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Aug 31 '12

DC Names Their Top 10 Super Couples

Hey did you hear? There’s a new couple in DC Comics! It’s Superman and Wonder Woman! Yeah, they are a super couple because they’ve kissed once in a comic. Oh and made poor CANTTELLYOUSPOILER  disappear out of the timeline. Jeez, THAT is some powerful coupling.

Anyway you might have noticed DC has been promoting the hell out of this coupling because as CBS said this morning: 

DC Comics knew it had to keep the aging Superman brand relevant.

Well at least we know for sure who this coupling was done for, eh? No mention of the what it means to the chick with the tiara.

In support of having people be on team SuperWondy DC Comics has post their list of Super Power Couples on their website and it contains 10 couples at least three of which don’t even exist in the new52 - Green Arrow and Black Canary, Hawkman and Hawkgirl and Mr. Miracle and Barda. But apparently that “let’s count all the couples ever in DC history” guideline is only a little loosey goosey. Why? Because Lois Lane and Superman are not mentioned anywhere. Instead they have Superman and his brand relevancy! (Whoops, I mean Wonder Woman!).

If you read the comments a majority of them are “Where are Lois and Superman?” Where indeed? Did they think readers are going to ignore 70+years of coupledom for one kiss?

I understand that DC needs promote the new couple but, really, trying to ignore the fact the Lois and Superman were ever a couple? That’s silly. Come on DC, be smarter. And let readers decide if they are Super Power Couple when they are actually a couple and not just a two page spread in one comic.