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DC Women Kicking Ass

Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Posts tagged October madness

Oct 17 '10

October Madness: Presenting the “Sweet 16” kick ass DC woman semi-finalists

Thirty-two women, sixteen battles. And here are the 16 winners. All great women who will once again battle to make it the quarter finals. Starting tomorrow we’ll have eight days of tournaments. The eight women who emerge will go to the next round. It’s going to be hard. The match-ups are brutal. I’ll post the first round contenders at 6:30 pm EST.

Catwoman/Selina Kyle (won vs. Fire)

Donna Troy (won vs. Kate Spencer/Manhunter)

Mia “Speedy” Dearden (won vs. Zatanna)

Big Barda (won vs. Artemis)

Batwoman (won vs. Mera)

Cassandra Cain (won vs. Supergirl)

Amanda Waller (won vs. Hawkgirl)

Helena Bertinelli/Huntress (won vs. Liberty Belle/Jesse Quick)

Lois Lane (won vs. Jade)

Shiva (won vs. Enchantress)

Oracle/Barbara Gordon (won vs. Raven)

Black Canary (won vs. Vixen)

Renee Montoya/the Question (won vs. Soranik Natu)

Stephanie Brown/Batgirl (won vs. Grace Choi)

Power Girl (won vs. Scandal Savage)

Wonder Woman (won vs. Mary Marvel)

Oct 17 '10

Before moving on to the semis of October Madness, let’s applaud the kick ass runner-ups

Sixteen hard fought battles. Sixteen women move forward. And 16 do not. But what great characters. And what incredible fan support. I truly hope that these characters gained some interest from new readers and that “those in charge” will take note of their fan base. So let’s give a kick ass salute to:

Beatriz da Costa (Fire)
See Bea twice a month in Justice League Generation Lost.

Kate Spencer/Manhunter
Kate will be appearing in Streets of Gotham. A trade of her back-up in Streets is about to be released

She appears monthly in her own book.

She’s not currently appearing anywhere in the DCU. You can read about her in back issues of Wonder Woman.

Mera appears in Brightest Day.

Supergirl appears in her own monthly title.

Hawkgirl appears in Brightest Day.

Jesse Quick/Liberty Belle
Jesse appears in JSA and JLA.

Jade appears in JLA.

Enchantress is not currently appearing in a book. Read more about her in Shadowpact which is in trades.

Raven appears in Teen Titans.

Vixen is not currently appearing in any book. You can read more about her in back issues of Justice League of America.

Soranik Natu
Soranik appears in the Green Lantern Corps.

Grace Choi
Grace is not currently appearing in any book. You can read about her in back issues of the Outsiders.

Scandal Savage
You can see Scandal monthly in Secret Six.

Mary Marvel
Mary is not currently appearing in any book. You can read about her in the trades I can’t Believe It’s Not the Justice League and Formerly Known As The Justice League

Next up, the Semi-finalists.

Oct 16 '10

October Madness: Results of the 16th Matchup to decide the most kick ass DC Woman

I really liked seeing so much Mary Marvel on my dash today. She’s a great character who DC needs to do more with. In case you didn’t hear there was some ballot stuffing for again. With that dealt with Wonder Woman is declared the winner of the 16th round and moves to the semi-finals of October Madness. The semis start on Monday. So no tourney tomorrow. Instead, I’ll review the sweet 16 as well as post the first match-up. I am warning you, this round is going to be very hard. It was difficult for me to even review the match-ups today.

I hope you’ve been enjoying this and spread the word. Next week the stakes are even higher!

Oct 14 '10

October Madness: contestants for match-up #15 to decide the most kick-ass DC woman

It’s the penultimate match-up to until the sweet 16. And it’s scandalous how powerful a match up it is!

In this corner a woman who is super in every way but name. A woman who can bust out of any situation (except naughty cats). A woman who is both a leader in the JSA and in her own tech company


And in the other corner a woman who rivals only Talia al Ghul for having to overcome a bad dad. A woman who is “damned hard to kill”. A woman for whom the word Knockout is a noun, verb and adjective

Scandal Savage.

Oct 14 '10

October Madness: round 14 is open for voting

Just two more rounds until the Sweet 16. Yesterday’s match between Renee Montoya and Soranik Natu generated some extreme ballot stuffing. Be aware that I check voting during the day using three different data points and can spot stuffing pretty quickly. Moving on. Today’s match is between Grace Choi and Stephanie Brown. Voting is open until 8pm EST. Note: Unfortunately egregious ballot stuffing occurred in Illinois again (what is it with that state and elections?) Votes from prior to to 5:25 EST (66 for Grace, 6 for Steph) are not going to be counted.

Oct 13 '10

October Madness: contestants for match-up #14 to decide the most kick-ass DC woman

I’ll announce the winner of today’s hotly contested match separately. Tomorrow’s match-up features two woman who have worked along side Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne.

In this corner, a woman who is a combination of Amazonian strength and street savvy. A woman who lives and loves who and how she wants and does not give a shit what you think. A woman who caught a friggin’ airplane

Grace Choi

And in the corner a woman who has been knocked down some many times she could work as a human pin in a bowling alley. A woman who part physical prowess, part snark and all heart. A woman who had to put on four different costumes until she got one that truly fit her

Stephanie Brown aka Batgirl

Voting opens at 8am EST. I trust there will be no ballot stuffing. Oracle will be watching.

Oct 12 '10

October Madness: round 12 is open for voting

It’s Black Canary vs. Vixen. Voting is open until 8pm EST

Oct 11 '10

October Madness: round 11 is open for voting

Oracle vs. Raven. Vote your favorite to the next round. Voting closes at 8pm EST.

Oct 10 '10

October Madness: contestants for match-up #11 to decide the most kick-ass DC woman

The winner of today’s round was Shiva by an overwhelming margin. I hope that if you weren’t familiar with Enchantress prior to today’s round that you check out Shadowpact and see what a great character she is.

Tomorrow we will see a match up of two woman who are able to oversee things remotely.

In this corner, a woman who sees all and would love to control it too. A woman who uses a computer the way a ninja uses nunchucks. A woman who kicks ass in pure bravado and occasionally with the use of Escima sticks

Barbara Gordon aka as Oracle

And in the other corner a woman who has to overcome a devil of a father. A woman who feels the pain of others but holds her emotions in check. A woman who has a Titanic amount of kick assery


Voting starts at 8AM EST tomorrow!

Oct 10 '10

October Madness: round 10 is open for voting

Today’s match-up is Enchantress vs. Lady Shiva. Vote the most kick ass on to the next round.

Oct 9 '10

October Madness: contestants for match-up #10 to decide the most kick-ass DC woman

Today’s match was won by Lois Lane. Tomorrow we have another great match-up.

In one corner the other magical woman in the DCU who has served on many teams including ShadowPact and Suicide Squad. A woman who not only arms herself with magic but also with a roll of duct tape


And in the other corner the mother load of martial arts fighters, a woman who kicks first and asks questions later, a woman once known as the Jade Canary

Lady Shiva

Voting opens at 8am!

Oct 8 '10

October Madness: contestants for match-up #9 to decide the most kick-ass DC woman

Tomorrow we have a match-up that you probably won’t see anywhere else but here! Voting starts tomorrow morning at 8am EST

In this corner, a legacy who grew up to kick ass on many teams including Infinity Inc. and the Outsiders. Brought back to life a White Lantern this woman now acts as the Green Lantern in the current line up of the JLA

Jade aka Jenny Hayden

And in the other corner a woman who fights evil with her PC and phone, the woman who has kicked Superman’s ass

Lois Lane!

Oct 8 '10

October Madness: round 8 is open for voting

We’re into our second week of October Madness and today it’s Helena Bertinelli vs. Jesse Quick/Liberty Belle. Voting is open until 8pm EST.

Oct 7 '10

October Madness: Results of the 7th match-up to pick the most kick ass DC Woman

Amanda Waller has won this round beating Hawkgirl with 66% of the vote. Let’s hope the Wall isn’t going to use her weapon on those who sat this one out.

Come back tomorrow for Helena Bertinelli, the Huntress vs. Jesse Quick/Liberty Belle. Voting starts at 8am EST.

Oct 7 '10

October Madness: contestants for match-up #8 to decide the most kick-ass DC woman

Tomorrow the ass kicking will be both fast and furious! Voting opens at 8am (or however close to that time I am in a 3G zone as I will be on the bus to NYCC!)

In this corner, a woman who does not take “no” for an answer. In fact, she will take that no and jam it down your throat. A woman who fights for right by day and teaches English at night. A woman who is one of the most loyal members of the DCU, the step-child of the Batfamily and current Bird of Prey:

Helena Bertinelli, the Huntress

And in the other corner a woman who is a legacy cape, who has paid tribute to both her mother and father in name. A woman is knows the right formula for speed and a great, hot relationship. A current member in good standing of the JLA:

Jesse Chambers/Jesse Quick/Liberty Belle