superhero comics. Wu’s art is striking and energetic and she gives her characters, including Batgirl and Kate Bishop below, much attitude.

I recently chatted with Wu a bit about how she got into comics and her most recent work. 


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Mar 14 '13

Preview of Hawkeye #9


Courtesy of Marvel, a preview of Hawkeye #9, Bro! Out April 10, Bro but available for pre-order now, Bro!

Say you have to kill the Avengers, make a list – who do you kill first? The regular guy. In this action packed issue, the women in Hawkeye’s life get involved. That’s right, Black Widow, Mockingbird, Spider-Woman and Kate Bishop attempt to tie up all the loose threads that may point to Clint’s secret attacker! But can they find out who’s leading the track suits before they claim another victim?

This is the best book and you can now get the trade, Bro!

Order it here!

Feb 25 '13

Valentine’s isn’t over until the Hawkguy appears: Preview of Hawkeye #8 

Hopefully you’re all reading Hawkeye, which is one of the best comics being published right now. If you’re not, pick up the next issue as it is chock filled with guest stars - all of whom have a certain purple archer in common. This is via CBR in case you can’t tell by all the watermarks.


Aug 2 '12

First look at Hawkeye #2 and Kate Bishop

I hope some of you picked up the first issue of Hawkeye this week. If you did you know what a great first issue it is. How can anyone not root for Clint after reading it?

Here’s a preview of Hawkeye #2 and the first appearance of the second Hawkeye, Kate Bishop. I can’t wait!

Aug 1 '12

Comics to buy this week, August 1

August? How did get to be August already? This week brings us two number ones that I’m excited for and the usual little bit of this and that from ongoings. Let’s start with the number ones.

I’m a Lois Lane and Superman fan and this week gives me not one but two comics that make me happy. The first is first issue of a new arc in the Love and Capes comic by Thom Zahler. It’s been awhile since I wrote about this book, but that doesn’t mean I’m not reading and enjoying it. The comic focuses on a Mark and Abby a married couple who are respectively a Superhero (The Crusader) and career woman. Think Lois and Superman as a sitcom (but a well written sitcom) and you have this comic. The first issue of Love and Capes: What to Expect is just what you might expect from the title; it’s baby time.

Give the book a try if you’re a Superman fan. The previous issues are available in trades; here’s the first one.

And for those of you who like Superman and Lois in their original versions make sure to pick up Smallville Season 11 #4, the floppy collection of the top selling digital comic. And remember that means no digital issue Friday. But next week’s digital issue marks the entrance of Batman to the comic. So if you haven’t been reading this book (which is one of the best written Superman books right now) grab this and come back Friday for the adventures of the Dark Knight and not-Stephanie Brown in Smallville!

And on to another number one. Everyone knows what character was the breakout star of The Avenger’s movie who doesn’t have an ongoing comic right? I mean who kicked ass, had snappy dialogue and played Loki like a Boggle game? No, not Black Widow; Hawkeye! I’m only joking. Kinda. (we discussed this on “3 Chicks” last week if you care to listen) But whatever, here’s Hawkeye #1 by Matt Fraction, David Aja and Matt Hollingsworth and I strongly recommend you pick up this book. I love that team’s Immortal Iron Fist series (which you should read) and this first issues suggests it could fill those big footsteps. The art is gorgeous and Fraction manages the challenges of a first issue of a long running character very well. This run was reported to also be co-starring Kate Bishop so there’s another reason to jump on this number one.

And the rest of the list:

Earth 2 - I want to like this book and support Nicola Scott, but the “Hey look Green Lantern is gay and happy with his boyfriend, whoops he’s dead” shenanigans of the last issue make it very hard. However, the cover of this week’s issue means it’s pulling a Michael Corleone/Godfather III on me.

Okay, you got me.

Also Worlds’ Finest #4 which I posted on yesterday.

Animal Man #12

Swamp Thing #12

BTW, I’m skipping Green Arrow. I’ll wait until Freddie Williams II shows up on art because the current art is just … I’m looking forward to Williams and Nocenti teaming up.

And finally from the home office, available in stores this week and available for pre-order for delivery next week online (at a nice price), the third volume of No Man’s Land. This is the complete collection, unlike previous volumes, and it is just a terrific read. Here’s the cover of the newest volume.

Remember her?

And also from Marvel:

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #13. If you haven’t been reading the tales of Miles Morales this is a good place to jump on as it is the start of an arc with Captain America guest starring. 

And that’s it for this week. What are you picking up?