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Oct 15 '14

Comics to Buy Today, 10/15 - Short but Sweet Edition!

This week is a little slower than last week which saw several new books due to NYCC. Did you see all the announcements out of the show? DC announced Wonder Woman ‘77 and Marvel announced a number of female led and written books including a title starring Peggy Carter. I’ll do a wrap-up on those later.

I do have a first issue for you this week. 


I’m going to blunt - I loved this! I’m a fan of Sleepy Hollow so I was a bit in the bag already to read this but this issue, much like the show, is both charming and a little scary. This may be the best work by Bennett to date. She gets the banter between Crane and Abbie and provide a nice done in one story. Coelho’s art is a bit of a mixed bag - there’s some terrific sequences like a truck crash but the rest of the book isn’t quite strong. But it’s suitable and I’m happy to pick up the next issue. The book also includes an, if even possible, more charming back-up by Noelle Stevenson (Gingerhazing). There aren’t a whole lot of comics with a WOC in the lead or have a platonic relationship between a man and a woman. Even if you don’t watch the show you may want to after reading this.

How much more can I say about this book to make you read if you aren’t?

Storm, I love you so much and trust Pak so much I’m going into the Death of Wolverine for you. (Don’t worry Storm, Marvel’s cash cows have an average of 18 months before they show up alive or basically whenever the next X-Men movie is out).

And Mr. Rucka I love and trust you enough to appreciate your rat filled cover.

LOL, this cover. See this must be the point where Batgirl turns into the rebooted Batgirl with the Doc Martens so as a good bye we get a parting shot of her ass in her old costume by Clay Mann. Bye bulbous buttucks ass shots! Inside however we have Megan Hettrick on art which is great news because I think it means that Batman Eternal now has at least one female creator attached to it. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I want to support this book but DC is making it awfully hard. Batwoman was once one of the most gorgeous and personal books in the DCU. It had a female supporting cast and was the default horror book for the Batfamily. Now? Kate is going into space with a ragtag team or as I call it - Gaydian of the Galaxy. Not sure I’m going on this trip.

That’s it for me - what’s on your list?

Oct 8 '14

Comics to Read, 10/8: Which Witch is Which Edition

There are signs that Halloween is on its way, for example, not one, not two not three books but four books debut today focusing on witches.

Let’s start with my pick for book of the week:


Kelly and I interviewed Scott Snyder about the book on 3 Chicks this week so go give a listen. We also reviewed the book and both agree it is one of the best things Snyder has done. This is scary. But so good.


If you have been reading Afterlife of Archie you’re going to love this. If you are interested in a dark look at Sabrina you’ll like this. If you just like good comics, you’ll like this.


Steve Niles takes your whatever warmth you might have towards families like the Munsters and The Addams family and kinda bleeds it out. There’s witch in this family along with … just read the cover. Buy it just for the Damien Worm art which is amazing.


Klarion the Witch Boy was created by Jack Kirby was most recently in Morrison’s Seven Soliders and Miller’s Batgirl. Now he has a book of his own. The fine folks at DC Comics sent a review copy over and I have to say this looks like the best work I’ve seen from Trevor McCarthy to date at DC. And Nocenti seems like a good fit for this book. The issue starts off stronger than it ends but has the potential for being fun and creepy.


Don’t know if you heard but DC Comics has a new Batgirl. She’s still named Barbara Gordon but this character looks and sounds different from the last version of Barbara Gordon. The book, or at least this issue of which I was given a preview copy, also looks and sounds very different from just about any book that DC Comics is now publishing particularly due to the “where the heck did she come from?” fresh art from Babs Tarr. While I’ve heard some comments that this version of Batgirl channeling the Miller/Steph Brown run it reminds me more of Beatty/Dixon/Martin’s decade old Batgirl: Year One. That’s a good thing. I still have issues with how DC Comics has managed the Batgirl character in the new 52 so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to continue to read this book.


This rebooted Batgirl along with last week’s terrific Gotham Academy, makes it is clear DC Comics is trying to offer books that will appeal to readers outside its traditional demographic specifically younger females. As someone who has been advocating for them to do this for years I’m thrilled to see them trying. 


Josh Williamson’s Nailbiter has been on of my favorite new comics this year. Today he launches a new series which examines what happens when a child disappears into a fantasy world and then returns home. Think Wendy and her brothers post Peter Pan. Williamson is joined Andrei Bressan on art. It’s an intriguing idea and the team deliver a strong first issue. 


Yes that’s the Justice League. But there’s much more. Get it and read it early if you don’t want to be spoiled. Thankfully that $4.99 price tag won’t last more than a few issues. Which is good since you’re going to want to read this arc - there’s some crazy stuff coming up.


Marcio Takara on art AND cats. Carol is so lucky.


The first issue of this was a surprise for me. Did you pick it up?


As was the first issue of this. Who is reading?


Vertigo is forgoing covers this month but here’s yet another witchy book for you.

UPDATE! Missed these earlier

Marguerite Bennett writing Sleep Hollow? I’m in!

Kelly and I loved the first issue - Jen Van Meter rocks!

And that’s it for me. What’s on your list?

Oct 6 '14

New 3 Chicks Review Comics is Up with Scott Snyder

We’re back with another episode of comic reviews and discussion. This week we have ever affable Mr. Scott Snyder who talks about his upcoming Wytches and that other book he writes about the guy who dresses like a bat.

We also review the first issue of Wytches and the first issue of Thor.

So please stop by and give us a listen or subscribe on iTunes and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Sep 10 '14

Comics to Read, September 10

Sooo many comics today. Let’s watch the money fly out of our wallets.


Greg Rucka is back with another arc of Stumptown. You probably have heard Kelly and I discuss our love for this book on 3 Chicks Review Comics. There’s a new artist on this arc, Justin Greenwood, who most recently did The Fuse. It’s a big change from Matthew Southworth who I adored but I’m willing to give an issue to see how he settles in. If you aren’t familiar with Rucka’s female detective Dex Parios you might want to fix that.


There’s a new sheriff in town and she’s a woman and the town is on another planet populated by all kinds of creatures. If you liked Firefly you may like this. I really enjoyed the first issue. Give it a try.


Kamala! And that cover. Just another issue of the comic changing the comics audience. Join us!


What’s that look on Carol’s face? Did she just see the entire line up of movies from Kevin Feige? Or maybe she just realized there’s only two more issues of Hawkeye?



That cover is so pulpy I could drink it for breakfast with my eggs and bacon. Love this book. 


Double Rucka week! Man, those Gotham Central guys Brubaker and Rucka really know how to write female characters.


Did anyone pick this up the first issue after Kelly and i reviewed it on 3 Chicks? I didn’t have it my picks this week but you might want to try this series so it is here this week.


Time to start the Scott Snyder part of our picks - first Superman Unchained. 


Future Batman - Is that Dick? Looks Like Dick.


And finally Batman Eternal

Catwoman.Heels. Blah.

Also this week you may want to catch up with this series by Erica Schultz (she also co-wrote the new Revenge trade). The lead here is also all about revenge. If you like Velvet and Elektra you should really give this one a try. The best way to find this one is on Comixology.

And that’s it for me this week. What’s on your list?

Sep 3 '14

Comics to Read Today, 9/3

It’s September! Time to go back to school and DC to do those crazy ass variants!

Let’s start with a first issue and I have a good one for you this week


I’m a big fan of Jen Van Meter - she excels at both world building and creating vivid characters to drop into those worlds. Here newest effort from Valiant showcases those skills. Dr. Mirage aka Shan Fon is a paranormal investigator who is suffering from the death of her husband. Most recently she’s taking on gigs ala the “Long Island Medium”  because she needs the money. But then she is brought a client tied to paranormal research from WW II. There’s a lot of exposition in this issue but it is interesting exposition that lets us get to know and like Shan despite her prickly personality. It also builds some dread around her latest client giving the last page a sense of danger. The artwork by Roberto De La Torre is loose and evocative and helps build a sense of the mystery and eeriness. Pick this one up and let me know what you think.


I’m hit or miss with Peter Milligan but Vertigo has been doing well with new titles. According to Milligan “‘The Names’ is a story about money, it’s a story about power. It’s a story about one 25-year-old woman who goes up against that money and power: Katya, who’s our hero.” Not loving the cover, though.

I was not provided with preview copy so let me know what you think.


How can I say not to the guy who created the late, great Starling from Birds of Prey? No female lead here, but the male lead has a interesting talent that gets him in and out of trouble - he can read people’s intentions by color. This is a gritty story and I’m not 100% in love with the art but Swierczynski made me interested to pick up issue #2.


I love this book. Now with extra Hawkeye. (Is it wrong to hope for BOTH Hawkeyes?


Uh oh, Jen’s got her glasses on - someone is going down.


The architect is back which I just see as confirmation Gates of Gotham happened which means Cass Cain is around SOMEWHERE.


This book …. brrrrrrrr. Serial Killers.

That’s it for me. I know given the headline I should buy at least one motion variant. I’m on the fence about Grayson: Futures End as the art in the preview didn’t really work for me. Also why didn’t that motion cover have Dick facing the other way to tie in with the title?

What’s on your list? And let me know what you think about any of the books you picked up!

Aug 23 '14

A Tale of Two Asses: Why Can’t Comics Learn?

Let’s walk through the scenario - A large comic publisher seems to have an opportunity or desire to expand their readership to include more women and thus increase revenue. They issue a cover that shows one of their female characters in a highly sexual pose with a distorted ass.

You may think I am discussing this week’s web explosion over Milo Manara’s variant of the first issue of Spider-Woman. But I could just as well be discussing the 0 issue of Catwoman from two years ago.

Read More

Aug 20 '14

Comics to Read, 8/21

Happy Wednesday comics fans! This week there is three first issues for you - who said summer was slow?

First up is a comic that has been anticipated and worked on for years and, based on the first issue, will be read and analyzed for probably just as long. 


I’m far from a Morrison fanboy, but I was looking forward to this (perhaps not quite as much as a certain other book of his but …) I’ve read the first issue a few times and I’m still not ready to process it. But if you like superhero comics, like the idea of different comic worlds, like to diverse versions of your favorite DC characters (and Marvel characters) and prefer it with a huge topping of meta and fourth wall breaking - this is the comic for you. (Also see that Mary Marvel on the cover - can we all send that to the Rock?)


If you listened to 3 Chicks a few weeks ago you heard Ed Brubaker talk a lot about The Fade Out his new ongoing from Image that debuts today. Brubaker knows how to write comic film noir and his partners Sean Phillips and Bettie Breitweiser make it look as rich as engaging as any noir movie. So good.


Last week I made the first digital issue of Sensation Comics - the new digital first comic starring Wonder Woman - my top pick. This week you can 1) buy the newest digital chapter 2) got to the LCS and buy the floppy of all four first chapters. What you can’t do, and please correct me if I am wrong, is buy the digital version of the floppy issue out today. So that means the LCS readers will see the two chapters by Cat Staggs and Amanda Deibert before digital readers. That seems strange. I’ll wait to weigh in until I can get to the LCS and as I was not provided with a review copy. 

And now on to the rest of today’s picks!


So good. Sooooo good. Or as we say in Boston, WICKED GOOD.


You know who is awesome? Storm. Did you read my interview with Greg Pak? No? Click away and read and see a preview including Wolverine.


Marvel, Marvel, Marvel. How can you give us the absolute wonderfulness of this book and then give us … yeah. I wonder if Wolverine is contractually obligated to show up in all the Women of Marvel books?


I’m not sure where this storyline is going but I will probably follow Kate Kane mostly anywhere.


Bad ass Gordons ASSEMBLE!


This was on my list of picks last week and if you read it you know it is very relevant to what is going on in the news. And again why isn’t Afua Richardson getting more work? 

That’s it for me - unless I totally missed a book you think I should be reading! And what are you picking up? And if you read the comics above - what did you think?

Aug 18 '14

Take a Look at this ASSMAZING Variant Cover for Spider-Woman #1

Marvel continues to give female characters their own books. Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Black Widow, Elektra, Storm and now Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman/

Are you excited?

Check out these covers from Spider-Woman #1. First the regular cover by Greg Land. Oh, wait, you knew that Greg Land was drawing this? 

I feel so bad about Jessica’s leg - where did it go? Perhaps it is with Silk’s spine?

But wait! Here’s the variant from Milo Manara

Marvel has done a terrific job providing their female led books with artists that have strong story telling skills and draw female characters that aren’t objectified.

Until now.

I like Jessica Drew and would have eagerly read this book. 

But those covers?

Land on art?

Talk about mixed signals. Oh well, I still have the other books.

Aug 14 '14

Greg Pak Talks Storm and a Look at the Second Issue

In July Marvel Comics made some major announcements regarding diversity in its comic line - Thor will now be a woman and the Captain America title will now be taken by Sam Wilson. But July also saw the first issue of Storm, one of the only ongoing superhero comics ever launched that is headlined by a black woman. The first issue sold just shy of 50K copies in print. (Marvel does not report digital sales although industry buzz says that is a robust business for certain titles).

The second issue is out next week (preview below) and I chatted a bit with writer Greg Pak about Storm and what we can expect to see from the series.

Q. So Storm has been in four movies, animated shows and even has her own ride in Orlando. You’ve been talking about wanting to do a solo Storm series for three years. Why do you think it has take so long to get a series?

I imagine it’s a combination of things. Marvel’s had some great success in recent months and years with solo books featuring female characters. So I figure that’s played into it, which is awesome. And there’s the fact that Storm is the favorite character of Marvel editor Daniel Ketchum, and eventually he was going to get this book of the ground. I just feel fortunate that I was available and on Daniel’s radar when he started looking for a writer. (Thanks, Daniel!)

Read More

Aug 13 '14

Comics to Read Today, 8/13 - The Wonder Woman Sensation Edition

Greetings fellow comic fans, after a much needed vacation I am back with some comic picks for the week. As usual I am starting with a first issue of a new comic or actually an old comic!

Today we get the first chapter of the digital first comic Sensation Comics starring Wonder Woman. When the project was announced last year I wrote about why I thought it was important chief among them it gives Wonder Woman a second title of her own for the first time 62 years. 


Today is the first chapter of one of two stories that will end up in a floppy out next week. It’s interesting that the first issue of Wonder Woman is set in Gotham but it gives writer Gail Simone a chance to write not one but two characters she closely associated with - Wonder Woman and Barbara Gordon as Oracle. As you can see from the cover costumes this is very out of continuity. It’s take 62 years to get Wonder Woman another title that doesn’t include her taking second bill to her boyfriend, if you want more you may want to drop the $.99 to buy this today to tell DC you want more.


The current arc of Captain Marvel has been quite enjoyable. Hey that makes me think - you know who should be on the silver screen in their own movies? Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel! Wonder why that hasn’t happened yet? 


You may be familiar with Genius which won the Top Cow pilot season many years ago. Or you may not. Doesn’t matter I strongly recommend you pick it up (be aware this contains adult language). Woman of color lead and incredible art by Afua Richardson who, come to think of it, would draw an awesome Wonder Woman (or just about anything - get to it comic publishers).


A man and woman are able to make time stand still by having sex! Kegel face! Brimping. You know who doesn’t make kegel face? Wonder Woman.


Gail Simone OWNS the female warrior comic book world today because she is writing Red Sonja AND Wonder Woman today.


Zero Year is over but that Snyder keeps writing! During Boston Comic Con Snyder said he wants to write Wonder Woman - let’s make that happen DC! (Also I think we’ll probably see Wonder Woman appear in the next arc along with every character in the DCU!)


I spoke to Tim Seeley for awhile during Boston Comic Con about how they manage to the writing on the multi-author multi-character book and it was pretty interesting. No Wonder Woman in this book … so far (actually I doubt she’ll show up but wouldn’t it be awesome?)


I bet you’re wondering how I’ll work Wonder Woman into this? Hah, Eve Coffin was a Boston cop - Wonder Woman lived in Boston during Perez’s run.

And that’s it for me this week. What did I miss? What’s on your list?

Jul 21 '14

New 3 Chicks with Guest Ed Brubaker

Kelly and I are back again (3 weeks in a row!) with an interview with writer Ed Brubaker that is just filled with some interesting discussion including:

    • His upcoming title from Image “The Fade Out”
    • The end of Fatale
    • His rollickingly great spy book Velvet which features a kick-ass, older female spy which you can order here.
    • His experiences in seeing his comic work transferred to the big screen including The Winter Soldier
    • His thoughts on Gotham (he’s seen the pilot).

We also review issue 2 of Gillen/McKelvie’s Wicked and the Divine and review the first trade of another awesome female spy, Edmundson/Noto’s Black Widow which you can pre-order here.

And we also talk about the Thor and Captain America news from last week including reading some very special, erudite thoughts about the former. 

So please give us a listen you can down load here or from iTunes! 

Jul 15 '14

Case Dismissed? Marvel Brings the Hammer of Thor Down on the Whole “Women and Comics” Topic

So today Marvel announced a new Thor on The View. Which makes sense because this Thor will be a woman as you can see the artwork below. And this is really Thor by which that means the person with the hammer is Thor and woman will have the hammer.

But the reveal of the new title, written by Jason Aaron, is not the most interesting thing about today’s announcement.

As someone who has been writing and arguing about the potential of the female audience for superhero comics four plus years, I was very interested to see this in Marvel’s press release:

THOR is the latest in the ever-growing and long list of female-centric titles that continues to invite new readers into the Marvel Universe. This female THOR is the 8th title to feature a lead female protagonist and aims to speak directly to an audience that long was not the target for Super Hero comic books in America: women and girls.

Say what? I’m sorry what was that? Is Marvel actually saying they want female readers? That they are now targeting female readers? 

Why yes they are. 

It’s almost worth the amount of trolling, attacks, rape threats and other shit I’ve experienced to see this.

Of course, DC Comics also seems to be finally finding the female audience worthy of their attention. Nothing as clear cut as Marvel did above but the recent Batgirl respin and Gotham Academy are clearly going after that audience and I was told by folks close to those books that women are definitely are a target.

Two years ago Heidi McDonald wrote a great story (that I disagreed with) about how Marvel and DC would never truly female readers.

But now? Something has changed at both publishers. 

Is it real? Will it last? Who knows?

But I will say I am enjoying it.



Jul 14 '14

New 3 Chicks Review Comics with G. Willow Wilson is Up

Kelly and I are back again with a podcast filled with comics, swears and this week repeated used of the word “Dick!” And we have super excited to to have wonderful G. Willow Wilson with us to talk about the wonderful Ms. Marvel.

We also review Grayson #1 and Captain Marvel #5 and BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT! more dramatic readings. We also discuss some of the recent announcements from DC Comics including the new Wonder Woman team, Gotham Academy and the redesign of Batgirl.

You can download from here or you can find us on iTunes! Please give us a listen and leave us comments!

Jun 25 '14

Comics to Read, June 25 - The Super Summer Edition!

Once again I want to thank the many folks who drop me notes thanks for these updates and telling me they bought something (and liked it!) because of my recommendation. I love hearing from you and I love that you’re finding new comics to read. So keep ‘em coming.

Now on to this week! And we have several first issues for you!


So. Superman. Yeah. Aside from a few bright moments (Superman Unchained by Snyder/Lee, the very first issues of Action Comics by Morrison come to mind. Oh and every issue of Smallville by Bryan Q. Miller) the Superman books have struggled over the past 5 years both quality wise and, more importantly for DC, sales wise.

Today they launch their AA+ team on the book, Geoff Johns (who has been one of the better Superman writers through the years) and John Romita Jr., the venerable JRJR of Marvel and Millarverse fame. Can they save Superman? ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE!

This guy Robert Kirkman, I hear he had some success with a Zombie book. This book is going to sell a bazillion copies and is already being made into a TV show by Showtime. The pitch? Demonic possession as a disease.

Six months of Cartoon Network villain and hero crossovers. Mojo Jo Jo < or > than Lex Luthor? You know someone should ask the writer of this, Louise Simonson. I hear she moved a lot of Superman comics back in the day.

If you have a YA level reader and are looking for summer reading materials give this one a try. Or just read if you like quirky, independent, intelligent female characters.

And on to the rest.

Lots to pick this up for this week - Timmy vs. Harper (also it seems that Tim is now as tall as Alfred. Is this a new thing?) Babs vs. Jason and Julia vs. her Dad. 

That cover, right? Zero Year is coming to a close. I thought it was interesting that they referred to it in Batman Eternal this year. Or MAYBE NOT!

The art on this is the book is gorgeous. I’m still loving the conceit of the book - 60’s union activists as superheroes - the pace and quality of the storytelling, while good, could use some more focus. 

The solicit says “Something terrible happens” - I am very afraid and Image didn’t send out the usual review copies. OMGOMGOMGOMG.

You Kamala, I Kamala, we all Kamala. I smile a lot while reading this book.

I hope you took advantage of the weekend sale on this book!

Oh hey Tumblr (waves) I know there a lot of Simone fans out there and really I’m once again going to recommend this book to you especially this issue which has some nice moments between Lara and her girl friend which have the patented Simone - “wait, are they girl friends or girlfriends?” vibe. Also kickassery.

And finally. It’s summer and here’s another recommendation for those of you who have kids or are looking for something nostalgic for yourself 

Are you a Betty or a Veronica? 

That’s it for me this week! What’s on your list?

May 28 '14

Comics to Read, May 28

Due to an unfortunate combination of illness and work travel I missed last week, thanks for those who dropped notes about missing the column. Now on to the week in comics. This week I have two first issues for you both of which were quite fun.

Dr. Spektor: Master of the Occult revives an Gold Key title from the last century. Dr. Spektor is a master of the occult and tabloid “real-life” TV. He’s a little bit of sleaze and, honestly, more fun that I imagined. Mark Waid, of course, is a pretty good bet for delivering a fun story and the artwork by Neil Edawards is a fine match. 

Is it metacommentary or coincidence that in a week that has the last issue of Nightwing the former writer of Nightwing, Kyle Higgins, opens his new creator owned comic with a character wearing a costume that looks like Nighwing’s classic costume? But before we contemplate that go pick up a copy of C.O.W.L #1 which is also a fun adventure comic. C.O.W.L ( Chicago Organized Workers League) is fight back against the union corruption of Chicago in the sixties. The first issue sets things up nicely but for me the real star was Rod Reis’ art which is just gorgeous.

So that’s two for you to jump in on and please let me know what you think. And now on to the others: 

I’m just incredibly in love with this comic. 

Remember you don’t have to play the game to read the comic. Some very fun writing by Gail Simone.

You know this is going to get optioned for a movie soon enough - so why not get in early?

Again a book that teams a young man of color and older white woman in a police procedural.

And now on to DC Comics. 

We’re getting to the end of Zero Year and Snyder says this is one of the best issues to date.

I know it’s a bit early for me to be giving input but I really want more Stephanie Brown, Catwoman and BlueBird

I’m not buying this for Nightwing which I don’t think was a great book and was not very good to Dick Grayson. I’m buying it because I’m very interested in Grayson which this books as a prologue to. And also, as you’ll see in another post, offers gifts from the comics gods.


So that’s it for me. Let me know what you think of the two first issues and what’s on your list!