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Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Posts tagged Klarion

Feb 14 '13

Happy Valentine’s Day from Stephanie Brown and Klarion!

One of my favorite issues of Bryan Q. Miller’s Batgirl run.

(Source: beeftony)

Feb 12 '11

Batgirl and Klarion by Shoot-o

So cute.

Feb 11 '11

Batgirl #18: The coupling has begun!

Did I say how much I loved Batgirl #18 this week? Because I really did love it. After reading so many comics that bothered me for various reasons, I was almost in tears with joy (laughter really) when I started reading this one.

I’m quite fond of Klarion, dum dum dum, the Witch boy (from Witch Town) and Bryan Q. Miller does a great job writing him. Under Milller, Klarion is self-indulgent and egotistical but yet endearingly lovable due to his inability to “fit-in”.

Like the done in one that teamed Steph with Supergirl to go around the world hunting Draculas, this issue teams Steph and Klarion for some traveling fun.

And to find a mate for Klarion’s cat (hence the reference to coupling). Smart dialogue is a hallmark of Miller’s writing and the snarky lines come fast. Even the narration lines are great. Klarion explaining to Steph his magic is captioned “One painstakingly long conversation later ….” made me laugh.

Dustin Nguyen is back in this issue and in addition to his usual great pencils he shows off his skills with watercolors in some beautiful pages showing Steph and Klarion in Limbo Town.

Month-in, Month-out this book delights me.

Oct 21 '10

Meet my new love — Klarion, the Witch boy

The DCU Halloween Special had some fun stories in it, but the story by Bryan Q. Miller one was one of my favorites. Miss Martian and Jamie Reyes go trick or treating together and have to clean up the shenanigans of Klarion. Who is Klarion?

This is a little more friendly than his old introduction in Young Justice, “I’m Klarion … dum dum dum … the Witchboy.” How can you not love him? He’s going to be in the Valentine’s issue of Batgirl as well. In addition to Young Justice you can read about him in Seven Soldiers and, ugh, Countdown.