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Posts tagged Renee Montoya

May 18 '14

Pick Up the Original DC Comics 52 for $.99 a Copy through Tomorrow

Comixology is having a $.99 sale on the DC Comics’ landmark weekly, year long series 52. This is the series that introduced Kate Kane as Batwoman and saw Renee Montoya become the Question. It is also, in my opinion, one of the best things that DC Comics has ever done.   

The entire 52 issue series is compelling and is critical reading for anyone who is interested in Renee Montoya but if you are just looking for Kate Kane/Batwoman you probably want issue #7, 9, 11 (her first cover), 28, 33 (another cover with Nightwing), 34, 36, 48 and 52. You can see previews to all of these issue on Comixology

Here’s a look at the meeting between Kate and Renee in 52

Mar 28 '14

Here’s a Look at Renee Montoya in “Gotham”

As previously reported actress Victoria Cartagena has been cast as Renee Montoya in Fox’s Gotham. And here is a look at the actress in character filming with Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon.

What do think?


Mar 9 '14

One Wish for Gotham Has, Perhaps, Come True

According to IMDB Victoria Cartagena who as appeared on Law & Order SVU and Elementary has been cast in the pilot of Gotham as Renee Montoya.

What do you think?

Nov 29 '13

Happy Birthday Greg Rucka!

Happy Birthday, sir!

From an interview:

Q: How do you write such strong/well-realized/positively portrayed women?

A: I don’t. I write characters. Some of those characters are women.








Mar 28 '13

Renee Montoya to Return to DC Comics?

J.H. Williams III recently did an interview with the comic fan site Comicosity and while the whole interview is worth reading, there was one comment that was very interesting regarding a DC character who has been rarely seen in the new 52.

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Feb 12 '13

It’s Down to Four Couples: Favorite DC Couple Non-Canon Semis

Renee Montoya and Helena Bertinelli won yesterday’s match. That leaves just four couples in the semi-finals and today they will battle to decide who goes to Thursday’s final.

And here are the two matches:

Ted Kord/Blue Beetle and Michael Carter/Booster Gold



and Match 2

Barbara Gordon and Dinah Lance


Renee Montoya/The Question and Helena Bertinelli/Huntress


Voting is open until 8:30 PM EST.

One vote per person please.

Feb 8 '13

Favorite DC Couple’s Tournament - Canon Quarterfinals Matches 1 and 2

The winner of Wednesday’s matches were Wally and Linda Park West and Stephanie Brown and Tim Drake. That means there are just 8 couples left in the canon tournament! We’ll have two semi’s today and two Monday. I’ll put up a post in a bit about what happens now through Thursday! But first, here are the first two matches!


Lois Lane and Superman


Green Arrow and Black Canary!




Big Barda and Mr. Miracle



Kate Kane/Batwoman and Renee Montoya


Voting is open until 8:30 EST Today.

Feb 5 '13

Favorite DC Couple’s Tournament - Canon Round 2 Matches

The winner of yesterday’s matches were both Bats - Batman/Catwoman and Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon.

Today’s matches are Flashy:


Superman and Lois Lane



Barry Allen and Iris West Allen!




Kate Kane/Batwoman and Renee Montoya/The Question



Wally West/Kid Flash and Artemis Crock!


Remember one vote per person. Voting will close at 8:30 PM EST

Dec 19 '12

Question: guess who has TWO Heroclix?

Heroclix is debuting their Streets of Gotham packs and these two caught my eye:

Technically it isn’t two, just two versions; when you order one you’ll either get her in her civvies or in costume. See the rest of the entry here.

Oct 24 '12

Kick Ass DC Woman Tourney: Sweet 16, Match 2

Yesterday’s match of Batwoman vs. Poison Ivy was won by Batwoman!

In today’s match we have a woman who looks for answers versus a woman who beat the truth out of you.

In this corner a woman who has a lot of strength and attitude. Oh, and really big boobs. 

Power Girl!

And in the other corner a woman who asks a lot of questions, like, “why aren’t I in comics right now?” “Maggie Sawyer???” 

You can vote in this match here!

Aug 3 '12

Renee Montoya Continues her Adventures as the Question in Fan Created Comic

During SDCC DC Comics confirmed that Renee Montoya won’t be showing up in the new 52. Not surprising actually as the writer most associated with her, Greg Rucka, has said that his conversations with DC "made it very clear they had no interest in seeing Renee continue, either as the Question or not."

But not to fear Renee fans because today I bring you part two of the quite simply terrific fan made comic, Tattered Remains, which I posted about last year. The comic by the team of artist Krystal Beisick and writer Valerie Renee continues Renee’s adventures in a pre-52 Gotham where the Barbara Gordon as Oracle still exists and is working with the Birds, including Helena “not a fake ID burned on page” Bertinelli.

And like last year’s edition, it is an absolute joy to read. This edition has Renee revisiting key moments in her past. Here’s a look:

If you’re familiar with Renee from Gotham Central and Batwoman you’re going to enjoy especially enjoy this as it addresses some plot points from those titles.

So go read part 2 of Tattered Remains. And if you haven’t read part one, here’s a link to that. 

Sep 6 '11

Is Renee Montoya no longer the Question?

Dan Didio’s been answering people’s questions about the new 52 on Facebook and one is about the role of Renee Montoya in the rebooted Universe. The Green Lantern Corps web site has been collecting all the questions he’s answered to date including the question: Is Reene Montoya still the Question and is Vic Sage still dead?”  A CBR member has said he asked the question to Didio. And the answer was:

"Renee will be seen as a member of the Gotham City Police Force."

Montoya started in the comics as member of the GCPD in comics and DCAU. During the series 52 she took over the role of the Question following the death of Vic Sage. As the Question, she lhad a mini and a back-up series in Detective Comics written by Greg Rucka. To date, DC has been mum on Renee in the new 52. When asked about her at SDCC, Didio deflected the question. But in a July story on DC’s diversity efforts that appeared in the  Advocate, Renee was mentioned as part of DC’s focus on diversity.

I liked Renee as the Question. Her journey into the role was one of the most compelling parts of 52. And I loved her back-up in Detective Comics. I had hopes that she would have been working with the Birds of Prey but those were dashed with the book’s cancellation for the reboot. Her return to a role within the Gotham PD gives me mixed feelings. On one hand it could mean she is seen more often as her appearances in the DCU trailed off after Greg Rucka, the character’s main writer, departed DC. Given the many Gotham based Batbooks there would be many more chances for her to appear.

But Renee was one of the few lesbian superheroes. We still don’t know if she’ll be acting as the Question and attached to the police. That wording on that answer doesn’t really give me much hope.

So where would she show up? The first book that one would assume she would appear in would be Batwoman, given her previous relationship with Kate Kane. But I also wonder if she’ll be popping into Batgirl. As I noted before, this panel from the first issue shows someone who looks like Renee.

Gail Simone, Batgirl’s writer, certainly has been very vocal about her fondness for the character most recently writing her into the final issues she penned of Birds of Prey. But at this point, this is just speculation. Update: Simone says she doesn’t have plans right now to use Renee in Batgirl.

And, of course, a bigger unanswered question is whether Vic Sage will show up again in the new 52. Given the time twisting in Flashpoint #5, it would seem that Vic could, like Ryan Choi, return from the dead. You’ll note the second part of the question for DiDio had no answer. And no Question.

May 9 '11

Preview of Birds of Prey #12 - Any Question who is guesting?

Renee Montoya shows up in Gotham and runs into her old pal Helena.

Jan 7 '11

"Something on your face"

I never thought about them together. And now I do. Renee and Scandal By hildebabble

Dec 23 '10

The most memorable moments in DC history for women: Nominee #13

There is no question of whether today’s guest poster was a smart choice to do this memorable moment. Kingston C. Rockwell has few rivals in his knowledge of the Questions and writes regularly about both Vic Sage and Renee including on his popular Tumblr.

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