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DC Women Kicking Ass

Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Posts tagged Starfire

Mar 17 '14

DC Hits The Jackpot in June with Red Hood and the Outlaws

Ed Benes on cover art? CHECK!

Starfire with her teeniest top? CHECK!

Starfire front and center leaning on a car in a “sexy” pose? CHECK!

Starfire appearing to “hot” in the tropic sun while her male partners are fully clothed? CHECK!

Brought to you by Scott Lobdell? CHECK!


Mar 20 '13

Starfire Gets Another Cover, Cover-Up

Back in December I winced a bit at the cover solicited for DC Presents: Starfire noting that her cover was pretty skimpy.


Look at the cover out today.


Yes, her top is larger although I’m sure it will be called a redesign. The same one she has on the cover of Red Hood and the Outlaw #19 out next month after the bulked up the costume from the original pencils.


Starfire is a popular character whose audience, due to her long run in the New Teen Titans and in Teen Titans Go has larger fan base many of whom are female. We know that fan base can be noisy when pissed off based on the reaction to a certain first issue of the new 52. So is this the reason for the cover-up? 

Maybe? Perhaps with the return of the boob window for Power Girl there is some kind of cosmic algebraic equation of total exposed boobage for DC’s female characters that must be maintained. Whatever the reason its nice to a female character wearing a bit more up top.

This is on my pull list today. The writer, Joe Keatigne, did the glorious Glory reboot for Image. I’ll be interested to see what a good writer can do with Starfire.

Feb 2 '13

WTF Red Hood Cover Reveals More Than You Think

Or is that less?

Here are two versions of the covers for April’s issue. The solicited colored version on the right and the original pencils on the left (I’ve left off the spoiler half but you can find that pretty easy if you wish.)

See anything different? Let me help you. Look at Starfire’s top. DC has actually ADDED to the top to cover more of her boobs. Not THAT much more. But enough to get rid of that sideboobage as seen here.

picture to gif

Jan 30 '13

DC Favorite Couples Tournament, Round 2, Match 2

The winner of yesterday’s match was Barda and Scott Free. I suspect today’s match will be close one.

In one corner

Black Canary/Dinah Lance and Green Arrow/Oliver Queen!


Dick Grayson/Nighwing and Koriand’r/Starfire


Polls close at 8:30 PM EST. One vote per person please.

Aug 7 '12

DC Collectibles Offers New Set of Prints

DC Collectibles has debuted some new prints for sale in its online stores and they are quite fun. With prices ranging from $19.95 to $34.95 the collection runs from travel posters, to posters signifying key moments in the history of DC characters to minimal graphic takes on character’s names.

I particularly like the Wonder Woman poster which on first glance looks like a faded logo but when examined closely is made up of worlds such as “assertive” “resilent” “equality” and “strong” among others.

There’s also a travel poster to Wonder Woman’s home: (embiggen)

The prints are light on characters except for, some reason that I can’t possibly imagine, Starfire:

And Duela Dent

I also like this one which warns of the most infamous alley in comics

It’s the pearls. They get me every time.


Jun 13 '12

In honor of the new Superman writer …

Scott Lobdell is the new Superman writer taking over with issue 0. I wish him good luck.

To celebrate here’s a portrait of Superman drawn by the very talented Jean Kang (who did one of my favorite Womanthology pieces) posed in tribute to another one of Scott Lobdell’s characters. I mean they are both aliens, right?

May 11 '12

It’s Friday! Let’s celebrate with the preview of the new Teen Titans DC Nation Short. This week it’s babysitting with Starfire and Blackfire.

Apr 24 '12

It’s Princess Week and our first Princess is …

Starfire, princess of Tamaran! This Disney folks have declared this week Princess Week and I am looking at the princesses of DC. And who better to start with than Starfire?

That’s her in her comic book form. Here she is in her animated all ages form:

And then there is the current version:

What can I say about Starfire that wasn’t said two bazillion times this past September?

So instead I’ll ask what is your favorite Starfire moment?

And which is your favorite version of Starfire?

Oct 13 '11

Scott Lobdell LOLs at your Starfire “teeth gnashing”

From an interview with the blog "Red Hood Den" which has exactly one post, an exclusive interview with Scott Lobdell about Red Hood.

Mike: Obviously the big talk for this month has been the stuff with Starfire. Can you tell us a bit about who she is to you, maybe even who she’s become to you now in light of the uproar over her characterization?

Scott: Who she is is pretty much who she is in the first issue. She is an alien who doesn’t see the world the same way we do. Shocking! LOL!
Okay, maybe not so shocking.. considering that even on Earth there are many different ways to see the world around us. Heck, people have actually gone to war with each other over their interpretations over who God loves more. I’ve been to the Middle East where there were three doors to be seen in the entire town, and I’ve lived in doorman buildings along Central Park — and trust me when I say that the people who live in each have very different outlooks on things like community and possessions and family.

She is a princess from another world who spent years as a slave in some of the harshest death camps in the universe. To think that we have any idea how her unique world view has been forged by these experiences feels otherworldly to me.

And while I know this is going to make some people angry, the constant wailing and gashing of teeth and tearing of clothing and the shouts of “Unclean! Unclean!” that have made their way across the internet have not altered the pending storyline at all.

How could it? Imagine you are watching a movie and some people in the audience start shouting at the screen… so one character on the screen starts doing what the audience tells her to do. Then another group starts shouting, no, she should do this instead! It would be chaos! LOL!

The story that was pitched is the story that is being written and we’ll see how people feel about it when the story is read in its entirety.


I won’t be reading the story in its entirety because of the awful writing and handling of gender.


Sep 23 '11

The page for Red Hood and the Outlaws that was too much

This is what the original page 10 of the comic looked like per the colorist

The original version of Starfire from Red Hood & The Outlaws #1 page 10. They originally wanted a semi-transparent bikini.

Also that final page of Catwoman? I’ve had a few people tell me the first version was far worse.

Jun 20 '11

Starfire by Alex Maleev

I sometimes have issues with how artists draw Kory. This a very good exception.


Starfire by Alex Maleev

I sometimes have issues with how artists draw Kory. This a very good exception.

Apr 2 '11
I’m not the biggest Starfire fan, but this portrait by Purtill makes her look quite noble. She owns the costume here - not the costume owning her. It’s a subtle difference.

— Steven Purtill

I’m not the biggest Starfire fan, but this portrait by Purtill makes her look quite noble. She owns the costume here - not the costume owning her. It’s a subtle difference.


— Steven Purtill

Feb 18 '11

Starfire statue design by Adam Hughes

Nov 10 '10

Dick Grayson Loves Women: Kory and the power of sexual healing

In my post yesterday about the Donna and Dick, I said one of the reasons the Wolfman/Perez Titans run was so popular was the relationships. And today I will talk about the other reason. Sex. Unlike the other superhero books that were being put out by DC in the early 1980s, NTT oozes sex. Flip open an issue and you’ll see the characters spend a great deal of time in various stages of undress; hanging out at pools and wrapped up in post-coital bliss. Meanwhile, Dick’s future love the pre-crisis Barbara Gordon, who is older than him, is still holding hands with Jason Bard in the Batman books. And don’t even look at the pre-crisis Trinity, who except for Batman on occasion, were still as chaste as can be.

And no relationship was filled with sex more than Dick Grayson and Starfire/Kory. And why not? Two young, physically attractive people who are in love would be sleeping together. But what is interesting about Dick and Kory relationship is that the sexual component was crucial to the growth of Dick’s character. Here’s an interview from Wolfman and Perez from 1982:

Pérez: Robin’s relationship with Starfire is becoming more open. He’s finally getting through his feelings, his inhibitions. One person actually asked me about the sexual life of Robin and Starfire. Chances are they haven’t had any because Robin isn’t quite ready for that. Not that he’s a virgin, he’s not ready for her. (Laughter.) He may not survive.

Wolfman: One of the comments made in issue 25 by Robin is that while the Batman was created by a very emotional event, the Batman today has taught Robin to think with his head and not his heart. Yet, the Batman’s whole reason for being was because of his heart, not his head. We’re hoping to get more control over the characters as we learn to use them. Issue eight was the first issue where we thought we understood them.

Here’s an moment between between Dick and Kory right after they’ve met.

Dick’s so sweet, “You look lovely.” And he’s looking into her eyes (which must be Perez’s choice as Kory has about foot on Dick in the rest of NTT). And, of course, he would say that and act that way. Dick is a “nice boy” who has been raised in polite society for the past decade. He may have had a girlfriend here and here and may even not be a virgin (Wolfman claims he isn’t here).

So to move along the character in his development from Batman’s sidekick to leader, it was imperative that Dick be able to grow emotionally. To learn to think with his heart not just his head.

Read More

Nov 10 '10

Dick Grayson Loves Women: Dick and Kory by Ming Doyle

How gorgeous is this portrait of Dick and Kory by Ming Doyle? I love her work and her take on the Batfamily and wish DC would wake up and give her a project. Today I’ll be focusing on Dick and Kory’s relationship which means this is probably the most amount of clothing you’ll see on these two in all day.