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Posts tagged Man of Steel

Jun 13 '13

Super Rumors! The Man of Steel and Rage-o-fying Super Speculation

Man of Steel finally hits the screens this week after years of development. To give you just a little Henry Cavill was announced as the new Superman in January of 20011. The movie was originally supposed to have a December 2012 release but in July of ‘11 was moved to the current release date.

During the two plus years since Cavil’s casting there have been many, many rumors about the movie many of which have ignited fan boy and fan girl controversy. Let’s take a look at some of them, their truthiness and their accompanying RAGE of STEEL!

The Rumor: Lois Lane won’t be the female lead in Man of Steel!!!!
Floating around Hollywood before Amy Adams was cast were stories of three blonde actresses auditioning for a role that was not Lois Lane.

The Rage: Come on, no Lois Lane? 

The Reality: Lois Lane is in the movie and is the female lead. Oscar Nominee Amy Adams was cast a few weeks after this was appeared.

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Jun 12 '13

DC Lets Superman Fans Get Unique Stuff and Help a Good Cause

It’s a Super Week with Man of Steel flying into theaters and Superman Unchained bounding in to comic book stores and streaking on to devices.

If you are a Superman fan it is, I assume, a gold star week. And with that in mind DC has a charity fund raiser going on for it “We can be Heroes” initiative over on Indie Go Go with lots of tempting super stuff.

There’s a price for everyone from a break on digital comics to, for the aspiring comic artist, a $1200 private portfolio review with Jim Lee plus some other stuff so check it out.

Jun 11 '13

A Review of Man of Steel!

This is it. This week Warner Bros. doubles down, let’s it ride and throws the dice with the debut of Man of Steel.

The concensus is that the future of DC Entertainment is riding on how this movie does - Heidi MacDonald also said it in her visit to 3 Chicks this week.

That’s a lot of baggage to carry even for the Man of Steel. 

The movie has got to please the critics, the soothsayers on Hollywood grosses, the movie goers and the fans of Superman … and Lois Lane.

And that latter is where I have I have a first review!

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Jun 1 '13

New Man of Steel Publicity Feature - Lois Lane Loves a Flak Jacket

There’s new footage from the upcoming Man of Steel in this new publicity reel. If you want to see the newest clip of Amy Adams as Lois Lane fast forward to around 9 minutes and a few seconds. It’s worth it

May 23 '13

Here’s That Man of Steel Scene When Lois Escapes in a Pod

You’ve seen bits and pieces of it in the trailers. Sometime in Man of Steel Superman rescues Lois from what looks to be a flying pod.


But so far we’ve only seen that rescue. Here’s a look at what happens before that.

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May 22 '13

New Man of Steel Trailer Shows Off a Bad Ass Faora

Warner Bros. has been upping its game with each new Man of Steel trailer and this may be the best yet. The latest one features a voice over by Michael Shannon/General Zod and it is very intense (the soundtrack helps) and some bad ass dialogue from Antje Traue as Faora. There’s also some new footage of Amy Adams. I’m feeling very good about this movie right now.

May 18 '13

Man of Steel Behind the Scenes Featurette Debuts Online

Here’s a new featurette via Wal-Mart on Man of Steel that has lots of footage and interviews with Cavill, Snyder, Shannon and Adams who calls Superman, “a timeless story.”

May 17 '13

Man of Steel Digital Comic Features an Interesting Guest Star

Earlier today DC posted a preview to a bonus digital comic written by David Goyer being offered with pre-orders of the Man of Steel Blu-Ray combo pack. Seems a bit early given the movie isn’t even out yet. And perhaps it was because the preview has been pulled from the DC Comics site.

But not before the comic pages were downloaded! The comic was drawn by long time Superman artist Jerry Ordway. And there’s a very familiar character appearing in the first few pages.


And it’s not that guy.

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May 11 '13

A Look at Lois Lane from a Kids’ Man of Steel Book

There’s quite a few kids’ early readers out tied into the Man of Steel movie including Man of Steel: Superman’s Powers. This book not only talks about Superman’s powers it also says how he gets his name.

Here’s a look Amy Adams/Lois Lane and click for the reveal.


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May 6 '13

Newest TV Ad for Man of Steel Gives Us More Lois Lane

The third TV ad for the upcoming Superman movie gives a new shot of Amy Adams as Lois Lane flying with Superman. With Iron Man open, everything superhero movie will be Superman for the next month.

May 2 '13

New Man of Steel TV Ad Offers New Images

New TV ads for Man of Steel debuted last night during Modern Family. This is the shorter of the two and it has a bit of new footage in it including Superman flying above Earth and him screaming. There’s only a small glimpse of Lois. The other trailer has the interrogation room scene.

Apr 29 '13

Looks like there will be a reference to that famous Zod line in Man of Steel

The WB shop has debuted lots of new t-shirts this morning for Man of Steel  featuring Superman, his logo, and his villain (no Lois though). I thought one of the Zod shirts was interesting. A few months ago Michael Shannon had revealed he did not say the famous “Kneel Before Zod” line in the movie. And that may be true. But this shirt suggests that he might.


Here’s a look at some of the other oodles of shirts now available:



I don’t know why this one couldn’t have had Lois.


But it’s nice they have few shirts for the ladeez!



Ah well, I’ll have to make my own Lois and Superman one. 

Apr 17 '13

Does the New Man of Steel Trailer Make You Want to See the Movie?

I’ve been fairly critical of the trailers for Man of Steel but the one that debuted last night was galaxies better than the last two. Also Lois Lane.

But what about you? Did the trailer sell the movie for you? 

Vote now!

Also what was your favorite part of the trailer? The interview at the end was definitely mine.

Apr 16 '13

New Man of Steel Trailer Debuts

Action packed and featuring lots of Lois Lane, the third trailer for Man of Steel is now available for your viewing pleasure.

Apr 15 '13

Man of Steel Viral Campaign to Lead to Debut of New Trailer Tuesday

On Sunday night Warner Bros. debuted on the Man of Steel site a video from General Zod warning earthlings that they have been “sheltering” one of his citizens and demands his return. A billboard is also driving fans to the site owned by Warner Bros. where it is suspected that the trailer will debut on Tuesday based on Kryptonian numbers that went up yesterday on the site following General Zod’s message.

Let’s hope this new trailer moves beyond the lyrical, emo tone of the first two trailers.