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Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Posts tagged IDW

Oct 8 '14

Comics to Read, 10/8: Which Witch is Which Edition

There are signs that Halloween is on its way, for example, not one, not two not three books but four books debut today focusing on witches.

Let’s start with my pick for book of the week:


Kelly and I interviewed Scott Snyder about the book on 3 Chicks this week so go give a listen. We also reviewed the book and both agree it is one of the best things Snyder has done. This is scary. But so good.


If you have been reading Afterlife of Archie you’re going to love this. If you are interested in a dark look at Sabrina you’ll like this. If you just like good comics, you’ll like this.


Steve Niles takes your whatever warmth you might have towards families like the Munsters and The Addams family and kinda bleeds it out. There’s witch in this family along with … just read the cover. Buy it just for the Damien Worm art which is amazing.


Klarion the Witch Boy was created by Jack Kirby was most recently in Morrison’s Seven Soliders and Miller’s Batgirl. Now he has a book of his own. The fine folks at DC Comics sent a review copy over and I have to say this looks like the best work I’ve seen from Trevor McCarthy to date at DC. And Nocenti seems like a good fit for this book. The issue starts off stronger than it ends but has the potential for being fun and creepy.


Don’t know if you heard but DC Comics has a new Batgirl. She’s still named Barbara Gordon but this character looks and sounds different from the last version of Barbara Gordon. The book, or at least this issue of which I was given a preview copy, also looks and sounds very different from just about any book that DC Comics is now publishing particularly due to the “where the heck did she come from?” fresh art from Babs Tarr. While I’ve heard some comments that this version of Batgirl channeling the Miller/Steph Brown run it reminds me more of Beatty/Dixon/Martin’s decade old Batgirl: Year One. That’s a good thing. I still have issues with how DC Comics has managed the Batgirl character in the new 52 so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to continue to read this book.


This rebooted Batgirl along with last week’s terrific Gotham Academy, makes it is clear DC Comics is trying to offer books that will appeal to readers outside its traditional demographic specifically younger females. As someone who has been advocating for them to do this for years I’m thrilled to see them trying. 


Josh Williamson’s Nailbiter has been on of my favorite new comics this year. Today he launches a new series which examines what happens when a child disappears into a fantasy world and then returns home. Think Wendy and her brothers post Peter Pan. Williamson is joined Andrei Bressan on art. It’s an intriguing idea and the team deliver a strong first issue. 


Yes that’s the Justice League. But there’s much more. Get it and read it early if you don’t want to be spoiled. Thankfully that $4.99 price tag won’t last more than a few issues. Which is good since you’re going to want to read this arc - there’s some crazy stuff coming up.


Marcio Takara on art AND cats. Carol is so lucky.


The first issue of this was a surprise for me. Did you pick it up?


As was the first issue of this. Who is reading?


Vertigo is forgoing covers this month but here’s yet another witchy book for you.

UPDATE! Missed these earlier

Marguerite Bennett writing Sleep Hollow? I’m in!

Kelly and I loved the first issue - Jen Van Meter rocks!

And that’s it for me. What’s on your list?

Jan 22 '14

Comics to Buy, 1/22

Another snow storm in Boston today but lucky for me I can get most of comics without leaving the house. Here’s somethings you might want to take a look at this week. As usual I am starting with a first and, very very sadly, a last issue this week.

Let’s say goodbye first. 


Today’s issue is the last for FF and I am very sad. This was a fun book, a lovable book, really, and it never failed to me smile. 


This is dark, daaaark story (i.e. violence and suicide) by Rick Remender but also exhilarating in places. A street kid in the 80s find himself taken in by a mysterious group. The utter dank of the Reagan airs is on full display although they are much prettier due to the art of Wes Craig and colorist Lee Loughridge. This first issue is all set up and I’m looking forward to the next issue to learn more about this group of kids.


Annie Wu + Kate Bishop + Fraction = My Money Gone.


Phil Noto’s art went a long way towards me loving the first issue. To be fair Nathanson had a lot to do in the issue - both reintroduce the character and drive a first adventure. With that out of the way I’m looking forward to seeing him strut his stuff in this issue.


I’ve got a bit of variant fatique with DC but this cover is adorable (and a 180 degree from the regular Capullo cover. I’m going to try and pick this one up in a shop whenever the snow lets me. Looking forward to continuing Snyder’s take on Batman’s first year. I do hope Bruce grows his hair out soon.


What are you thinking about this book? I adore Rios’ art and I’m constantly surprised with what DeConnick has up her sleeve.


Looking forward to reading this - preview here.


The book Harley Quinn deserves.


I wish DC would make it easier to find their previews especially for a book on the bubble like this one. I had to search around the web to see anything about this issue. The art on this actually looks good. Still despise Condor.


You can tell Gail Simone is having fun with this book where she teams female writers with various artists to tell out of continuity tales about Red Sonja. Nicola Scott is one of the writers here and I hope its the start of a new aspect of the artist’s career.


The Lone Gunmen meet the Ghostbusters. For some folks that all that needs to be said. You know who you are.

Also as you are in money spending mode please make sure to check out the Kickstarter for my pal Kelly Thompson newest book. If you one of the many, many people who bought The Girl Who Would Be King you’re going to like Storykiller. The line-up of artist is amazing - Dustin Nguyen, Ross Campbell and Ming Doyle to name a few. She’s blew through over 50% of her goal in just 7 hours so get in on this now! 

That’s it for me this week. What’s on your list?

Sep 11 '13

Comics to Read, September 11

It’s Wednesday where for many people it’s hump day but in the world of comics it’s new comics day! Here are some comics you may want to consider this week.

As always I try to start with a first issue and this week there are several including a big one from the fine folks at Marvel Comics. 


I had a chance to read an issue earlier this week and I liked it. I really wish Marvel would stop giving work to Greg Land but Ewing’s writing is snappy. But Al? The trench coat was GREAT!

This is the beginning of the end for Locke & Key and I’m going to miss this series so much.


If you like cocky psychic goverment agents, you might want to try Brain Boy by Fred Van Lente and R.B. Silva. More here.


Also from Marvel this week is X-Men #5 from Brian Wood which is the best female team book in comics.


Also this week is Fearless Defenders #9. Hmm, is Marvel creating a Ladies Week like DC Does?


And speaking of lady led books, you are reading Rachel Rising, right?


And speaking again of lady led books, I’m really enjoying Gail Simone’s run on Red Sonja. This issue has a lot of back story for Sonja. 


I’m also going to put another plug in for Ghosted by Josh Williamson, which I have really been enjoying.


DC Comics, of course, has its Villain’s month going on. I picked up two issues last week and while they were good, I am not feeling like these are essential. As a result, I’m going to save my money and maybe pick them up in trade. If I were picking up any issues I’d probably pick up Lobo, because I was impressed by Maguerite Bennett’s first issue for DC and Killer Frost by Sterling Gates because he writes interesting female characters. 

But there are two great DC Comics to pick up this week:


Wonder Woman shows up in Smallville. I like this Wonder Woman.


Look Talia al Ghul and Damian. I like Li’l Gotham.

That’s it for me. What’s on your list?

Aug 29 '12

Comics to buy this week, August 29

It’s the last pull before the anniversary of new 52 and can you believe a year has gone by? It’s almost as if DC has a gift for me this week - two new #1s both with female leads! Yay. But then this also the week that Wonder Woman becomes Superman’s sexy sidekick so you win some, you lose some. 

First up another one shot from DC’s National Comics:

Looker used to be part of Batman’s Outsiders (which looks a lot like the new Justice League announced earlier this week. But now she’s just a supermodel turned vampire. I’m not familiar with the team on this who worked together on the Kane and Lynch comic last year, but I will give it a try. Update: Not buying it the artist is a homophobe. Sorry not putting money in his pocket.

I am, however, very familiar with the team on the next first issue and it is a good one — Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray with Cat Staggs on art. 

That cover artists looks like she has some potential, too.

Also from DC Comics this week:

The New Deadwardians #6 - still loving this.

Superman Family #4 - Look a comic book with Lois Lane on the cover!

And now moving on to the world of Marvel it’s Captain Marvel #3 by Kelly Sue DeConnick.

I like that cover. If you perused any of the Women Read Comics in Public site there was a lot of Captain Marvel. I believe this book just might be a hit!

And now moving away from the big two, two books I can’t wait to read:

Teen Age Ninja Mutant Turtles #3

Why am I pick this up? Because it is written by Barbara Randall Kesel who was one of the best writers Barbara Gordon ever had. Besides I always liked April and I can just look at the cover and pretend its Babs! This looks like fun.

I don’t think I’ve written much about Locke and Key by Joe Hill, but I just love the series. This week there is a one-shot and I can’t wait to read it.

That’s it on my side. What’s on your list?